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    posted a message on Just looking for a realm i can join
    Quote from Smashly55»


    Thank you so much Smashly55 :D
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    posted a message on Just looking for a realm i can join
    Can I join as well? I've been looking for a good realm to join for a while now..

    IGN : NightBlade193

    I like to build redstone... But my skills lie with building structures like: Castles, Dungeons, and Mansions.I like survival as well. Don't worry about me begging for minerals...
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    posted a message on Simple swear filter mod. [1.5] SMP LAN and SSP compatible.
    Hope it works ! I'd like to try it.
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    posted a message on Need Builders and Co-Owner 1.6.4
    Hello! I'd like to help out I love building RPG! :)

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    posted a message on BaconCraft [Bacon] [Survival] [No-Whitelist] [Simple]
    Hello we are a friendly community called BaconCraft.

    Here we actually have fun, build and explore. We can pretty much do anything we want except Hack and Greif. Anyways it awesome cause they also have pretty nice staff if I do say so myself. Just join its a fun server :D. If your still reading this then your really observant, and you may wanna join our server. I'm pretty sure you'll
    find the IP down below.

    BaconCraft SMP

    P.S. We ROCK!
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    posted a message on HELP PLZ how do u install pixelmon on mac version 1.6.2
    Quote from Monhawk

    Pixelmon is updated for Minecraft 1.6.2, but was very recently updated. Here is a step-by-step process to install it:

    1. Download forge at: http://adf.ly/673885...-
    (in case you don't know this is an ad.fly page, so look at the top right of the page and wait 5 seconds until a button appears there that says "SKIP AD"

    2. Open the .jar file you downloaded and select "install client" then click "install"

    3. After it has been installed, download pixelmon at http://pixelmonmod.com/blog/

    4. unzip the .zip file if safari didn't do it for you already.

    5. Go to Library/Application Support/minecraft

    6. You should see two folders titled "database" and "mods" in the pixelmon folder. If you already have mods installed (besides forge), go to 7a. If you don't have any mods (besides forge) installed go to 7b.

    7a. copy the database folder into your minecraft folder (in application support). open the mods folder in your minecraft folder and the one in the Pixelmon folder. Copy the .zip in the mods folder in Pixelmon to the mods folder in your minecraft folder.

    7b. copy the database folder and the mods folder into your minecraft folder.

    8. run minecraft and enjoy pixelmon! If something goes wrong, please reply to this comment!
    THANKS SOOO MUCH dude... After all those weeks of drooling for Pixelmon and forge... Thanks :D
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    posted a message on What do you think about a Minecraft School Server?
    Once your good enough you should be able to "Go to College" I would love to help out with the ranks and such.

    To get to college, you need to pass High School

    Colleges have all kinds of classes .. It depends on what you want to learn

    Redstone Class:

    May be useful in some parts of stuff..

    Combat Class:

    Some people may not be very good with a bow and a sword...

    Building Class:

    Well, it depends on what you want to build, a castle? a HUGE Project?
    Might need some drawings and plans :D
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    posted a message on Video Game High School [ACCEPTING!]
    I'd like to join :)
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    posted a message on Fortune Gaming [Towny] [1.6.2] [Economy]
    Awesome server :D
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    posted a message on TacoCraft, Factions, Lockette, Jobs, Economy
    I'm sorry but the server doesn't look like its up... It says Can't Reach Server. I tried port 25565
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    posted a message on [Urgent] Help With Spawn!
    Age: 13

    Skype: water_fire0

    Timezone: USA, Kentucky

    Experience: I'm helping build a Server RPG Map... And I have experience with all sorts of RPG stuff.. I think I could be of some service.

    Why You Stand Out From The Other People Applying: Because I can help and my main task is to help other people with their servers/maps.. I also like to make myself useful.

    Pictures of Your Work: Just add me on skype and ask for some pictures of my work...

    Extra Info: I'm more of an RPG Person I love building RPG. I'm also in-between modern builds and Medieval Villages. Cause I can't make up my mind.

    What Type Of Structures Do You Build? : I Build RPG Villages, and maybe some castles or Kingdoms.. But I may need some extra help.
    Prisons, and some spawns...
    Quote from WildMitchell


    Skype:WildMitchell, due to complicated reasons I cannot use my headphones microphone but I don't talk/type much anyway, I like to get down to it!

    TimeZone:I'm sorry I don't understand how TimeZones work xD I live in the United Kingdom though.

    Experience:My experience in Minecraft is pretty much 10/10 I've played for years

    Why You Stand Out From The Other People Applying:So far I'm the only one! But I do lots of work for servers like building spawns, arenas that kind of thing, and I just like to do this kind of thing and I've done it lots of times before.

    Pictures of Your Work:I don't have my greatest creations on this hard drive but I have some work I've done on a survival server which I will give you which took me about 1-2 days of logging in and off the server getting resources and building:

    Extra Info: Recently I've been seeing lots of really poor servers, run by idiots, and I want to try and bring back that effort and that awesomness when you join a server, you know? I'm not saying this won't have it without me, but if you've seen some of the crap I've seen you will see where I'm coming from.

    What Type Of Structures Do You Build? Steampunk and medieval are my strong points, as you can see from my survival work, I'm into the more old fashioned kind of builds.

    Thanks for reading. -Mitchell
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    Nice! I think you'd be a great addition to the spawns work.. Keep it up!
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    posted a message on New server
    Do you need any staff ?
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    posted a message on Looking for staff + help.
    I could be a Helper, Mod, or Admin. I have experience with building and RPG Maps... I'm working with a community Build atm...
    My skype is water_fire0 .
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    posted a message on Modern City Role Play Server
    · Minecraft Name:

    · Real life age: 12
    · How you found this post: Searching the forums for a good server.
    · IC Name: Justin Walker
    · IC Age: 19
    · Gender: Boy
    · Ambitions: Have a good life in the city, rich or poor. He wishes to help other people in getting a good life. And being a good successful citizen.
    · Personality: He is Social, Mature and Usually Aggressive when it comes to fighting.
    · Preferred Job: Bounty Hunter
    · Biography: Well his father was apart of the police, he eventually was at the top of his company. But one day, there was one criminal that wanted to destroy his father. He hid Justin in a safe place and went off to fight the criminal with his life and determination. The mother ran away and never came back, because she thought she would never ever be safe there again. The father fought for his life and for mine. But sadly his father died trying to bring the criminal to justice. So Justin is determined to live a normal life as a normal citizen. But just always remember's his father fighting for his life. So Justin will always try to live up to his father's example. And wants to end the misery of criminals once and for all...
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