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    posted a message on Minecraft isn't getting better. Just weirder.
    There's not much of a point in posting this since the OP isn't coming back, but the adventure update was two years ago... why are you complaining about it now?
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    posted a message on Skydoesminecraft stole my account/used on vid.
    Quote from Akynth

    FuriousFajita, here are a few things to consider:

    1. You're not that important. It's pleasant to think that you're such an important person that Sky (whose videos I've never watched, mostly because his fanboys are so annoying, but he is a big deal to many) would want to copy you -- YOU! -- but, really, I seriously doubt if he would want to copy you because of your supreme importance; it's doubtful that he even knows you exist.

    2. Your name is not nearly as obscure as, say, Akynth. He could very well have come it on his own. Likely? Maybe not. But the odds are 175 million to 1 that someone will win Powerball, too ... yet people play anyway. What are the odds that this week's $400 million winner bought their ticket at somewhere I've bought gas? Slim to none? Yet they did. "Improbable" is not "impossible".

    3. That Link skin is also very popular. If he was just picking a skin more or less at random, he could very easily have chosen that one. It's not like there are 175 million of them out there, like there are Powerball combinations -- and yet someone picked those, too.

    Once is chance. Twice is coincidence. It takes three times for it to be enemy action -- and you only have two elements here. If you had actually talked with the guy at some point, for instance, and he knew your name and preferred skin, that might be something. But without any known connection, there is at least a reasonable doubt that he's copying you (what's in it for him?) and a decent probability that, when he picked a name and skin at random, he happened to pick one of the millions that someone has used.

    The question to ask yourself in anything -- whether it's some dude making a video, or a politician making a proposal -- is this: Cui bono? Who benefits? What would be the benefit to Sky in jacking the identity of some random dude he's never met? Anything? Anything at all?

    I don't watch his videos; millions of other people don't either. And of the ones who do, how many are going to remember what name and/or skin he used at some point? Your life is not ruined. Even your MC playing is not ruined. If, as has been said, Sky uses random names so that people don't know who he really is, then if someone shows up on a multiplayer server using a name he's used, anybody with two brain cells to rub together knows that practically by definition, it's not him. So you're not going to have a legion of rabid fanboys hanging on your every word.

    Again, cui bono?

    What's the benefit to him in impersonating you? Anything?

    p.s. Your account has not been hacked. Just because someone dressed up as you -- if he even did -- does not mean he had access to your account or anything else whatsoever about you. He didn't steal your account. He didn't touch your account. Even if he really did see you somewhere and say "wow, FuriousFajita is such an awesome name, and that skin he's using is mind-blowingly wonderful, so I'm going to copy them for my next video" he still didn't steal your account. At the most, he dressed up to look like you. Period. That's a different thing entirely. Your account remains untouched.

    What are you talking about? He's worried that his account was hacked, not that Sky chose his name/skin because he is popular. And this is the Minecraft forums; you're not writing an English paper. Be a bit more informal.
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    posted a message on is notch running out of ideas?
    Quote from Bumber

    I don't see how this is relevant to Minecraft, seeing as how Notch doesn't work on it anymore.

    If you can't gather that the OP isn't aware that Notch is not the lead developer anymore, I'm dumbfounded.
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    posted a message on Redstoners, Builders, and Server needed for my adventure map!
    I can help with redstone, let me find a contraption from my test map...

    K, here's my ice tray (not my original idea, but the redstone and design is all by me).

    Top view. Step on the pressure plate in the middle to fill the tray with water and extend blocks to accelerate the freezing. Step on it again to retract the blocks when the ice is frozen, to make mining it easier.

    Some of the interior redstone.

    Ingame name is Mx726.
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    posted a message on [1.6.1][Mature 18+][Whitelist] Vanilla Minecraft Survival Server
    IGN: Mx726
    Age: 18
    Time zone: EST
    Favorite aspect of SMP: Talking to people. I'll build with others as well.
    Least favorite aspect of SMP: People stealing my stuff, though since this server has a mature playerbase that shouldn't be an issue.
    Who referred you to this server: Found the thread myself.
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w22a Ready For Testing!
    Great, you took a week to add a few new sounds and fix a few bugs. You'd think that a game as huge as Minecraft would get a little more content without horribly long periods between updates (not to mention that Mojang has millions of dollars to hire more employees).
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    posted a message on Go through the alphabet before someone posts a my little pony picture

    Why am I still here?
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    posted a message on Go through the alphabet before someone posts a my little pony picture
    Face, y u so scrunchy?

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    posted a message on Go through the alphabet before someone posts a my little pony picture
    I like how this thread is only a forum game in disguise, but really just a pony picture thread...

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    posted a message on What do these statues look like to you? (Picture)
    1. Robot
    2. Monkey head / skull
    3. Dragon head
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    posted a message on Favorite Food in Minecraft?
    Beef. Cows are easy to breed and beef has a high saturation.
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    posted a message on Horses- what will you do when they are added?
    Ride them.
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    posted a message on Are Enderman farms Over-Powered?
    I have an Enderman farm, but I only use to to repair good tools and enchant books. I feel like using the farm to enchant new tools is cheap, and it's not hard to get level 30 by caving/quartz mining.
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