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    Out Of Character Info:[/b]

    Minecraft IGN: Musboris[/b]

    In Character Info:[/b]

    Name: Gary Smithins[/b]

    Nationality: Ketkavesa[/b]

    Profession: Metallurgist[/b]

    Combat Class (if not related to Nationality):[/b]

    Personality: Gary is a wise old man who spends most of his day working as a Metallurgist, he is kind of quiet and stubborn.[/b]

    Description: He is short, and has a deep soothing voice.[/b]


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    IGN: Musboris
    Have you ever played on a Heavy RP server before?: Yes

    Character Name: Lalkek Gutson
    Race: Dwarf
    Character Description: Lalkek is a short stubby dwarf (like most are) with dark brown hair and a thick puffy beard. He likes to drink ale and mine ... a lot.
    Respond to this IC:
    .....the large drunkard pulls out his wine flask from his stained leather belt, putting his other hand on the hilt of his rusty iron longsword. Taking another giant swig, he yells at you again:
    "Ya scared, little swamp-rat?! *hic* I'm talkin to YOU! I'll cleave ya right in two if I don't get that coinpurse in my hands!!"

    "I nay givin' ye moi moneh! Get yer own moneh ye' dum' dirteatr!"

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    So have you ever heard of a game called Town of Salem?

    If you haven't, go look it up xD

    So I had this idea to recreate the game in Minecraft, as a server so you can easily just hop on the server and play with your friends

    Some features will not be able to cross over into Minecraft, but here is a list of everything that I think can be possible to do inside Minecraft.

    -Party System To Join The Games With Your Friends

    -Choosing who to kill by clicking a map in your inventory and opening up a list of players avalible to kill/other targetting roles

    -Writing wills in a book and quill

    -Scoreboard for Graveyard, when someone dies it lists their username and role

    -Voting system, click an item in your inventory to open up a list of players to vote for to be lynched

    -Scrolls, higher your chances of being a certain role

    -MCSalem Coins to purchase scrolls and other upgrades

    -Dead chat

    A Menu in your inventory at all times that can view this:

    Death notes



    I'm going to need a plugin developer to make a custom plugin for this. I don't even have a server yet, so yeah ... :P

    if you are willing to help with this thank you :D

    All credit for the idea/gameplay ideas and stuff goes to BlankMediaGames, the creators of town of salem

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    posted a message on --//-- MineoHolic Prison --//-- [Currently No Staff!!!!] [Coming Tommorow!!!] [IP: MineoHolic.com:25721]

    Helper Application[/b]

    Ign[/b]: Musboris

    Age[/b]: 12

    Timezone[/b]: EST (USA)

    Skype[/b]: musboris.moby12

    Any past bans, mutes or jails?[/b]: No

    Why do you want to be Helper: [/b]I really want to help out with this server a lot!! I love helping out with servers and I would love it if I could help on on this server! It looks amazing and I would love to be staff on a server like this.

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    I had this idea to create a server based on cartoons.

    It will be a minigame server with these games:

    Steven Universe Skywars

    Adventure Time Survival Games

    Regular Show Paintball

    Seperate Server:

    Cartoonia Prison

    I need these people right now if you can do one of these things leave me a skype contact request at my skype musboris.moby12 telling me what u wanna do

    I need:

    Graphic People to make a logo and stuff for the server

    Developer guys to customize some plugins

    Builders to help build the spawn and maps for the games

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