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    I had initially started with this company long ago. I made good with Brandon, we talked often, I felt like I had gotten to know someone within the company that really cared. I also endorsed Provision host as being one of the best if not THE best ever having been with many companies.

    I moved the server over to my long time admin and friend in leave of my absence. Not 4 months later does a ridiculous and outragous level of garbage fall to pieces. Double billing for 3 months, no notice of suddenly not receiving payments (according to provision host even after 3 months of double billing), which then follows with arguments between Provision and Owner about being double billed while at the same time being suspended of a server. Also, I still get notices that the bills were being paid when I didn't have ownership for the 4 months.

    Only 2 days later to be seeing some fellow by the name of Nattysomethingorother running a 15 slot on the IP you've been playing on for the last 7 months. Turns out that even DURING a dispute and situation, they will just uproot your server, delete your world/content and shuffle things along without much duress when they simply don't want to deal with you anymore. Yes that happened, no I don't exadurate or express extra details. That's how it is. Full block of communication, bunch of excuses and BS and finally "we terminated your account because of no payments for 5 days" k-thanks-bai.

    This isn't the company I had once respected and admired. This is a swill hole. Its no wonder they don't even stand in the top 25 of "best minecraft hosts". Its disrespectful, irresponsible and unjustified.

    Go elsewhere. These guys are no longer worth while.
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    Quote from gl0ryz

    Players are saying they cannot connect to my subdomain. Is it because you are doing maintenance?

    Been down all day. Its started out as "billing system" maintenance but now...I dunno. Full lock down. Kinda wanted to kick my server to allow for the new BC 2.2.2 but...still waiting patiently. :/
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    Quote from Patchumz

    You realize they are doing weekly pre-releases until November, right?

    You can mine it, it's very hard though, stronger than Redstone ore I think. And it drops cobble.

    Actually, did they say how things were going to go after they do the code-freeze next week? Would they even bother with releases while just doing bug fixes and polishing?
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    Quote from Nate_Carmady

    I mean, not wholly stolen by some mods, but some of the aspects.

    Well take consideration of ALL the mods that have been made for MC. Then politely ask notch to included content that is in no way attributed or related to ANY mod that has ever been released.

    I cannot honestly think of single thing that he could add that wouldn't 'infringe' on someone else's ideas. Besides, were talking about a sandbox game, eventually more then 1 person will think alike and want to make it 'official' and not 'stealing'. Take 4 million minds, take less then 2% of them who can code, sure enough that 2% will probably come up with something that Notch/Jeb would have thought of as well. The odds aren't staggering to make that impossible.
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    Good thing everyone paid close attention to the twitter feeds to see they will give out more codes beyond Minecon to have more Alpha players (so that those who were in Europe or missed Minecon still had a chance)

    :rolleyes: Christ people...keep an eye elsewhere other than the forum.
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    Quote from Abengoshis

    I can't believe people are so hard on Mojang. Let them work on their damn game, idiots. At least you're actually being allowed to play the beta - some companies wouldn't let you have the product until it's finished.

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    Nice to see a couple folks in here that know how to read and also, be polite without spamming.

    Appreciated...I've hit up a few of ya with messages. =)
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    Fairly straight to the point...I'm older...which puts me in the 2% end of the minecraft demographic. I'm hoping to find a server that is strictly mature/adults that get together and have some fun.

    Things I'm looking for:

    • RPG style (optional but its fun)
    • Lockette (makes me feel safe XD )
    • Deathchest (losing my **** when I die is just plain awful)
    • Creative builders
    • Mature people/adults, knowledgeable staff
    • FUN people that also enjoy to have conversation in the chat box or in TS, I'm privvy to chatbox myself but w/e
    • Not really picky, just want to have a place to call a second home.
    • Not a monster server, just a smaller setup
    • I'm very flexible...(kinky no?)

    Note: I'm in North America so you know my time-zone.

    I owned a server for 7 months prior (been playing for years)...I still admin there, but I'd like to just kick back and relax sometimes...maybe make a few friends. Don't care for mega overloaded servers, just a smaller group. I'm also equipped for an ItemCraft server in case that's what your running. FancyPack and Mo'Creatures for example, then I'm totally on board for that because, honestly...once you've played FancyPack on SMP, your always wanting it XD But I'm good without it too.

    Server spammers need not post...if you have a setup server info page dealy, just post a polite link. Its easier for everyone to read through then =)
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    posted a message on Adult / Mature Group - Aiming For a Small Group of People
    Looks like it just needs a reboot. There are still a few automated backend tasks that weren't worked out with the new hosts control panel. He was waiting (iirc) on they're response so he could tweak a few things so it would automatically clean itself and the like to avoid this issue. =)
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    posted a message on Adult / Mature Group - Aiming For a Small Group of People
    All configged and alive and well now =D


    Its up to the boss now to start allowing folks in.
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    posted a message on Adult / Mature Group - Aiming For a Small Group of People
    I sent you a message back Brandon. If we hook up on IM/TS I can help you get this thing into shape in less than an hour with all the basic plugins running =D
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    posted a message on Adult / Mature Group - Aiming For a Small Group of People
    The only "main" mods I'd suggest is the WorldEdit/WorldGuard combo to stop fire-spread and (if your interested) creeper block damage = off. Those two were always the server 'eater of worlds' if those weren't on.

    After that permissions works good to build up some structure so that people can't accidentally use server-killing commands without knowing the true damage potential. That and quite a few plugins require it. (Permissions 2.7 is my absolute fave).

    Commandbook is great for a basic 'set' so you get your /spawn, /home, /tp for mods, /item for mods, /time for mods, etc. The good stuff that makes it easier to run.

    Lockette for chest protection (users just drop a sign and it auto-protects the chest), no commands or DB's or anything.

    Tomb & Cenotaph for death management. Tomb allows you to make a 'tombstone' in your house to let you TP to your point of death without totally losing your death chest. Its also private to the specific user. Cenotaph basically puts up a chest & sign to save all your stuff from burning or vanishing from your loss point.

    After that little set...its all "hey that's neat" style plugins. Imho that is.

    http://plugins.bukkit.org <--- the bukkit plugin database.
    http://bukkit.org/ <--- all things bukkit related.
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    posted a message on Adult / Mature Group - Aiming For a Small Group of People
    Age: 27

    IGN: Mukrakiish

    Possible Mod Suggestion(s) for server: Long list of ideas, I'm a server owner myself w/ 20+ plugins on mine (running one for 7 months now). Lockette is my favorite "lock" mod and its super simple & lean on the server resources. Can talk more in game over what sorts of directions you could go.

    How many players you'd like to have white-listed: Just me =) Unless you mean...potential server size then I'd say no more than 10.

    Any other suggestion(s):

    I want to join a mature server that I don't have to worry about 24/7. I'd love to be in a small group of gamers building neato stuff. Just to be a miner, having fun. =D Hopefully you'll want me around.
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