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    1. Minecraft Game Name: MadcapSpook

    2. You have read the rules: Yes

    3. Suggestions on how we could improve/change the server:

    Dungeons: So, I love the dungeons, but, I feel that the quests are lackluster as they mostly are asking you to kill more bosses than simply making it more of a challenge. Perhaps, if there were tiers of the dungeon, so heroic and mythic, somewhat like WoW, where enemies get stronger and drop items which are similar to the enhanced versions you can craft that could improve the experience. That being said, it'd be very difficult, so perhaps future dungeons can have more physical obstacles and difficult environments to fight in, I really love how each one has a different challenge, but playing with space is something I think is lacking. For example, each dungeon has it's hazards, the first dungeon has water pools, and some slime, the second dungeon has lava and soul sand, the third of course is underwater, and the final has my favourite which is the darkness pit and varying levels. While these are great I think that they're all essentially just in large halls and spaces, if you were fighting in corridors of darkness, you can imagine how much harder that could become. Although it'd be difficult, having staged dungeons would be amazing. Having to kill numbers of enemies per room before fighting a boss would be great, or simply bosses that aren't mobs, such as a big machine you may need to shoot arrows into buttons for.

    I am trying to keep in mind, a server can only take so much, so of course, some of this cannot work simply because it'd be a laggy experience.

    Quest givers!: I've noticed that via fishing you can get quests for the various jobs, I kinda wish that all the jobs were expanded in the way fishing is, fishing has it's own area, it's own quest giver, it's own shop and entire drops you can only get from fishing. Despite the work that would have to be put in, having "updates" of the server where new quest giver zones for each job would really expand that. I got a geology quest recently and it was really enjoyable to feel like I had a purpose getting large amounts of stone, trying to find some granite and digging through the nether to get quartz. Wouldn't it be great to come back to the miner's guild to turn in your bounties? I think it'd be great!

    Jobs: Some jobs are missing things, the engineer is missing a lot of blocks for money, I've noticed the Slayer doesn't pay for Wither Skeletons, and I'm sure there are others. In terms of fishing, I may be wrong but because of the fishing plugin, you can't gain benefits from Mcmmo's fishing in the same way as you'd normally. If the unique loot system was incorporated, as in, I notice you can only get certain gear from named mobs, well, some people might not do much mob-hunting and therefore catching some of those drops would be awesome.

    Epic quests?: This is probably the most far-fetched as I am unsure as to how your plugins work, but perhaps having quests that are only unlocked at certain ranks/achievements and quests done per job. Let's say you've done 100, or like a 1000 slayer quests. I feel like since the 5 star quests are simply to fight rare mobs, it'd be great to get that variation I spoke of earlier by having a unique mob that you have to hunt. Perhaps, a mob that can only spawn in a certain biome, at a certain time. Or maybe, in fishing you have to fish in a boat in a cold ocean and you have to catch a leviathan. It gets harder as you approach things such as geology, or culinary, but I'm absolutely sure some clever ideas are possible.

    I'm sure I have other things I've thought of, a lot of these suggests may not be possible but are hopefully good brain-teasers and perhaps a perspective from a new player. I believe I started the server about 2 weeks ago, and I have had a few ideas pop in my mind, these are some of them.

    Oh and, I noticed that I bought the vivacity rank, and some things are missing, such as /disguise and the pocket games, I might've missed something but I'm a little disappointed they're not there.

    Thanks, if you read it! <3

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    Quote from synqeo»


    All edited and underlined if I missed anything let me know and I can update it, but for all intents and purposes he is now a half-dark elf, and when his family were quarantined they were moved to an encampment outside of Falkvard. Hope that's a more accurate representation of you lore ^^

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    Ello! Just a quick post as requested by Synder, my first post here with my actual application was blocked by spam filters so I’ll be just adding google doc links, since you’re not allowed to re-post the same text. Sorry for any inconvenience.

    For the application itself, with a TL;DR backstory:


    The full length backstory:


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