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    posted a message on "Minecraft: Playstation 3 Edition" has failed to load, and cannot continue.
    Quote from 4JSteve»

    We are continuing to investigate the issue.

    Any additional worlds that can be provided will help us track this down further.

    If you are still seeing this on your world please upload it to Mediafire and drop it our way.

    Why upload? This happens with EVERY SINGLE WORLD. Example of my latest crash: started world with settings default, map pack: default. Let world load. Left game completely alone, was on phone reading. 30 minutes later I decide to press select on controller. Crash (Minecraft has failed to load and cannot continue)... So... This tells me the problem is some form of memory leak or is taking to much memory to run the game on this old console. This question of why it crashed when NOTHING was done in that world, let's debate... What is running in the background if a character in game is standing still? These are the areas of code that need to be looked at. Something is causing this bug and it has nothing to do with GUI or flying around on creative, loading areas blah blah blah. This happens as time PASSES. Maybe the weather, Maybe spawn ticks, something that happens in time.. Without you having to do anything... Ideas please?

    EDIT: also it happens during saving. Not so much on single player though in my experience. If it crashes on single player due to saving it's usually the preparing chunks loading bar that gets stuck. With 2,3 and 4 players in game, I notice if it crashes its also the saving mechanism. But instead of the loading bar getting stuck, it crashes as autosave initiates. Black screen before loading screen even shows. Again if I may emphasize and recapitulate, this happens on every single map I make no matter what is being done in game, even if it's a new world and I stand completely still. Hope this helps narrow things down or gives a few ideas.

    Can't help but to feel that this hasn't been resolved due to marketing, why fix it when it urges you to buy a new console, game copy, then all the dlc you lost. Doesn't happen on ps4 or Xbox one. God forbid something this game breaking happen to the newer releases. They would be fixed in a 48 hour patch. This has been going on since 2015...2017 is here now... Hello? Some people can't afford top dollar consoles but that shouldn't make us chopped liver...

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    posted a message on Looking for Different Maps

    Looking for some different seeds now that update 1.36 is in effect. Will list from Most Wanted to Least Wanted. These do not have to be on a single seed!

    1: [Massive swamp biome seed] that is predominantly /Completely flat, spanning at least 40w x 40L minimal.

    2: [One tree Survival Island] self explanatory, nothing specific.

    3: [Brewery Run] Enough Obsidian from blacksmith chest(s) to immediately make a Nether Portal.

    Thanks in Advance. :)

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    posted a message on Ideas to fix limited resources.

    Actually I found all ps3 duplications are patched. There has been no sand generator since mid 2015, I'm running out of glass in my world's to be more precise... I've nearly harvest all my desert in my worlds... I just don't see why the developers would patch a Redstone sand generator...

    Ps. The current duplication glitches are for online (just got patched) and the newest exposure requires to turn off a autosave feature which is ps4 not ps3, I understand ps3 does have the option to turn autosave off, in the option 's menu but due to the fact it does not function the same way the ps4's "button" function. We cannot duplicate the same result.. And to be perfectly honest I do know why they did this.

    Talking in terms of Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 : our minecraft glitches have all been patched. Diablo 3 has also stopped updates right before getting the update for the Kania Cube. Terraria has stopped (or seems like) getting updates since the release of their ps4 Xb1 counterparts... It's more than likely that Sony and Microsoft is paying off all these developers to "Force" people to buy into their new systems... I for one can not afford either of these systems... I just want the developers to give us a way even if it means intense grinding, for a better game play experience that includes near infinite resources because I cannot afford their scam.

    Edit: I didn't mention, Playstation 4 and Xbox 1 has everything from x-ray glitches to duplication, D3 continues to get updated, and terraria will update for these consoles before last gen consoles.

    Though if yourself and other think this topic is indeed pointless, then please post a link showing a 2016 after patch exploit that I can use. It would be very appreciated.

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    posted a message on Ideas to fix limited resources.

    Ok, so since no consoles get infinite world's for limitless resources, we still have problems running out of things like sand for splash potions or for some people that are even at the point of running out of iron to create tools with. This threads sole purpose is for ideas to fix this problem, not "your idea is dumb, do this instead", all ideas are welcome.

    I'd like to start off with my personal solutions to fix the problem.

    First and most obvious, they could give consoles infinite world's...

    Second, they could reintroduce duping glitches to players who enjoy doing so, and things like Sand Generators Redstone devices, etc...

    Third, they could add a few more mobs that drop these resources. Example, they could make a Advanced Zombie(Zombie Comander) that spawns 4 special zombies that drop iron ingots to its aid. They could even go as far as saying every 50th or so zombie spawns as said zombie so farms aren't overpowered on developing the iron.

    Option 3 in my opinion would be the way to go, creating 1-2 "Advanced" enemies only found in specific biomes dropping 10-20 resources per mob(s).

    Add to the list if you have interesting ideas! We need this problem fixed! I don't fancy losing everything in a world due to lack of resources or having to put my legit world in creative mode.

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