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    Quote from sky2065

    If they don't post a deny, that means they are thinking about the app.

    Edit: MsV, i don't know if you already get a discount on mcprohosting.com for the server, but I was watching a youtube video, if you don't already get a discount, use the coupon code "nexus" and you get 25% off the server.

    We do get a staff server. Thank you though. :)

    Quote from DaPieHD


    I donated a few days ago for Donor and account unlock for Bloombieman75-
    Paypal said the transaction would come through 30 hours ago, but isn't coming through.
    Is there a problem on your end from paypal adress [email protected]?

    thanks - pie

    Sorry, since you use echek it doesn't go through correctly. I'll take a look in a few minutes. Sorry pie!! Next time please file a ticket about it so we can get it fixed ASAP!!

    Quote from creeper_8888

    Hey Everyone!!!

    i'm back and play LDP

    Hot Girl-

    Welcome back Runz!!! We missed yoooooou!

    Quote from IronNinja4

    I hate to be that guy who is a pain in the a$$ but is there a date set for the VIP row opening? I only ask because I am out of room in my chestkeepers, inventory, and ender chest. :/ I understand that it is not a top factor (updating the server matters a lot more) but I am just wondering.

    Sorry we did get delayed by a LOT of things. It's still coming though. I promise!

    Quote from DatRocko

    Hi there guys! I was just curious if anyone had any idea when they are picking the new staff. I'm buzzing with anticipation! :steve_sillyface:

    Being narrowed down as we speak.

    Quote from Merajurr

    I guess today is the day for the official announcement.

    Lockdown Prison...then LDX Skyblock...then LDX Survival...and now LDX Pixelmon.

    It's being worked on now, so please be patient!

    A little screenshot...

    Sorry about the lack of Pokemon in the screenshot!

    This isn't the BIG project coming but it's part of it. :)

    Quote from Mitchmandv78

    Do you admins want to read my appeal or are you to lazy cmon

    Denied. See.... I was actually thinking of approving it. Until I saw this. I suggest next time not to be disrespectful when you're trying to get unbanned. :)
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    Well, the bad login issue is affecting more than just us. :P There really isn't any fix that I can do personally. SO, we just wait. Block Party will be rescheduled when people can come online.
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    Heeeeeeeeeey everybody!

    Thank you guys for being super duper patient with me this past week. I haven't been around in almost 7 days and my life has been super complicated lately. I would like to say thanks for sticking around with us and by me during this past week and thank you for all of the people who offered their help to me. Really means a lot.

    Gonna try to get everything back to normal this week and I also turned over a lot of tasks to Viciouss so hopefully we can have it all fixed and updated for you guys.

    More announcements coming super soon that I think y'all will really enjoy!

    Once again I'm sorry for my lack of presence lately. I hope I'm forgiven! <3
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    Quote from Dalordish

    My IGN is Lord_Firearrow,Thanks.

    Taken care of.

    Also, I would like to share with you a story of a dark and cold Thursday night on Lockdown.

    There I was... minding my own business. Eating my banana chips (they were great by the way). Decided I would re-upload simple clans and fix the issues we were having before.

    Well.... I upload the plugin then start the server. Realize I somehow deleted Freeworld during the plugin installation.

    Goes to install plugin, deletes entire map.
    Welcome to Lockdown.
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    Quote from Doodlecatt

    Well then :)


    I had to do that.
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    Quote from piajacinto

    So in order to EVER get NoDrop I have to completely re-purchase uber...

    Like I said, wait until the future when we get everything sorted out with it. No biggie. :)
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    I'm just gonna leave this here. It's amazing.

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    Halloween Sale #1 has expired! #2 Expires Friday so grab it while you can!

    Halloween Sale #3 is set up as of now! It will expire next Monday!

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    Quote from Examplz

    u guiz suk #ofsg4lief

    It's quite sad really... Y'all are sitting here comparing clans and well.. they no longer exist.

    Clans have been removed due to immature and irresponsible children finding a glitch and abusing that glitch. Clans will not be returning until people have proven to me that they can act better than a 2 year old with a sugar high. It may be replaced in the future but not now. Have a great night.

    I'm also not posting pictures of the banned players because honestly I don't feel like writing up 15 total ban reports.

    12 people perma banned.
    3 tempbanned.

    If you are one of the tempbanned people your ban appeal will be denied.
    If you are one of the permabanned people it may be accepted (If you were not the main 3 causing this.)
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    Hey guys. Monday means new sale day. The first part of the sale ends Wednesday to make sure to grab those packs if you want them! The second part that I am about to announce will expire Saturday! Love your faces <3

    Quote from NeilG522

    IGN: NeilG522

    Accepted! You'll be rank A.
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