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    Quote from Ring

    I'd like to start playing on that account again, now if you don't mind that? :)

    That was ment to be a reply to MsV ^.^ *FacePalm*

    Perfectly fine. You'll be unbanned soon. Behave this time k? :P
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    Apparently people really like that the cafeteria is back.....
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    As all of you should know better there are certain things that should not be spoken about on a public forum. Every single person on this page that has spoken a word about Glen, I expect to see a private message from so we can speak privately. Also, as you should know I choose him specifically. Now if you don't mind, use the complaints box in the actual server. Thank you.
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    Quote from Doodlecatt

    Considering you were just harassing me on your alt tonight I don't think you should be unbanned. You obviously have no respect for people and are not sorry for what you've done. Have a nice night.

    Ouch.... Also, Doodle is a warden sooo she can do that. Sorry. :D Ban appeal DENIED!

    Quote from Flashpoint1278

    This is long overdue. I understand that. So im going to sit back, shut up, and post a ban appeal.


    The day you were banned:
    Uh september 2013?

    "Banned! The ban hammer has spoken!"
    So the real reason I was banna'd was for griefing as I later learned when I bought an alt.
    The truth as to what happened is I was playing on LD with a group from soap. I thought that they were going to actually play the server. So I collected some wood and Frankie asked me for it. So I threw it to him and he picked it up and started to place blocks in the lower section of the tree farm. I saw that and that was it because I had to go. When I came back and wiggled the mouse I saw that message. Now, whoever took the screenshots of them doing that then attacked the DDTS forms may still have the screenshots of the lower floor of the tree farm. Seeing as how they did that anonymously I have no clue who they are. Anyway, back on track, in the screenshots I clearly remember me in a Birch wood hut that had been built around me while I was AFK. I will admit to placing the little house in the mine, but thats a jail or temp ban.

    Why should we unban you?:
    Because the punishments handed down were not fair. As I did deserve a jail or temp ban for the mine, I had ziltch to do with the tree farm. okay, so I did supply some of the wood, but that's not directly banable.

    Do you understand that the next ban you receive you will not be able to post an appeal?:

    Accepted. Your account will unbanned in less than 24 hours.
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    So....... we possibly added a few new items for people to craft and use today. :) Enjoy.

    And yes, all of these items can be crafted and used. They also have different durability for each. Have fun!
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    Quote from RyanTQ123

    Admins, this is for you,
    I've heard Ajrollers was going for guard and I greatly think he should become one. Now, yes, there was an incident with him and another warden a few months ago but he should get a second chance. Most people get second chances. I've gotten about 5 chances. First, I've built in mines before (banned for a week), second, I have been on guard outpost (banned for 3 hours :o ), I've spammed a clan command that got clans removed (banned for a week [other people got worse, some perm, most 2 weeks]), I had unlegit items from an old-warden (never got banned for, only got items removed), etc. Now that you understand, if i ask wardens today for some recommendations on guard, i'd get a bunch. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a bad person, I can be stupid at times like most people... The whole reason I'm going on about this is because a friend of mine, Ajrollers, has been upset lately at the fact that he most likely will not get guard because he accidentally spammed a message twice... accidentally spammed. That was the only thing he's ever done even close to bad on Lockdown lately, and just because he did that, doesn't mean he can't have guard.
    ​I may sound mean in this, sorry. :l
    <3 you admins

    Quote from Ajrollers

    ugh...my one chance at getting guard just blew up. I talked to MsV and she said my app was an instant deny :/ MsV if you are reading this, you know I stopped in the past 3 months. I am mad now. My one chance just blew up completely. :( MsV I am truly sorry. I will stop and NEVER do it again. I have learned my leason.
    Gg lock down

    PS- Dino Squad might disband from LDP. Not the clan, just me and wasjun :(
    Dinos don't go down as one, they go down together

    Now AJ look. Not once today or yesterday did I say anything about you being denied or accepted. So, if you would like me to post the entire conversation for everyone to see I would be happy to do that for you. As for the guard thing, I don't understand why you are trying to make a big deal when I haven't even chose them yet. You need to just stop. The best way for you to ever get any type of position is to literally keep your mouth closed. Because if you chose to talk then you always mess it up. And this is exactly how you mess it up. Nothing you've done in the past is even swaying your chances. What you are doing now is. I would have been up for considering it before I saw this post but yet, you can't seem to let a non-existant problem disappear. Instead you want to make it a problem. I'm not a fan of that.
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    Quote from ilovewerewolfs

    Guard application
    IGN: ilovewerewolfs

    Get the ontime up a bit and apply again. :) Make sure your app can convince me that you really want it too!

    Quote from Reece12232217

    Thanks pie :D

    The reason I havent been on was because i had the flu, but now I'm on almost all day everyday :)

    Glad to hear you're feeling better. Work on getting your ontime up a bit and re-apply. Nice app too ;)

    Quote from DatRocko


    ign: rockorocko321

    My first ban! :D

    Best screenshot ever...


    Quote from wasjun

    Will this combat log make it so you cant pvp toggle and stuff *cough* Sky *cough*

    Quote from Lightningrod81

    MsV, will you ever be adding music discs to the main store?

    Both are on my to do list. However, my to do list is super long so y'all will need to be patient. It'll be done. Promise.

    Quote from sky2065

    MsV, just wondering, why do you us Spigot instead of CraftBukkit?

    We went around half of our open time running Bukkit and the other half I moved us over to Spigot. Spigot does help the server A LOT. More than you can tell by just playing. After running this long on Spigot, if we moved back to Bukkit you would notice the difference.
    100% SpigotFTW
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    Quote from Lightningrod81

    I am reporting Nuttyme123 for creative mode abuse. He was punching 01baseball01 and was not able to be hurt back, due to creative. He was also on guard walk throwing snowballs and hitting 01baseball01 with them. Snowballs are contraband if used for PvP, like this case. Nutty also hit 01baseball01 with a fishing rod and was chasing after him. Thank you for reading my complaint.

    by the way, doodlecatt was on for evidence and I have a screenshot available for even further evidence.

    Don't worry my broseph. I guess it's a right of passage to completely torture the guards as soon as someone has extra perms. I also knew that he had creative because he was helping me personally with a few things today.

    I really do appreciate you keeping an eye out though. However, if baseball has a complaint about it I'm sure he will come and talk to me. :)
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    Hey there everybody,

    This marks my 1000th post here so I wanted it to be something a little more important than a random comment.
    As you guys all know Christmas is in 2 days!! 2 DAYS! The time has flew by since we first opened. We started out as the ugliest prison around. Trust me >.> We've had our share of problems and everything else you can really imagine but we're still going. We still have great players and people who care about the server. Lockdown was never mine. I acted like it for a long time but I look back now and realize I was wrong. I've always been told if it wasn't for me y'all wouldn't have LD but honestly if it wasn't for you guys we wouldn't have LD either. I'm not to thank for anything that has happened.

    We've had downtimes with rollbacks, admins have come and gone, players have come and gone, and some of it was hard to watch and know you can't really do anything but fix things. Every person and every thing that LD has experienced has changed how we run the server, and no, it hasn't always been great. I've made a lot of mistakes including ignoring it for a while now because I got so caught up in work. Some players finally brought it to my attention how much I've let it slip and how much population we have actually lost and I see it now. I see what happens when you don't give something enough time out of your day and I want to apologize for that. I'm sorry I haven't been around and I'm sorry the admin team hasn't been around. I can promise you guys that I still care a lot about each one of you and the server in a whole. I can also promise that it's gonna be getting better. :)

    It's been one crazy year but we're still going and I have all of you to thank.

    I hope you guys have a Merry Christmas, Happy holidays, whatever you are doing these next few weeks and be safe while doing it!

    As always,
    Love ur faces <3
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    Quote from Examplz

    Can I get my Uber Donor and perms back. Tytytyty

    Did you get this back or noes?

    Quote from Kracken11

    wow some serious connection issues this morning!
    But Yang fixed em :D

    We luvs our JkYang

    Edit: Holy moly that post number <--- >.>
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