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    Before I say anything if you want to join just come to the clans discord server https://discord.gg/Pd4cDFZ if you dont have discord leave your twitter down below

    Me and my friends have created a minecraft pe clan that plays on factions servers we havent even started yet we just need more members

    What faction are we?

    The faction name is PharohPvP It is a the type of faction which expects...

    • The highest skill out of members.
    • Relatively high dedication
    • Members should follow the hierarchy system strictly.

    Roles- comment what role you want down below
    If you dont do your job and follow your role it will have been taken away from you please select a role that you are best suited for..

    Farmer-Makes farms for the faction

    Mining Unit-Responsible to mine consistently for the faction

    Brewer-Responsible for brewing all potions for the faction

    PvP unit-everyone can pvp for the faction but these guys should have better skills than miners brewers and farmers

    Treasurer-Manages all funds for the faction the treasurer is responsible for having the most funds and saving for huge faction projects in the near future

    General-Must have the best pvp skills out of everyone and reccruits new members and trains them also leads the pvp unit

    secretary-Finds allies carry's out simple tasks makes sure there is no beef in the faction

    President- Leads the faction



    Age (will not affect entry, I am just curious):


    Tell me about yourself (qualities, personality):

    Can I trust you? How?:

    Which role would you like?:

    Why should you have it?:

    What previous faction experience do you have?

    Why have you chosen this faction?

    What do you think the faction expects from you?

    What do you want out of the faction?:

    How many hours of playtime will you put in per week?:

    your discord or twitter?
    Extra comments:

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