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    posted a message on [1.5-1.11.2] Vein Miner - Quickly mine veins of ore
    Hey portablejim, you've done a great job with this mod! I'm wondering if we can set it up to handle all blocks but with a blacklist, instead of a whitelist?

    Same as "B:override.allBlocks=true", but with a blacklist of blocks to ignore. In my particular case, I'd only have stone and dirt blacklisted.
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    posted a message on MineSpark.net [Creative&Survival] [24/7 dedicated] [Australianfriendly]
    Wow. I should have been paying more attention to these threads. We have a forum at f.minespark.net

    That_Guyg, the server has never gone down to my knowledge. :-S

    EDIT: I should add;

    This server uses some custom plugins that I've written myself. We try to cater for everyone. We do give out full vanilla Creative mode, but only to players who can be creative with the Kits we provide. In the next couple of days we're adding an economy plugin of our own with buying and selling for almost all materials, to help people deal with the kit cooldowns. So if you go and do the digging, you can transfer that to almost any other material via the economy.

    We focus solely on the community and player experience. If you're not having fun, we're not doing something right. :-) You will be banned if you're doing something destructive to others' experiences. Thats our sole rule. It includes pretty much everything from being offensive in chat, to building giant penises in creative, to griefing in worlds where griefing isn't expected. The sister rule is to always employ common sense.

    We have an absolute truckload of worlds (as I said, we try to cater to everyone):

    • Default spawn world
    • Damage is turned off
    • You can get almost any item in kits (just not the ones that are too easily abused)
    • Jumpto, Flight, Creative mode are handed out as you ascend the builder ranks by consistely wow-ing people with your creations.
    • No griefing
    • 1.2.5 almost-vanilla survival world
    • Will be phased out after the 1.4 minecraft update (sorry!)
    • Use the economy
    • Self protect your stuff
    • No griefing
    • Same as survival, but with a 1.3.2 generated world
    • Uses a custom world generator
    • No diamond naturally
    • Mobs are amped up to be stronger, harder to kill, spawn in swarms
    • Griefing allowed, and encouraged
    • No forms of protection offered
    • Pre-generated urban landscape with hidden treasures all over
    • Zombies are the only mobs
    • Zombies spawn in hoards, do less damage individually
    • Griefing and raiding allowed
    • My pet project
    • Uses a custom plugin that emulates Factions, but with more player friendly features
    • Kingdoms cost (in game) money per y-column
    • Kingdoms offer protection
    • Kingdoms can offer economy discounts
    • Kingdoms can not be disbanded, if the founder leaves, the plugin selects the most appropriate successor
    • The leader of a kingdom can be overthrown by a vote from members
    • Kingdoms can be sunk if defeated in war, of if the last member leaves.
    • A sunk kingdom is turned to stone/cobble/mossy/vines, with a couple of tnt thrown in. The whole kingdom is shifted downwards about 5 blocks, pools are filled with water. This is to simulate ruins.
    • Kingdoms can only go to war if both kingdoms approve (they are peaceful by default).
    • The kingdoms world is mostly survival, outside of the the actual plugins.
    Redstone Party
    • Flat generated world
    • Creative kits
    • Enhanced Redstone kits
    • This world is primarily for your giant calculators, testing dungeon door-systems, etc

    [Side Notes]
    • We use Core protect, so we rollback any grief we find in worlds that griefing is not allowed.
    • We use a number of home-made plugins to facilitate gameplay. While they are not particularly buggy, they are somewhat incomplete.
    • We will not simply Op you for connecting. This server is run by *mature* adults. To be a mod, you must show (usually for at least a couple of months) that you can be mature, trustworthy, friendly, and helpful to other players. That said, we are always looking for mods. We only have a handful.
    • Keeper allows you to have a home in each world, and freely move between them. It also allows you to use the /alert command to leave an alert for an admin. Alerts automatically store your location and world, and allow us to teleport directly there at our leisure. Alerts can be used to report grief, report offensive builds, ask for protection, ask for a warp to be set to your building, etc.
    • We have a forum at f.minespark.net
    • We have more info on ranks at ranks.minespark.net
    • We don't beg our players to vote the server up on all those ranking websites
    • We don't beg for donations (in fact for the forseeable future, we don't even accept donations)
    Everyone is welcome to come hangout. Make friends, all that jazz. I'm Australian, MrSm1lez in American, so we get some good cultural discussions going sometimes.
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    posted a message on How can I make my Minecraft client look this amazing?
    Firstly, the screenshots:

    (many thumbnailed ones)

    (one full resolution one)

    Unfortunately, I get the impression that these may be non-realtime renders using a third party application (amazing builds regardless). But in the off chance that there is a set of mods that I can grab to emulate this sort of graphics capability - I want to know about it.

    I've got Sonic Ether's GLSL mod and I love it. But its rough compared to these images. Performance wont be an issue - I have two GTX 690's and a 3930k clocked to 4.8ghz (liquid cooled) with 64gb of 2000mhz ram.

    Is this made with some sort of client graphics mod, or a world exported to a 3rd party rendering application?
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