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Warning, the following contains a blend of exquisite and explicit language. If you are weak of heart, mind, or stomach parental advisory is recommended.

Back in the day... way way back in the day... which happened to be a Wednesday by the way. A child of merely a few days old laid alone on a barren tree stump among an expanse of open plains. All he had to him was the wool blanket which he was wrapped in. A plain, white blanket with nothing but his name stitched into a corner.
Thats what they called him. Or, would come to call him anyways. There wasnt much he could do on that stump but wait. He didn't cry, nor did he try to crawl away. He simply laid on the stump, waiting expressionless for someone to find him. Coincidentally enough, he was found. As the sun set over the horizon, a tribe of nomadic native Americans passed by. Skipping the sappy detail, the Kid grew up with them, learning to hunt, to ride, the works.

HOWEVER. **** changed. Quickly.

Some of the tribe disliked the kid, simply because he didn't look like them. Ace was Arabian, with a nice tan to go along with it. He was taller than average and had deep brown eyes. His black hair was always a thick, tangled mess and a tuft of it tended to hang down over his head. One of these days, some of the other kids decided to beat down Ace, decided that they were sick of him wanderin' around like he was a part of this tribe. Ace knew though, he knew the day was coming. That night, he packed up a few of his belongings. Food, a hunting knife, his quiver, filled up with arrows, and his trusty bow. As the other kids closed in on his tent, he flitted out, giving one a swift kick to the groin before dragging him into the tent. With yells of rage, the attackers followed him in- right into his trap. Ace was a smart fellow, he kicked down the supports to the tent and dove out before anyone knew what was what. Kids trapped in the tent, everyone yelling he struck a match. One of the few that he'd had, and threw it onto the collapsed tent. Now he ran. For his life anyways, he was an enemy now. Grabbing his horse, he took off into the night. For good.
Ace. The kid. He was 15.
When you kill someone, you find out one, or two things about yourself. You either sleep at night, or you don't. That night, Ace slept like a baby. Hardened by life, and being an outsider.

Thats when things get interesting (and begin to make a whole lot less sense)

Ace soon found his way to a city. Removing names and much, much detail, Ace soon became king. Yes kind, he morphed the government to his liking and turned it into a monarchy. As king, he began building an empire, allying himself with few of the other Native American tribes, he wiped out those that viewed him as an enemy. Soon enough, they were all under his empire. Ace rose, worldwide people knew who he was. He was loved by many, and hated by many. All that ceased to matter, for when he conquered them, they began to love him nonetheless. He ruled the world. For a time at least.

One night, splinter groups that had been conspiring against him closed in on his office. He didnt live grand, just a nice house out on the plains with a view. The doors were unlocked, no resistance. Nothing. He simply retreated down to the labratory that he'd set up underneath the house. After all, they had walked into his trap. Just like when he was a kid. The groups, unaware of what they had just walked into, broke in, smashing down doors and windows, breaking through everything to get to him. Finally, they reached the lab. In ran a man, about his age. Native American, with heavy burn scars. Ace looked into his eyes, smiled and said "Its funny, you made the same mistake." And flipped the switch.
This time, it wasnt a fire.
It was a mother****ing atom bomb.
Blast radius, 3 miles.
No survivors.
Except Ace.

Funny, aint it?

A small bubble in the blast that remained untouched.

And there he lay. Looking up at the sky. In the middle of a crater.

"Damn... the stars sure look pretty tonight"

(THERE! MY STORY! Not my best work but I was bored and had time on my hands. Maybe I'll fix it up someday. Someday... XD )
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