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    It's for loot from all common mobs, collecting the loot and for the XP, cause the person doesn't like to spend a lot of time mining/gathering materials.

    The Observer on a Daylight Sensor is a good idea.

    I will look for a a Slime chunk, if there is one under my mob grinder, I might try some other designs to get all the mobs.

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    I tired the flush system thing too. It didn't work so well, but this was with 1.14. It might be different with 1.16 I might try to revisit it.

    I did rebuild the mob grinder (the larger 90x90 size) in a new world and, at one part of the stage of the building, the spawn rates were great. I was getting lots of pack spawning and watching the mobs fall off the rails. This when I was building the rails first and didn't have a roof and barely had a floor.

    Later in the build, when I had it more completed, the spawn rates were kind of terrible again. So, it's the design that is the issue.

    I made sure to use carpet again at the top of the roof, cause apparently there is an issue using slabs, or glass blocks as the highest block.

    I also noticed Zombies were not spawning at all. I search around Google and found that Zombies don't spawn under roofs and in my 8 years playing, this is the first time ever hearing this.

    I took the carpet off and then there was Zombies, Drowned and even Enderman spawning, on the roof.

    I decided to open a 5x5 center hole on the roof and not cover carpet on a 20x20 area of the roof, around the hole and get rid of the rails under the hole. I'm still experimenting with luring Zombies to the center, or maybe the flush system might work best here.

    So that's a good suggestion with that. I might experiment with that.

    I won't be able to take advantage of the Slime chunk cause I have to use the design I have that is at y 200.

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    I tired to look for answers and copy mob grinder designs block for block that the person swears works great. But something is off. I'm getting frustrated and don't know how to fix it. Apart from just deleting the whole world and start over. Perhaps that is one option I will try after posting this. I will start a new world and build a mob grinder and see if somehow it works.

    I'm using Bedrock for Windows 10. Making mob farms for Bedrock is really frustrating and I was hopeful 1.16 would fix a lot of issues, but I'm having problems with a mob grinder for common mobs.

    I've redesigned this grinder over 12 times and it's just not working the way I want it too. Perhaps I'm expecting too much out of Bedrock, or there are critical problem(s) with the grinder design, or there is something near the grinder that is reducing my rates.

    I have built a dark room mob grinder partly over ocean, I built it as high as I could and the roof of the grinder is at build height limit.

    In the pictures is a whole new design I am trying. All my previous models were 25x25 blocks and I thought perhaps my mob grinder is just too small to get the rates I need.

    So this time, I made one that is nearly 4x the size. I made a rough design and tested it out and I was hoping for a constant fall of mobs, but I was really disappointed with the same rates I was getting before.

    The general layout of my designs are rails that mobs spawn on, one block wide and this is has rails about 90 blocks long.

    Each block of a rail has a button beside it and a leaf block at head height to force the mobs off as soon as they spawn. They all get funneled by water on to a killing platform, where they still have enough hit points to survive and just take one hit to kill and I collect the XP and loot.

    That's pretty much it and should be a very simple and straight forward setup.

    I have revised the design to try to get more mobs to spawn and it's just not happening. I don't know what is wrong.

    There was ONE time I believe I was playing in the beta, I made a design that I was very happy with the spawn rates, I was getting 30 levels in under 20 minutes. Which I thought was the best I could get. Then the update happened and it hasn't worked since.

    With 1.16 I shouldn't have to to light up caves, even light up the ground below, cause the killing hole I stand at is at y214, which should be more than enough distance to have all hostile mobs that are not part of the grinder to despawn.

    The nearest village is over 200 blocks away. I have an iron farm near by too, also near build height limit, but no block from either farm is closer than 128 blocks away.

    I'm being as mindful as I can with mob spawning radius. The closest mob spawning block to me is 25 blocks away from the block I'm standing on. I centered the entire dark room over my head. The furthest mob spawning block is 54 blocks away. All of the spawnable blocks have a light level of 0.

    The roof of the grinder I covered with carpet, cause I heard one person say that Bedrock has a bug where if the the highest block in the world is a slab, or a glass block, nothing will spawn under it.

    The only other thing I have near the grinder is different designs of mob grinders, but they are all 128 blocks away from the current grinder I'm using and there is no roof above them.

    In the picture, you can see to the right, I even tried a generic dark room that would work in Java just fine, using 8x8 platforms and water channels, but the spawn rates out of that was the worst out of all the designs.

    I am willing to have someone join my world and help me out.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Region Fixer.

    I can't run the region fixer in windows 10. I my AV tried to block it, I excluded it and disabled my AV, but it's still not lunching fully. It closes itself after the GUI executable opens for a few seconds.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Classic

    Two things I found while playing is after you close the browser with the game running, the url for the level will be cached and reload the world, with the block changes saved, which is something nice I wasn't expecting.

    The other thing I found I'm not sure is intended. After a number of hours logged in the same world, I noticed it was feeling more laggy, but still playable. Unexpectedly, the active game booted me out and reloaded to spawn me in a new world with new terrain while I was playing. It kept the block changes I made and placed it over the new terrain.

    Losing the original terrain was kind of a bummer, but is it normal for the generated level to reset itself spontaneously?

    Also, anyone know if you choose to manually reset the level, does it clear all the blocks changes, or does it keep them?

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    posted a message on Piston and Observer circuit

    Maybe you guys can help with this. I included a picture.

    I have a Redstone circuit that I found, I thought it was an interesting one and worth looking at a little closer.
    I can get it work, but I'm also making a Redstone tutorial for someone.
    It's been good so far, I'm nearly at the end of my 'Devices' part of my tutorial where I started covering what Observers are and how they work and how to use them, but I hit a snag with this example.

    I don't just want to show examples, I want to explain why they work, to help give a fuller understanding of the behaviors of the Redstone mechanics of the examples I make.

    Referring back to the image, I put numbers under the contraptions to distinguish which one I'm talking about.

    1. This one has a Dispenser at the bottom. It does what it should, it activates the Dispenser twice to allow a flow of water for 10 ticks.
    I though I knew exactly what is happening, but i'm finding I can't explain why it works.
    If I replace the Dispenser with other blocks, the pulse from the Observer won't power other blocks, with the exception of a few.
    I assumed the Piston was being soft powered (I stole that term from Mumbo) by the Observer. So I assumed that a Redstone Lamp would work fine under the Piston, but it doesn't.

    In earlier parts of my tutorial, I've already demonstrated that a block that is soft powered can power any component that is touching the block, including a Redstone Lamp.
    So I'm scratching my head why the behavior isn't consistent. I did already cover bugged Piston mechanics and though I covered most of it, but I'm not sure if this is another bugged Piston mechanic.

    The other components that work under the Piston is another Piston, or the Dropper, a Dispenser of course and another Observer, looking up, under the Piston will also obviously detect the change to the Piston and send a pulse.

    2. This is a circuit I made just for myself to help myself understand what is happening.
    The two Redstone Lamps touching the sides of the Piston won't light, The third one to the right will obviously light, but I had do make that, just to confirm that a soft powered block will power a component.
    Other things I can add is some components under the Piston will work, but if I place a component on the other sides of the Piston, with the exception of an Observer, won't work. Even though I'm certain the Piston SHOULD be soft powered, from two power sources. One from the Observer and one from the hard powered block next to it.

    The only other thing I can think of is the Piston is not a whole block and there is some correlation to that and the components like the Piston, Dropper and Dispenser? What I mean by that, is somehow those components can still pick up a signal from the Observer, through the Piston, while the others can't?
    I know that the Redstone Lamp responds to a 1 tick pulse, so I know that's not the issue. Maybe something about the 1 tick pulse through the Piston is making it act weird? Cause I know Pistons do have odd behavior with one tick pulses. I dunno.

    If you guys can help me with an explanation with this, that would be amazing and I can write that down for my tutorial.

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    posted a message on Reintroduce the Far Lands

    I know there are mods that can put it back in the game for current versions, but I'm talking about making it a part of the vanilla experience again, not as a broken code, but as a biome.

    I feel that the removal of the old code it was a sad change that also took away one of the most intriguing and attractive part of Minecraft. There are plenty of polished open world games out there that can very well have procedural generated terrain that remains 'unbroken' up to a border.

    Minecraft's Far Lands was a character to the game that gave it uniqueness and something that drew in players cause they haven't seen such a thing, it was also fun to see for one's self and pretty cool to think that out far enough, the game starts breaking down.

    The name Far Lands even sounds cool, instead of the border, which sounds conventional and sorry to say, boring.

    I feel I'm starting to understand the universe of Minecaft as the years have gone by and I feel what is - it's world is arcane, ancient, mysterious lore, magical, early/primitive technology, isolated, but immensely grand and wondrous, as well as beautiful.

    Also that the Far Lands, starting out as only a mistake, should be part of that grand design and curious lore.

    What I have in mind was adding new variations of all the biomes to include the Far Lands to some degree that is purposefully coded in to behave in stranger ways than normal, but is made to behave so the generation is stable and intended to generate to look like the terrain is breaking down.

    Like, for example, the first variation could be any biome, like Plains with a "Plains Low Far Lands/Plains Far Lands Edge" and then "Plains Far Lands+/Plains Far Lands Deep" as the terrain progresses to show more odd behavior. Then "Plains Far Lands Extreme" coming to the point where it looks at it's most prominent.

    I can imagine first seeing tiny floating islands of a few blocks with the normal grass tops and plant life, at various elevations. Then going deeper could start showing more dangerous terrain, like fissures, lifted terrain, like having slivers of terrain that look like it lifted off the ground with exposed rock and larger floating islands. Then you get the wall of terrain that has the signature Far Lands generation. Followed by the actual border, guessing that there would still need to be one.

    Exploring the far reaches of the world, in the familiar terrain, then being introduced to islands that appear to float mysteriously as you wonder deeper in the same kinds of terrain everywhere you go. Stopped only by a formidable wall of the Far Lands sounds pretty fantastical and just that one extra incentive to explore more if you ask me.

    I would understand that with biomes designed with the Far Lands in mind, some of the problems know before with causing frame rate drops from the constant block updates, and block generation up to the build limit would reintroduce those problems. Similar to Amplified Biomes, but I believe the Far Lands biomes could be altered to keep most block updates from happening.

    There could be potential to add all kinds of new features, like ambient sounds, the deeper in the Far Lands you go.

    NPCs that adapt to the Far Lands generation, like a Village that is broken up by the terrain. Such as a Village that is on the ground, but a house that is lifted up on a floating island could have stair cases that lead back down to the ground to somewhere at the Village.

    You could also have new types of mobs that seek out and only live in the parts where the Far Lands exists and make use of it.

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    posted a message on Exploding TnT in Water

    Hm. Interesting. I can see potential in that. I like the idea of air blocks and a means to propel the player. Though there is still damage (to the player of course and not blocks) taken by explosions in water.

    Then again, that is the same concept of rocket jumping, you take damage, but there is an advantage to that, by traversing through an arena quickly and away from taking hits from other players.

    Maybe if there was something in the ocean biomes to make it necessary to get away quickly, or escape something that the player couldn't do on their own, but a boost would give the advantage to escape.

    Also, since explosions do greater damage under water and over more distance, seems that the mechanic of tnt explosions underwater could be changed to make it more dangerous.

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    posted a message on The lawnmower update...

    I took a moment to think about this and did make me think of an interesting idea.

    Since there are no WE tools in vanilla MC, there could be tools to help a player make changes to the landscape more easier.

    Perhaps a scythe instead of a lawnmower would fit better. It could also be a tool with a dual function. It could also be a handy tool, as you said, to remove grass completely as well as other grass/flowering type plants.

    I think an interesting mechanic could be to effect either one block at a time, or multiple blocks at the same time, or even effect an entire radius around the player, by using different key and mouse combinations. Like a large swipe of the tool breaks all grass/flowering type plants and turns grass blocks to dirt type blocks in a circle around the player might be kind of cool.

    The use would be to clear the landscape, in a sense, but maybe something else as a mechanic could also be added for using the tool, to make it more useful. Like the possibility of a unique drop, or exposing a unique dirt block, with something in it by using it, that would otherwise be destroyed by the player by using a shovel.

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    posted a message on Launcher crashes when starting a new game

    Okay. I did some extra things. Cleaning, scanning and updating, I reinstalled the game again and still same thing. I also noticed that my thread is in the wrong forum. It's in modded MC. I don't know how I managed that. I'm playing vanilla and my client is unmodded. If there's a moderator that can move my thread, that would be awesome.

    I'm having an interesting problem with the download to old launcher linked above. I gave it a try, I ran it as a containment with Comodo (no offense, I just had to play it safe) and it ran. It wouldn't allow me to log in to my Minecraft account, so I was able to only play as a demo. The game could at least run okay.

    I closed it and I ran it again without the containment and it won't even start the application when double clicking it.

    After this, I decided to do some more experimenting and I tried to contain the new launcher and I was able to play again, in the demo mode. I played for a while in 1.12.2 and the game plays fine. After the demo expired, I closed and reopened the new launcher as normal, without the containment with the firewall and when I tried to start a new game, it crashed again.

    I don't know if that would help give someone a clue on what's going on.

    I figured it out. It took more frowning at the computer screen and fidgeting and tinkering. Getting the old copy of the Minecraft launcher helped. So, thanks, Echofall.

    Using the copy older launcher version made me think to turn on some extra protection around the application when executing it and I found out the game can at least start and generate a new world and I could play it fine, despite not being able to log in.

    Turning the shield off, the game wouldn't work at all. So trying the new launcher and testing it out with the containment off and on, it was doing the same thing, with it being able to play and not being able to at all.

    I figured it seemed like it was my firewall, but I went ahead and not only disable my firewall, but closed the program entirely. I took the extra step and disabled my AV. Then it worked! A little more tinkering, I found it wasn't my firewall, but my AV that was causing it to crash. So I added the whole folders of "...\Program Files (x86)\Minecraft\*" and "...\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\*" in the AV exclusions and it works now. I can only assume it wan a recent update that changed the AVs behavior.

    Now I can get back to working on my server and deal with server side issues that keep breaking.

    I don't see where the option is to change the thread, but this can be marked as solved.

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    posted a message on Launcher crashes when starting a new game

    I won't be able to do that right away. I'll look into it after a few hours. I'm hoping all it is - is a bug. I may also try some other things first, run some maintenance tools and restart.

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    posted a message on Launcher crashes when starting a new game

    Still same problem.

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    posted a message on Launcher crashes when starting a new game

    I tried that for 1.12.2, deleting the file and letting the launcher upload it again and the same thing happened.

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    posted a message on Launcher crashes when starting a new game

    Pardon me? It was working fine before.

    It was doing this for all the jars. So my latest attempt was to try launching the latest jar version.

    I'm not even sure how to describe my problem, cause the error is not very descriptive with no error code.

    I made two attempts to fix, the first was downloading the latest installer. First try to repair files. Same problem. Then I removed and reinstalled the game and still the same problem.

    You can see the only warning that pops up on the log in the background. I've posted links to the logs below.

    Crash log: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/4tT9YH3Qz2/

    DxDiag log: https://pastebin.com/9iGFVyBu

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    posted a message on All dem Dimensions! Updated with another anouncement!

    Holy toledo , that's a lot to digest. I'm assuming this meant to be a guide to crafting an idea for dimension. An interesting idea and actually kind of fortunate I serendipitously stumbled on to this. Though it was something that was I just thinking of making a topic on an idea for a dimension, just moments ago, so I was looking around the forums.

    There's this new mob in 1.13, the Phantom. Which swarms players that have not slept in a long while.

    The item they drop is leather, which I think seems it could be something more unique.

    Since they are mobs have an affinity for sleep, I thought something they drop could be related and something to help to get to what ever dimension they came from.

    I suppose they are not normally from the over world and manifest from somewhere else.

    One idea, is they can drop something called a Dream Seed and it can be used as part of a recipe to build a portal.

    The recipe can be expensive to make. Also, the Seeds themselves could be hard to obtain, such as a rare drop, more rare than a Nether Skeleton dropping a Wither Skull.

    The process to prepare the ingredients could be a long and expensive process, not just materials, but the seeds maturing to a plant that takes more steps than just planting, but needs occasional tending to survive.

    The only idea I have for a portal, could be something like the End Portal. Where it takes multiple steps to activate.

    The dimension could feature the mobs, a unique landscape and introduce a new mini boss. Not sure what the name of it could be, that wouldn't be generic.

    Defeating the mini boss in the dimension could get you a unique, uncraftable item. Something that gives players a new way to play/interact with the world/encounter mobs, would be an interesting incentive to go there.

    Perhaps some kind of remote viewing, or object manipulation.

    By the way...

    It's hard to not resist to shoe horn my own build ideas I've been working on for something similar to this. Perhaps someone can use it.

    This new dimension could lead players to world with some sort of ancient, fantasy looking structure at first glance, but it's not just a structure, it's an arcane machine. A huge structure (1000 blocks on the x and z cords and over 200 blocks in the z axis) that spawns in any randomly generated terrain on an island that is otherwise endless ocean. The whole structure is one massive, cohesive 'engine' of sorts.

    Not an engine in the conventional sense, but one that looks like an ancient atrium from above the ground. Made of stone, decaying, mossy and hanging vines. Towering pillars, arches, grand steps, spiraling walkways and grand halls. Overall a circular design that's symmetrical. Dome tops, curving walls, long walk ways in the sky that wind around the structure that are on pillars. Surface is in a unique flowering gardens biome. There could be ornate designs, like water features and chandeliers that hang in archways and the ceilings of domes.

    The structure at the surface also has evenly spaced towers in a circle around the whole structure that looks like over sized pillars and have spheres on top, that house some kind of power source.

    The towers have some kind of tunneling that goes underground, that would act as conduits. There is a 'circuitry' to all these conduits that all converge to power 'engine rooms' deep underground, at 'basement' level. A sub level has water channeling system to cool the engines and vents that lead steam to the surface. There's several engine rooms, one to the north, south, east and west and all send power to a center chamber that is massive. The power of all the engines is sent to one point, on to an ancient relic at the center of the structure and sends a bacon of energy that beams to the sky. Larger than normal beacons.

    The signal the beacon sends, summons a boss. The easiest way I can describe the boss is a golem, a giant stone golem. That I was was thinking could be laying dormant and detaches itself from the structure.

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