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    posted a message on RECRUITING STAFF! NEED NOWWWWWW
    - IGN :MrP00H
    - Age :19
    - Why you want to join :Its fun and i wanna try to help
    - Info about yourself :I like mining and I stay at Singapore
    - How good are you at building :Not tht good
    - Rate yourself 1-10 (Building) :2/10
    - Other Info :Other info is I have tried to be mod on other server .
    Note:My IGN the o is zero
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    posted a message on new server needs ops
    Can I be Op ? My in game name is MrP00H

    Note : My in game name the o is zero

    My age is 20
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    posted a message on Pvp Surrvival (Looking For Staff) [NativeCraft]
    I wanna be a staff please I have been a staff on 3 servers .
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    IGN:MrP00H Note:the o is zero
    What position are you applying for?Police
    What Experience do you have?Police , I have been in a prison server and bacame a guard .
    Do you have a working mic?Yeah but no skype sorry
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    posted a message on [1.2.3] [PVP] [24/7] FireCraft! New SMP Server! Looking for Staff!!!
    IGN:MrP00H the o is not o its zero
    How much will you be online?:everyday 4 hrs
    Will you be committed?:Yes i will be good and obey the rules
    Are you staff on any other servers?:yes on my friends server
    Why do you want to be a mod?:I wanna help people if they are in trouble and i hate griefers .

    By the way my name MrP00H the o is not o its zero
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    posted a message on Server Staff Needed Apply Within!
    Quote from Superboy14

    Hey Folks! Have you heard? I'm in need of Staff Members, So I'll go Through the rolls with you I'm in need of

    Head Admin 0/1

    "NOTE" If you are Immature, Childish or just like to mess around, Don't apply

    Admins 0/2

    "NOTE" I don't want Players/Humans Under the age of 14, 15 and above is fine!

    Head Moderator 1/1 Filled!

    Moderators 0/2

    Plugin Manager 0/1

    Art Designer 0/1

    Now the Briefing of the server, We currently am or are a Free for all Server, i myself want to either go RPG or Faction server, I'm hosting the Server myself so i currently only have 10Slots open Until Further Notice

    "NOTE" You must give me a Valid Answer then "i wanna be a Mod" You must go into detail why you want to really be apart of my team and accept the Tasks and understand what ur job consists of with the roles i need acquired

    The O is zero
    I want to apply for moderator or admin
    I have been moderator in a server , and I hate griefers .
    I am 17 years old hope you don't mind .
    I hope i can be admin
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