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    posted a message on [1.3.1] GLSL Shaders (DoF, Bump Mapping, Waving Wheat, Dynamic Shadows, and More!)
    Wow. Major kudos on this.
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    posted a message on MrMMods (BetterLight|Grass, SimpleMap) 1.8.1
    Introducing MrMessiahs Minecraft Mods v1.81, featuring BetterGrass, SimpleMap, SMChat and now BETTERLIGHT (used to be Ambient Occlusion but then I added something)

    LATEST VERSION - v1.81 - http://www.mediafire.com/?djlldcrejqfaw18

    Current status / FAQ
    Anyone getting a patcher error patching bm.class / bi.class You have an outdated patcher
    Wierd triangles with Optimine Patched in wrong order: Optimine, then my mods, always.
    More FAQs further down

    New changes:

    1.8.1 - Fixed BetterGrass green tint appearing when it shouldnt. Updated mmcolors.
    1.8 - Added compatibilty for Optiminer. If you want to use those mods, make sure to patch them in first as they will overwrite my mod
    (Will redo FancyPack compatibility when they update.)
    - Slight speed improvement with BetterLight
    - NEW SMChat commands
    /ui map save - saves your config for simplemap (including which way is up)
    /ui map load - reloads it
    - SMGUI now has its key for toggling maps on and off, and Reply-to-last-MSG in its config file. If you want to use the default keys (Tab and M) for something else, pick new ones here.

    1.7 - This is a straight rebase of the v1.5 mod code to the Minecraft Beta 1.2 code. Nothing new added, no bugs fixed for now

    1.5 - Ambient Occlusion is now known as BetterLight, which is basically a complete rewrite of AO but now incorporating light smoothing. Plus side: should be less buggy, hopefully, maybe. Looks nicer. Minus side: currently BetterGrass requires it in order to run. Still, shiny things!

    HOW TO INSTALL - If you're not comfortable doing any of these steps, best not to play with it, just to be safe.

    1. Unzip the entire contents of this zip file to your Minecraft folder. In windows this can be found at "%appdata%/.minecraft" . On a Mac, "library/application support/minecraft"
    (PLEASE NOTE when I say the Minecraft folder I really mean that, so NOT the minecraft/bin folder)
    If you do this right it will create a new directory under .minecraft called "mods", where all the settings for SimpleMap live, and a patcher called MrMPatcher.jar which is based on MCPatcher by xau.
    2. Follow the rest of the instructions in README.txt

    From the bin folder:
    1. Delete "minecraft.jar"
    2a. Replace it with the backup you saved earlier

    or if you want to be thorough:
    2b. Delete the file called "version",
    3. Delete any ".mrmbackup" files
    4. Run Minecraft again and it will redownload clean files

    TO CONFIGURE - The config file for SimpleMap is in .minecraft/mods/SimpleMap, its called SimpleMap.properties, again read the README for the full jenny.


    The patcher fails since the game updated - New versions of the game require a new version of the patcher. I'm usually pretty quick getting those out - check the OP to make sure you've got the latest version and if it's patch day, it might take a day or two to get an update out.

    I'm on a Mac and I get Wrong Number In Class File errors - You need to update Java on your machine.

    For OS X users having the patcher freeze:
    Make sure you do NOT have support for assistive devices enabled. To check, go to System Preferences, Universal Access, and make sure the checkbox "Enable access for assistive devices" is unchecked.

    I'm on Windows 7 x64 and just get "could not find the main class. program will exit"
    Coddan wrote:To those of you who have theproblem;
    I struggled with this **** all night and I finally got it working after some google magic.

    I'm guessing you are like me on Windows 7 64 bit. On your C: drive, you likely have a folder named Program (x86). That is where the installation of Java will go if you don't customize the install and place it somewhere else. What I did that finally made it work is I uninstalled Java completely and then reinstalled it into the Program Files folder, which is in the same folder as Program (x86).

    Now you should be able to go about with opening the .jar file like the instructions said. However, here I got another error - I would just see the command prompt flash by and nothing happened. So I made a text document in the same folder as MrMPatcher.jar and put this line in it: "java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar MrMPatcher.jar nogui".
    After you've done that, rename it "Run.bat". Now click that file and the .jar should finally work.

    I try and run the patcher and it just opens a command window and exits/opens in WinRAR/some other application - Your computer has JAR files set to open with some other app and not run by themselves. If you don't know how to fix this yourself, this tool apparently works. http://www.jonelo.de/java/jarfix/

    Patching fails with "duplicate class" error - You're patching an already-patched (by one of my patchers) minecraft.jar. Start again from a clean minecraft.jar (see "Uninstalling" above for how to go back to a clean Minecraft.jar)

    When I start the game I get a downloading screen that hangs - This shouldn't happen unless the patcher failed, but the fix is the same: do a "thorough uninstall" (see above), and once Minecraft has redownloaded all it needs to do, quit the game and repatch (if you still trust the mod :wink.gif: )

    This is incompatible with (insert MCP mod here) - The mod creator pack decompiles and recompiles some classes I use, changing the line number table, and renames some of the methods and fields. This generally breaks my patcher as it can't find the bits of the game it needs to make changes to. There's a limit to what I can do here, but I'm looking at it.

    BetterLight makes everything too dark - Working on this.

    BetterLight makes performance drop - This is priority #1 at the moment, and there's lots I can do to fix this.

    The patcher is too complicated and sucks. Can you send me just the class files / a prepatched minecraft.jar - Sorry it's not working for you, but I will never do this.

    Where is your donate link - I don't have one but my Steam wishlist is here ;p http://steamcommunity.com/id/MrMessiah/wishlist

    Earlier versions changelog
    1.4 - Fixed a bug with SMChat where it wouldn't let you enter /ui commands in SMP
    + BetterGrass now returns and is fully biome compliant
    + SimpleMap new commands: "/ui map deep" makes the depth tinting more obvious (as many times as you like to make it more and more obvious. "/ui map shallow" does the opposite.
    + SMChat no longer makes you reply to yourself if you hit tab twice
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    posted a message on Better Grass Mod v0.4
    Hi all

    This is a simple little mod that (IMHO) improves what grass looks like. I got tired of the way that on hills most of the grass from the side looked brown because of the edge, but at the same time replacing the texture to NEVER have that edge tile looked goofy. So I came up with something in between. Kinda hard to explain, so look.

    What this does is if the grass is on a shallow slope, you see the grassy side, but if there's a drop of more than one block, you get the dirt-edge. Because of how this works, it works with ANY TEXTURE PACK YOU USE.

    As of version 0.4 this mod will now no longer be a standalone mod, but become part of xau's brilliant HD texture patch - (see viewtopic.php?f=25&t=46173 ) I don't think there's anything else to really do on this but if you have suggestions or bugs (about the BetterGrass part of things) report them here rather than bugging xau about them. Thanks!

    LATEST VERSION v0.4 - Moved to patch format

    v0.3 - Grass un-borked after snow fix
    v0.2 - Now with support for snow!
    v0.1 - First release

    Let me know if this kind of thing aint legit and I will remove it. Otherwise, enjoy!
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