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    Responses this page.

    Quote from HBlakeH »
    Ok. Im on a Mac. Java is up to date.

    I do everything the instructions say, and everytime I hit patch the patcher stops responding so it does nothing.
    It's starting to become a pain. Any help is appreciated.

    Can't help unless I see the contents of the log window.

    Quote from Zaccheus »
    Okay, I have had a little success with installing this mod, but it has been very frustrating. I have a mac (hate all you want I don't have a choice) and I get an infinite black screen after I install the mod.

    There is a person who explained how to fix this very well on page 15 (viewtopic.php?f=25&t=55700&start=420) not sure link will lead you there though.

    If anyone knows how to fix the sounds or knows how to fix the infinite black screen without having it run off of a command line (like the guy in pg 15 showed) the could you please explain how.

    That post you mentioned links to another post explaining this, viewtopic.php?f=25&t=55700&p=1183636#p1183636
    Hurrah for broken Mac Java.

    Quote from EvilMilk »
    can any one help? I just installed the better light mod and it works in SSP but in SMP on all servers the grass is turned to blue tint lint in the winter biomes no mater what biome I'm actually in.

    I don't know why this would be happening - all BetterGrass does is copy the tint from the top of the block to the sides, it doesn't actually change it... very odd. Anyone else seen this?

    Quote from SalamiJack »
    Quote from ANARKY »
    Quote from SalamiJack »
    Sadly, so far I've been very unimpressed by the MrMMods install. It's been a hassle on two computers now. My first running 32-bit Vista, and now this desktop which is running 64-bit Windows 7. The patcher stops doing anything at about 6-7%, and yes I've done the "thorough" uninstall you've listed. Overall, a disappointment unless this is addressed.

    Chances are if its doing the same thing on 2 seperate machines then its USER error.

    First all of, this isn't the same issue that I was getting on my laptop. Second of all, how is it hard to put a jar file in my /.minecraft/ folder and double click it, then select the backup MC jar as the original, and the minecraft.jar as the overwrite destination? It isn't. Not much room for user error for anyone who isn't retarded.

    Oh, you'd be surprised.

    What does the log window say up until the point it stops working? Also, when you say "select the backup MC jar as the original" be careful - if you're patching a clean Minecraft.jar (which you should be), you should select the minecraft.jar as the original. The patcher creates a backup at that point and will change the "original" box to point to the backup itself. In fact, it should do that automatically when it starts up anyway. Its possible this is what you meant but I wanted to check that you're not manually selecting the backup as the original, cos that's wrong.

    I'm currently rewriting the patcher to make it a bit less confusing.

    Quote from Djohaal »
    This is by far my favourite mod. One question, given minecraft's voxelized enviroment, couldn't a highly optmized global illumination algorythm be implemented? I recon it is quite more than simply smothing the lightmesh, but such a thing could lead to interesting results.

    The thing is, there are no light sources in Minecraft, just blocks (solid, or air) with a white light value between 1 and 15, and that's it. So you can't do GI in the traditional sense. Maybe when the source is opened up it will make it easier for someone to rip out the entire renderer and make something, but in the mean time you can work with what you've got to do something that looks a bit prettier than the default.

    Quote from hakre1 »
    Quote from neckbear »
    Hey I just installed the betterlight smchat and the minimap, I'm running windows vista.
    Wondering how to counter this problem:

    Looks like opengl smoothing isn't supported by your graphics card, try updating your drivers.

    That could be, though I doubt it. That's basic, basic stuff that should be in ANY graphics driver. More likely that one of the class files (I'm thinking bm.class) didn't patch, or was overwritten by another mod installed after. But without seeing the log from the patcher, all I can suggest is reinstall and start again from a clean minecraft.jar. (See the OP)

    Quote from JAM126 »
    I'm Using Mac OS X 10.5.8 and when I point the input to minecraft.app it gives the error error opening zip file. Any help?

    Why are you pointing the input to minecraft.app? The instructions clearly say to point it to minecraft.jar, in the bin subfolder of the minecraft folder, which I'm guessing is not where minecraft.app lives either. Please reread the instructions.

    Quote from Gisst »

    i've been using this mod for quite a while and i love it! A big thanks for this!

    I know it's a matter of taste but i really can't understand why people are demanding blur or dof. Why using texture packs and then diminish the quality with filters. Each to their own, i guess :smile.gif:

    Yeah :smile.gif: I actually really like that style, FWIW - simple geometry and textures but with effects over the top. Its one of those things though I think when you start changing one thing, more things scream out for changing too. Like right now, texture mipping REALLY needs to get done and I'm looking at that.
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    Thing with DOF, bloom, motion blur etc - not to get into too much detail but these are all best done either as you're flattening the scene to the 2d canvas or after that even. (Really, as shader effects). That whole side of things... I don't have access to. I'm not saying its impossible, but every avenue I went down looked like it involved a whole load more work than was feasible. In fact, no, I'm flat out saying it's impossible, in the hope someone else comes along and does it ;p
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    Roundup of other problems this page.

    Quote from Sonicdude »
    *random synaptic misfiring*

    Uh... OK.

    Quote from Mugros »
    i can get this to work if i play MC via minecraft.exe.
    But i prefer playing in Firefox. But then the patched MC won't load and i only get a black box.
    I only want to use BetterLight, BetterGrass would be nice, too. i'm running W7 64bit.

    This is a known bug/restriction/whatever - not sure why it happens, but for now it's runnable only on the downloadable version, sorry :sad.gif: Will add to FAQ for now.

    Quote from Sabaren »
    BetterLight makes it impossible to see darker areas that are normally 100% visible. This being on default and Misa's texture pack. Am I the only one having this problem? The light gradient seems to taper off twice as fast.

    Covered in the FAQ (see OP). I know what I have to do to fix this, but I'm holding off adding the code for it until I can get the performance working better. Hopefully soon.

    Quote from Juharr »
    when I try to run MrMpatcher.jar this flashes on my screen for like 0,4seconds


    Your java install is messed up - uninstall/reinstall java.

    Quote from Raposa318 »
    Hey I accidentally backed up a backup with the mod on it. is there a way to uninstall it anymore or would I have to get a fresh .jar and include all my mods again? :Sheep:

    Think you're hosed there, i'm afraid - going to have to work from a fresh copy of Minecraft.jar. Sorry :sad.gif: Am going to fix this so backups are individually named and don't overwrite.

    Finally got it to work without WinRar. You just have to open the patcher after extracting it to your desktop. For Output go to bin, then minecraft.jar. Then check what you want, then click patch. Is this a glitch? The grass is on all sides of the blocks. Or this this part of better grass?

    This post confuses me - you shouldn't be extracting it to your desktop. This is covered in the OP and the readme that comes with it. The grass thing is part of BetterGrass but I'm not sure why you'd install that without knowing what it does... like I said, confused.

    Quote from ipreferpi »
    It'd be really awesome if you could get better grass working without better light. My computer has a hard time with better light, and I've been a fan of the better grass since I first heard the idea. It really sucks to play without it.

    I think that's a definite for the next release.

    Quote from graphik »
    1/4/11 Jan 4 | 4:45 PM:11 PM [0x0-0x253253].com.apple.JarLauncher[9519] java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file

    See the OP/FAQ under "I'm on a mac and I get Bad version number in class file".

    Quote from PnchingBag »
    Patching class: bk (bk.class)
    Add BetterLight helper vars
    javassist.CannotCompileException: [source error] no such field: is$a


    I'm still getting this error and having the patch freeze at 6-7%. Has anyone figured out a solution to this yet?

    - You're running the wrong version of the patcher (see the OP for the latest)
    - You're running the patcher on the wrong minecraft.jar (like, an old one from a few updates ago)
    - You're running the patcher on a minecraft.jar that's been tampered with by another mod in such a way as it makes the patcher not able to find all the bits it needs to find. (see the OP for uninstall instructions, then try again)

    Quote from Justin8 »
    Three things.

    Are you gonna have some more lighting features such as bloom and color correction? (the latter may be more color orented, though.)

    Bloom - no (only really possible when doing SSAO which I don't do)
    Color correction - not sure what you mean here.

    Quote from Justin8 »

    Second, there seems to be a problem when installing xau's before installing MrM.

    Edit: That may not be the output I get, I'm not 100% sure, I found out how to fix it by switching the install order, and I'd rather not uninstall everything only to reinstall just to get that correct output for you, sorry.

    Well, my patcher is a fork of his patcher, with all his patches ripped out and my own in place. What it comes down to is, the way patches work there's a stage where it tries to find the place to patch, the actual patching bit, and then a reassembly of the jar file at the end. If a class file in the Minecraft.jar has been sufficiently altered from the original, the patch will either not apply or, worse, only partly apply. Some of my stuff is quite specific so is quite resilient to this, other parts are a bit lazier and are more fragile.

    Up until about November my patches were the only ones that were touching the class files I patch with my mods, but stuff like the excellent Fancy Pack, the optimisation patch and so on, they're touching the same files as I do now, so I have to be a bit more careful. That particular error message is really unlikely to be the one you get, based on what it is, but if you see it crop up again, post it and let me know which of his patches you're running before you run mine and I'll see what I need to do to unbreak it.
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    Quote from TheBladeRoden »
    when can we expect an update?

    Some point after the next game update, which I gather will be soon. Rebasing the code I usually get done the same day (it's annoying, but not hard). What I'm more worried about is the prospect of this block-painting stuff he's adding. Knowing how the current system works (for biomes) and the rewrite I gave it (for BetterGrass) I suspect it will break BetterGrass and I will need to address that. On the plus side, I might be able to use it to do BetterGrass in a more sensible way. Or stick with my current system if I don't like it. What i don't want to do is make it a choice between BetterGrass and blockpainting.

    But I'm just aware it's on its way, is likely to break stuff and so I'd rather not push anything out before that happens.
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    Yep, thanks for the update Cryect. This is kind of what I meant by it being unoptimised - it does a *lot* of surplus lookups for lighting.

    In fact, I'd moved some of it around already on my in-dev build in the way it looks like you have here. The awkward thing about that is on everything I tested it on it didn't seem to me that I got much of a speed boost from doing that. So the last month I got a bit obsessed with chasing more agressive changes to do with only making it run on particular chunks relative to your position. That worked a lot better but was buggy. So in the end I didn't release any of those versions.

    Then again, it always ran pretty good on my machine anyway, so if it turns out that that WAS a good enough speed boost for those who had problems with it, I'll add it back in for the next build.
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    Updated the OP with the Win7 x64 tip posted earlier. Hope that helps some people.
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    Hi all, hope you had a good Christmas. I've had a good rest and I'll be getting back into working on the mod pretty soon.

    I'm currently moving stuff around so that BetterGrass works independently of BetterLight, and making some kind of no-smoothing AO variant for all the people having performance issues or just liked the old style better. I'd hoped to get some kind of general performance boost out before Christmas but that didn't happen, which was annoying. Well, I still have work to do there.

    I'm seeing a sudden inrush of launcher problems in the thread and I don't know what's causing them. Clearly there's something I'm still missing, or something I could be putting in to sanity check and give a better error than I'm seeing, so I can at least either find the bug or say "ah you need to upgrade Java" or whatever. I want to get that nailed down because even though statistically it's a small portion of people reporting an error to the thousands of downloads the mods get, it's still irritating for them.

    But I also think the whole process of installing the mod could be better. I've tried to explain it in what I think are the easiest, most unambiguous terms, but it still seems to catch some people out, so maybe there's a better way.
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    Hi all, just checking in.

    People who say the patcher jar file can't be launched, redownload it to make sure its not corrupt. If that doesn't fix it, its probably a mac java problem - update java to the latest version.

    People who want AO without light smoothing - I say it every page but it REALLY REALLY WILL BE COMING BACK AT SOME POINT IN THE FUTURE. I will be writing it as an option to go into my new renderer, once I work out how to speed it up a bit. (What I'm not going to do is to port the old AO patch to work on new versions of Minecraft's original renderer. Its maddening to deal with doing things that way, like parking your car in the garage by posting it piece by piece through your letterbox and reassembling it on the other side of the door.)
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    v1.7 FIX FOR BETA1.2 http://www.mediafire.com/?myrhqb0vb4l1mm4

    Thanks for the props :smile.gif:
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    Just got back from Christmas shopping. *checks email*


    On it now...
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    Quote from zzubnik »
    So, just to clear this up, it's not possible to install Better Grass without Better Light?

    Not for now, no. What about that is "unclear"?
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    Quote from Bink »
    Will BetterGrass ever again work without having to use BetterLight? Ambient Occlusion ran fine for me, but I guess BetterLight is just a bit too intensive. Excluding that, could the version from before BetterLight be uploaded?

    No to the second question, yes to the first.
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    Quote from thegreenmonkey »
    I just downloaded this to give it a try for the first time today. I do not think it is working for me. I have no other mod's installed, and I have tried deleting my ".minecraft" folder, reinstalling it and installing the mod first thing.

    The patcher says it is installing properly. I am just suppose to copy the executable and mods folder into the base .minecraft folder and then run the patcher right? I clicked on the first two options, in the patcher, the better light and better grass. Everything comes out ok in the progress for the patcher, but the next time I run the game, nothing has happened.

    Is there anything I am doing wrong?

    99% sure this is down to what you're putting as your input and output in the two boxes. The input box should try and automatically find your minecraft.jar. The output box needs to be set to minecraft.jar too.
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    Quote from Leole »
    I have the same issue that "Hoodwink" and "Xeomonos" have (The one that makes the patcher do diddly ****) I'm using a PC and it just updated to 1.0.2. Is there anyway to fix this? This mod is incredible, it makes the game look so much better, not to mention it adds immersion to it.

    The usual answer to this is your input and output files are set wrong. If the log looks like it's doing something but you get nothing in game, check the first line of the log - as of 1.5 I think it says what its saving the output as - this should be [your minecraft folder]/bin/minecraft.jar - (not the backup). I hate suggesting that because it sounds like I'm suggesting you're dumb, but it's easily easily done, I do it on a regular basis.

    If the patcher does nothing (no text in the log window) it usally means something disasterous has happened.

    In either case, I would do a clean uninstall as in the OP, letting Minecraft pull down a whole new clean set of files, just in case something's tripping up the patcher, which is the only way to really be sure.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful, but without seeing the contents of the log window...
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    Yeah it does make things darker, because of the algorithm it uses. The problem is, to fix it I have to do more checking of various things, and every one of those checks slows down the mod some more.

    At the moment it runs fine on my laptop and a lot of people's machines, but it makes the game unplayable on others, so I've had to put impovements to the algorithm on hold while I work on speeding it up... (which has in turn fallen behind compatibility with other mods, because that's comparatively easy and should be -haha- an afternoon's work.)

    I want to at least get it so either
    - I get one of my speedups working, or
    - I get a faster, non-smoothing AO working through the new renderer
    before I start tweaking the darkness thing, and the darkness thing will also squish the "light leaks through corners" bug.

    On the plus side, once I get either of those two things, I should be able to knock the darkness/leaking light bug pretty soon after.
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