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    but your loco is an diesel loco :o .
    i speaking Steam Loco . but there is not the problem i love a little your Class 45

    I think he meant this, which is actually a German Class 45 (Steam) and not a British Class 45 (Diesel)

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    Quote from LegoCanMine»

    [not everyone is christian but okay]

    You dont have to be Christian to celebrate Christmas though...
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    Just thought I would post some pictures of my new railway. I started with the engine shed, complete with workshop (though yet unfurnished). Also waiting on more point selections (see gap on left siding).
    The railway is owned by a small freight company, which also occasionally runs a small passenger service.

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    Quote from lukaka»

    I believe that I will wait for him answer, after all, I was talking to him, and I read early posts, not all, and I'm here with open heart and humility to help. So I don't care what you think or what you think that he thinks. Sorry, post's police.

    From the FAQ:

    Q: Well, I want to help coding the mod.
    A: You are welcome. But keep in mind that if you’ve just started coding and ‘can add a block and new armour’, your level is not sufficient for RoW.

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    posted a message on [CLOSED] SAOtaku's FREE Graphics Shop (Youtube Banners, Avatars, Renders, and Thumbnails)
    I dont appear to be on the waiting list, kinda wondering if its because I asked for ten thumbnails, or just a careless mistake somewhere?
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    Quote from loki352»
    Yeah, it's so fun looking back here at the mod suggestion originally and seeing the mod being put together, along with all the supporters on this thread joining in :D This mod has come so far and I hope it continues to grow.

    Yeah, we have come a long way, but still have a long way to go!
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    posted a message on JaffaCraft - 0.3
    So unless you didn't guess already,
    among other things this mod adds Jaffa Cakes to minecraft!

    JaffaCakes can restore 3 chicken wings!
    The chocolate can also be eaten to restore 1.5 chicken wings!

    To craft the Jaffa Cakes, you will need 3 things, Chocolate, Jelly & a Cake Base

    To craft the Chocolate, you will need a bucket of milk, and cocoa beans in a shapeless recipe, as pictured below:
    To craft the Jelly, you will need Orange Dye, Water & Sugar in a shapeless recipe, as pictured below:
    To craft the Flour, needed for the cake base, simply place some wheat in the crafting table, as pictured below:
    To craft the Cake Base, you will need Flour, an Egg, a Bucket of Water, and sugar, as pictured below:

    Crafting the Jaffa Cake:

    Jaffa Dimension
    Update thread/pictures

    -Added Golden Jaffas
    -Added Chocolate Block
    -Changed Chocolate Recipe
    -Small tweaks here and there

    Released the mod

    JaffaCraft 0.3 - http://adf.ly/wpTYO
    JaffaCraft 0.1 - http://adf.ly/whlUu
    By dowloading this mod you agree to the below license.

    Install the latest forge for MC 1.7.10,
    then drag and drop the JaffaCraft.jar you downloaded into your mods folder.

    This modification to minecraft is the sole property of mrminecraft3333.
    This modification is not to be decompiled/recompiled or altered in anyway.
    This modification may not be used in modpacks without prior permission from mrminecraft3333.

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    posted a message on Cluster Ores Mod - First Beta Release!
    Discontinued due to lack of interest from community, and due to my involvement in other mods.

    Welcome to the Cluster Ores Mod!
    This is my first mod, and basically it adds new variants of the vanilla ores.
    Also in the works are a few machines to process these new ores, but that will be in the far future!

    So, the ores!
    Here is a picture showing you the ores!

    Ore Processing:
    So, the ores can be crushed into there dust counterparts.
    These dusts can be put in a separator to get there single dust counterparts!
    The Iron dust can of course be smelted to form an Iron Ingot, the Redstone Dust of course is just Redstone Dust.
    But, what about the Diamond, Emerald, Lapis & Coal Dust? You cant smelt them into precious gems.

    Thats where the Crystalizer comes in!
    This block, using a substantial amount of heat and water, will crystalize your Gem Dusts into the mineral counterpart.
    Coal dust can be used as an alternate fuel, much like coal or charcoal or other organic produce. It cannot be turned into a piece of coal.

    Crafting Recipes:
    Crafting recipes will be added soon.

    Crafting Components:

    To craft the machines you will need to craft various components.
    So far the crafting components that have been added so far are the Iron Plate, for crafting the Components and some machines. The Pressure Gauge, for all the processing machines. The Wire Mesh, for the seperator, & the Grind Stone, for the Grinder.

    Block Breakability Chart

    Add Processing Machines
    Finish Crafting Recipes
    Add more Crafting Components
    Make Proper Logo
    Finish OreGen ✔

    How You Can Help!
    If you are into photoshop, you could make me a logo for this mod! (PM Me)
    3D Models: You could make some custom models for the: Grinder, Crystalizer & Seperator (Using Techne)
    Textures: Currently I need a texture for Compressed Alloy Ingot, PM me for details.
    Patreon: Support Me On Patreon (Link Coming Soon, probably with the release of Beta)
    If you contribute to the mod you will of course be credited down below!

    For the first beta release, OreGen will be tested, to see for example, if an ore spawns to frequently throughout the world. Beta is now live! See below for download!

    Beta 1.1: http://adf.ly/ujhWs

    To install the mod simply install the recommended forge for 1.7.10, then put the clusterores file you donwloaded into your mods folder!

    The Team!
    The Author:
    Main Coder: MrMC
    Textures: MrMC (Your name could be here aswell!)
    3D models: Could your name be here?
    Could your name be here?
    Motivational Support: Hkhatib
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    Quote from smates»
    somebody said telegraph :D

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    posted a message on Need a good story-line for an mcpe adventure map? Ask me.
    Sure, I'll give it a shot, I can make the maps, just not so good at story lines, though I was developing one some time back.
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