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    • Your age: 16
    • Your in-game name: Motioonnz
    • How long have you been playing Minecraft: since 2012
    • How much time are you able to dedicate to our server daily and on the weekends.: 4-5 hours daily and 16-18 hours
    • Do you have any previous punishments on Flishess?: No sir
    • Do you have a microphone and can you be on Discord while you play/moderate on our server: Yes and I spend a lot of time on discord
    • How active will you be?: Everyday is a 100% guarantee
    • Have you ever played Factions?: I used to play all the time, I ran my own small factions server for a bit.
    • Using complete sentences tell me in 3-4 sentences why you feel you would make a good fit for our server.: I used to moderate/dev for a couple of servers. I also have experience with talking to different communities and coding. I have a lot of experience in a lot of fields, Web design being one, useful for setting up a website to gain server information. I enjoy helping out communities and figuring out problems, I also have a great work ethic.

    Discord even though it isn't required: Motioonnz#1239

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    Hello thank you for reading this forum post.

    This forum is a recruitment forum for my minecraft server ShadowCade. It is a small server that is not currently open to the public.

    The staff that I need for this server are Developer, Admin, Moderator, Helper and Builder. I would also like a graphics designer if you think you have the skill required for graphics designer send me some of your work on discord


    Please fill out the forum above to apply for any of these positions.

    Add me on discord @ Motioonnz#1239

    Join the server discord @ https://discord.gg/USPZtZU

    Thanks for applying pm on discord if you have any questions

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    posted a message on 💙 Collaborating with other YouTubers [Discord] 💙

    Age - 14

    Channel name - Motioonnz

    Youtube Chanel Link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4O25FqitZzLsqZMtNXPMWA

    Discord - Motioonnz#1239

    Timezone - Mountain Time

    Extra Notes - Im an anime fan and I've been playing minecraft since 1.8 beta. And im aware there are no videos on my channel that is because they are privated. If you want to see some of my work hit me up on discord and i'll send you a link to a video on my other channel that i'm abandoning to reboot this one

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    I'm available like all of those hours, I record with obs and If you decide to message me on discord(Motioonnz#1239) I will send you a link to my channel and a link to one of my videos on my other channel that i'm now abandoning. The reason why i'm abandoning the channel is because I want to reboot the channel that will now be my main channel for hopefully a long time. I like to believe I have a nice personality (I do swear A bit but if i'm required to watch my language I will try not to swear). And im 14 years old but fun to hang with

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    posted a message on Let's Start a Recording Crew!!


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    posted a message on Looking for fellow player(s) to record gameplay with

    I'm a 14 year old Canadian I speak fluent English and I have a server that I can host for us I do have a youtube channel and I'm available almost 24/7 when im not at school.

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