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    I can't seem to connect to your server. Also, TheMasterMan can you please remove your post on our thread? It isn't the best thing to have a link to a different server as the first reply. The Braincraft staff would really appreciate it, thanks.
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    Quote from Thought_Ninja

    By artist we do not mean pixel artist, we mean architect. Architecture is art. We judge your architecture on your application, we do not accept pixel art.

    Thank you :smile.gif:

    Quote from Tutrie

    No problem :smile.gif:

    Seems like the conflict has been solved! :biggrin.gif:
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    -Welcome to Braincraft!
    -The Home Of The Pamplemousse Texture Pack


    Disclaimer: Braincraft is currently under maintenance and you will not be able to log on to the server until about 1 week after 1.8 is released (1.8 should be released in about 1 week, so the server will open in around 2 weeks). We apologize for the inconvenience.

    -About Us

    Braincraft is a survival and creative server that caters to what every

    Minecrafter wants; a safe and fun place to build and explore online. We work

    hard to keep the server clean and the server community happy. The server is up

    24/7 and only goes down when we are updating or cleaning it up, so you can

    play whenever you want. Happy Minecrafting!


    The world is broken up into continents that are divided by deep oceans,

    this helps add realism and adventure to the server. We provide a place both for

    the creative architect and the heroic adventurer to wander the epic Minecraft

    world. The server aims to be a place that lets your imagination run wild.

    Many amazing things await when you log onto the server, here are some

    screenshots. The texture pack in all the screenshots is the Pamplemousse

    texture pack, the link is at the top of this post. Many more pictures to come!

    -The Spawn Building

    -Skyscrapers By The Spawn

    -A City In Progress

    -Fireworks Barge


    -The 8 Rules

    1: Treat others how you would like to be treated.

    2: No greifing what so ever, you will be temporarily banned on sight.

    3: When in doubt, use common sense.

    4: No random towers, pits, or other useless structures.

    5: No hacking. Mods like flying and x-ray vision are only to be used

    by certain ranks.

    6: Always report any suspicious behavior.

    7: Be respectful, no profanity in the chat.

    8: No religious or political talk in the chat please.

    All Rules Are Subject To Change

    -When You Break The Rules:

    1. You will receive a warning.

    2. You will be kicked.

    3. You will be jailed.

    4. You will be temporarily banned.

    5. You will be banned.

    6. You will be permanently banned.

    -The Ranks

    [Guest] Visitor To The Server, Can Get Promoted.

    -Guests are usually people who read this thread and decide to go and check out the server. Their job is to (hopefully) choose to join the server and help the Braincraft community grow.

    -Current Available Commands/Plugins:
    List Coming Soon

    [Citizen] Server Member, Can Build Almost Anywhere On The Map.

    -Citizens are the Guests who have been promoted, they are the people who keep the server alive and running. Their job is to do pretty much whatever they want while sticking to the rules. To become a Citizen you must fill out the application form near the bottom of this thread.

    -Current Available Commands/Plugins:
    List Coming Soon

    [Artist] Server Architect, A Citizen Who's Job Is To Build Nice Things.

    -Artists are the people who build things ranging from good looking structures here and there to epic cities in different places in the world. Their job is to make sure that the server has enough civilization throughout the world. To become an Artist you must in some way prove that you have a good sense of nice architecture and that you can build nice things (it is possible to become an Artist without being a Citizen first, but to do so you must show you have what it takes).

    -Current Available Commands/Plugins:
    List Coming Soon

    [Mod] Server Moderator, Keeps Everything Under Control.

    -Mods are people who have been on the server for a decent amount of time and carry out all of a staff member's basic duties. To become a Mod you must be able to help out new users and know how to use all the commands available to you.

    -Current Available Commands/Plugins:
    List Coming Soon

    [Admin] Server Administrator, Looks Over Almost Everything.

    -Admins are the staff members who do everything from answering a Guest's questions to planning new ideas for Braincraft's future. To become an Admin you must have experience working with other server staff members and know how to use all of the plugins available to you.

    -Current Available Commands/Plugins:
    List Coming Soon

    [Operator] Server OP, A Staff Member Inside And Outside The Server.

    -Operators are the veterans of the Braincraft server, they have been around for a good chunk of the server's lifetime and know all there is to know about it. To become an Operator you must be epic.

    -Current Available Commands/Plugins:
    :Diamond: Top Secret!:Diamond:

    -How To Become A Citizen

    When you first log on to the server you have the rank of Guest. As a Guest

    you can teleport to other players and warp to places to tour the server.

    However, you can only build in the "Guest Zone". After you fly in the

    helicopter (the one in the first screenshot) to the Guest Zone you can start

    to gather materials and build. Once you finish building something you think is

    good you may post your application (guidelines below) in this thread. Then a

    staff member will review your application and what you built in the Guest

    Zone, so that you can be promoted to the rank of Citizen.

    -How To Get To The Chinook Transport Helicopter

    Quote from Thought_Ninja »

    For those of you wondering how to get to the Guest Zone:
    (1) Exit the spawn building.
    (2) Take a right.
    (3) Follow the path to the fountain.
    (4) Take the stairs behind the fountain up to the helicopter.
    (5) Walk into the helicopter and you will be teleported.

    For The Time Being You Only Have To Tour The Server To Be Able To Post Your Application. Take Advantage Of This While You Can.

    -To Apply For Citizenship Answer The Following Questions And Post Your Application In This Thread.

    Quote from Thought_Ninja »

    What is your IGN? (In-Game Name)
    How often do you play Minecraft per week?(Include the time of day and the timezone you are in)

    Why would you like to join the Braincraft community? (Why you would like to join the server)

    Have you been part of a Minecraft server before? If so, why did you leave?

    Have you ever been banned from a server before? If so, why were you banned?

    What are the coordinates of your build in the Guest Zone? (Press F3 to see them)

    Do you have any additional comments or concerns?

    -Support Us With The Braincraft Banner! (Made by Emperor Penguin!)

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    Quote from CypherXP

    I did something fairly simular but with a hidden chest:-
    Just depends where you want to place the chest and pistons really :smile.gif:

    Nice! There are so many things you can do using pistons.
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    Quote from TheMarsh

    To access the contents of the chest they can just break it.....

    Of course they could, but many people don't realize you can just break it or the blocks around it. I was thinking about using it in adventure maps where people cannot break the blocks.
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    How to lock a chest using pistons in Minecraft 1.7, no mods needed.

    YouTube link (please comment and rate!): http://www.youtube.c...h?v=dVzEBasRG44

    This video is brought to you by the Braincraft survival/creative Minecraft server! http://briancraft.webs.com/

    Music: Green Onions by Booker T. & The MG's

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    Quote from Emperor Penguin

    Unfortunently, I don't really understand completely, let me list what I think it would be, just in case I actually DO have it right

    "Pamplemousse in Minecraft Title Font"
    "Logo goes here"

    If you do want the Minecraft title font, unfortunently I don't have it, and I don't think I can get it either. I can use a different font and still do it though.

    Exactly, everything except using the Minecraft Title Font, I would rather have it be in another font that doesn't look very pixelated. :smile.gif:
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    Quote from Emperor Penguin

    I don't think I really get exactly what you're saying, are you saying you want the Pamplemousse and MrFruitTree in Minecraft Font? Or do you just want the things to be arranged like you arranged the word "minecraft"

    I just want the top part of the "Minecraft" image to be replaced with the word "Pamplemousse" (so instead of "MINEC" it should say "Pamplemousse"). I would like the bottom part of the image (the part that says "RAFT") to be replaced with the logo (the circular thing under "MrFruitTree"). It all has to be in the same format of the "Minecraft" image, otherwise it will not work.
    The only thing that you need to use from the "Pamplemousse" image is the logo and the general theme.
    It would be great if you could use a flowing type font with borders for the text.
    Let me know if you understand, sorry if it is a bit confusing.
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    Quote from MrFruitTree
    Hey EP! I have another request, I am not sure if this is the kind of stuff you do, but I need a title logo for my new texture pack. The first image is the one that needs to be edited and say "Pamplemousse" and then with the logo. The second one is the kind of style I want it to be in, and the circular thing is the logo.

    I think the best way to make it would be to replace "MINEC" with "Pamplemousse" and replace the "RAFT" with the logo.
    (If you have time could you add thin black borders to the "Pamplemousse" and "MrFruitTree" in the second image as well?)

    Here is the image that needs to be edited:

    And here is the the image with the logo:

    If you can't do it or just don't feel like doing it that is ok! Thanks in advance. :lol:
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    Quote from Emperor Penguin

    Will do

    Sorry for the major delay, guys, I'm back on my feet and ready to make some banners! I'll (hopefully) get many done tomorrow :biggrin.gif:


    PS: Did you get my request from a while back?
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    Quote from Netbattler11

    :blink.gif: :blink.gif: :huh.gif: :huh.gif: :ohmy.gif: :ohmy.gif: :ohmy.gif: :ohmy.gif: :biggrin.gif:
    That is... amazing. My words are failing. Permission to build atlantis? :Notch:

    EDIT: what is the IP? I would like to play as a guest but i don't see the ip anywhere.

    Permission granted! The server will actually be down for a while but when it is back up it will be much more stable. I will PM you the IP when it is back up :) .
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    Quote from snubmunchy117

    BUT EP UR EPIC!!!!

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    Quote from Charrgirl18

    I like It! How do I add it to my sig though?

    Like this (I think):

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    posted a message on [ORIGINAL BANNER SHOP] EP's Banner Shop
    Quote from Emperor Penguin

    Banners will be done tomorrow, then I think I'll take a small break from this topic, i'll be posting, but I won't be taking requests. Unless I feel motivated enough, but judging by the multiple PMs i've been getting, i'm not really feeling very motivated. For those of you supporting me, thanks, I really appreciate it, you have no idea.

    Take as long of a break as you want EP, you deserve it. I think it is great you are doing this banner shop, you are very good at it and I don't think there are many people who realize that they don't have much of a chance of finding someone just as good at making them as you are. Just do whatever you feel you want to do, making banners should be fun, and I am guessing it was until more and more people started to ask for banners and were rude about it. Sending messages telling you to hurry up is the last thing people should do. I hope you do/did well on your exams. ;)
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