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    Whenever i join any minecraft server i time out only when at spawn, as soon as i go anywhere near spawn i time out

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    I've been playing on a whitelisted server for a few days now, everything has been fine, 0 lag and good frames. One day I was at spawn doing a build, when the server did its daily restart. When I rejoined I kept on getting kicked saying "Connection Lost Timed Out". I tried leaving spawn and all of a sudden it was fine again, but every time i go near spawn and every now and again I get kicked for the same reason. I have tried using Google to find an answer to my problem, but there was nothing.

    Please help me work out this issue, i have tried all I know to do (restarting internet, restarting computer, different account, re installing minecraft, different computer and they even restarted the server again for me).

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    posted a message on Nano Craft [Vanilla] [SMP] {Whitelist} {1.8.3}

    - Minecraft username: BurningPanda

    - What type of player are you? I tend to move away from spawn a bit in the beginning set up a base and get well supplied, I then experiment with redstone and move to spawn to create mini games for us all to gather and become a more social community.

    - Have you been banned from a server previously? No.

    - Do you accept our rules? Of course

    - Any further questions? is this server going to become big because ive always preferred servers with not to many players, servers with lots lot of people who never finish builds disappoint me.

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