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    The idea is Simple, By Either giving a warning when loading a world that is of a lower version, or by removing the ability to access World with incorrect updated all together. Here it is in more details.

    I have loaded up my 1.8 world with the version 1.7.4, putting in this functionality would have done one of two things, either It would have given me a warning saying something similar to "Warning you are loading an incompatible update. Do you wish to continue?" , or it would tell me that I am " Loading this world with the wrong update, please use the correct update." and refuse to let me load the world all-together.

    This is not Game changing, this is not game breaking, it would do nothing to the mechanics of the game. It would simple be an ease of life feature, Given that 1.9 seems to be a lot about making things nicer, why not stop the careless mistakes that nearly every Mincrafter has done? I don't understand why people are arguing against this idea, there is no bad side to this feature. Just ask a fellow MineCrafter if they have destroyed a save by accidentally doing something. A main problem behind this is world compatibility this would help eliminate this problem.

    Any other details to iron out before i submit it to the reddit?
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    first problem with this is that ur Elena has Brown hair. She is blond with blue eyes why cant people get it right.
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    dang thats good.
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    now we need a surver.
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