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    posted a message on Need custom Buycraft donation icons
    I'm MrCleanIsDirty owner of CleanCraft (currently down due to fixes) and I'm looking for somebody that can do both a custom buycraft donation icons. They're pretty straight forward. I can give you more details if you either:

    Add me on Skype: mrcleanisdirty
    Or E-mail me: [email protected]

    Thanks for your time, MrCleanIsDirty
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    posted a message on [1.2 Factions Server] TheCraftingTable - No WhiteList(GreyList)! - Factions - Jobs - Economy!
    y Application-
    In Game Name: MrCleanIsDirty
    Age:14 ( 1 month to 15 )
    MineCraft Skills: Killing, leading, building, mining.
    Will You Post On Our Forum: Sorry i don't know what you're asking
    Extra Info: I love PvPing, mining, building and raiding.
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    posted a message on Evocatus - Towny, Heroes, PvP, No Whitelist
    username: MrCleanIsDirty

    I want to start off with I love the site and that it looks very professional. Also I would like to join this server because I love PvPing, building, and having fun. I also think that from the introduction page on this forum is awesome and that the community on your server is pretty good.

    Thanks for your time

    Sincerely, Da Clean Man
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    posted a message on [Shut Down]
    Username: MrCleanIsDirty
    Age: 14, 15 in 4 months
    Do you have skype?(if you dont its ok): yes i do!
    Why you want to join: i would like to join this server because i want to have fun, meet a nice community, and i love pvp!
    And what do you think you could give to the server? i can give my good sportsmanship, being nice/friendly and haveing fun and also i love to build neat buildings and houses so some great architecture will be put into your server :biggrin.gif: magixprankneko
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    posted a message on Creating a small, mature, community based survival server.
    IGN: MrCleanIsDirty.
    Age: 14.
    Brief Minecraft History: Been playing since alpha, and I have been banned before, but only for sticking up for people and for the admin messing with me.
    Your Favorite Task/Thing to do: Build, mine, collect, alchemy.
    Approximately how many servers have you participated on: Too many to count.
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    posted a message on Assassin Craft
    white-list application:
    Ign: MrCleanIsDirty
    Faction of interest: Mercenaries
    why that faction?: I am a good pvper and get the job done well, i also like being paid for killing people :smile.gif:
    Are you active?: yes i usually play like 4-8 hours a day ( nothing else to do )
    Real life age: 14
    Anything u wanna tell us about yourself?: I am canadian and i like bacon
    Do you understand that if an op or faction/co-faction leader tells you to do something you must listen?: yes i fully understand and will give maximum cooperation
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    posted a message on Looking for admins will get paid if you are great.
    Have you been banned before:YES man i have! but who freaking hasnt in this fiddly diddly world?
    Do you have teamspeak or skype:Hell Yeah! WEz talk all da time!
    How much time can you commit to the server:4-8 hours a daay! i haz no lif :smile.gif:
    Age:Y u wanna no dat? u gunna stalk me or some ****?
    Can you spell/use grammar:Yez i freaking fashizzley can
    Know anything about some plugins: nope.need do i?
    Type out why we should make you an admin (please try to have 3 FULL sentences):
    Caus i have the moves like jagger.
    Cause i dont have AIDS
    CAuse i am not a rapist
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    posted a message on PIK servers : Factions : PVP : Iconomy : Teamspeak : Mcmmo : Mob Arena : 1.1 : 50 slots!
    Age: 14
    Name: Austen
    In game name MrCleanIsDirty
    Have you been banned before:yes (because of crappy admins)
    3 sentences why you think we should allow you you: I have been dying for a good pvp factions server for a while. I respect everyone (unless the person disrespects me). I am a mod in sc21.servercraft.co:5883 and i have been playing minecraft since almost the beginning of alpha so i am an experienced player.
    Did you read the WHOLE forum post: definitely

    This server was recommended to me by aqua_ninja so if u wanna give him a special somethin somethin :biggrin.gif: :smile.gif:

    there i wrote it. XD
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    heyyyy Kayloe its MrCleanIsDirty, can you please unban me off of your server. All i want is to find a good server and settle down on it. Ive gone so far with yourserver and even started my own town but everthing just started going haywire. We've had sooo many good times during the server and i promise that ill stop asking to unban Pattern. All i am askinf is if i can be unbanned. Please take this reply to consideration
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    posted a message on Anyone interested in a two player survival?
    i got hamachi and im 14 hope thts good enough fr you and i mine a lot i do not like to leave any ores
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