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    Easy you scratch there back later they may come back right when you need them to scratch your back or pass it along to another in need they could help. Makes the world somewhat a better place, I think anyway.

    If you could live without a standard port (25565) I would be happy to help you out. I have the resources on one of my private servers but can't spare a extra IP. Let me know we can work out the details. I would like to have things ready long before the time came for your event as well as letting you check lag and so on. Not sure where you are in the world to me or your clans mates is what comes to mind so I would want to make sure you would be good to go when the time came.

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    Did you buy Alpha? Sounds like you using classic client and classic server files. There are no URL links at this time for SMP @ http://minecraft.net/servers.jsp that is just classic servers (If I am wrong someone please correct me.)

    "Minecraft Alpha [The latest!]"

    "Minecraft Classic [Free!]"

    What one do you see or do you have both?
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    Idea for the calibration, if the spawn point leaves some data about where it is couldn't you use that to say "ok this is the center of the map" and then it will know in the world where the spawn XYZ is, and then can report the XYZ of the players from that point? I am guessing this is how it works?

    Now I understand the fault here is how dose the MM client know where on the map to center this? The image file of the map it self I think would have to hold the key to that. The program building the image (Cartograph) left some mark for the program to pick up as the spawn point. This would only work with the help of the coder of the program building the maps, and if they would even want to include such a feature. We can't forget dose the map data the program access have the data to say where the spawn is. (I'm not a java coder mind you, and I don't know the works of map chunks.)

    The Proccess would be like so:
    Make map image with say "MiniMap Marker" option on
    Cartograph makes the map but with this new option on it marks where the spawn is with a marker
    You then load up the image into the MM client
    Click calibration on the MM client
    MM client looks for this maker (color marker of some kind, rare color would work best, and rare meaning a color Minecraft/Cartograph dose not use)
    MM client finds marker and then sets that as the center point

    This would work but the programmer of Cartograph would have to add such option/feature, now the only thing I could see that you could run into with this is the spawn point is not stored with the map data. Like I said I am not a Java Coder, I don't know if such a thing can be done but it seems worth checking out. You would have to code something in the MM client to also search out that color I would think this wouldn't be to hard to do, but I could be fully wrong since I don't code with java.

    Nice fast update, thank you!
    Hope this idea might help you.

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    Thank you bp2008 for your hard work and awesome idea!
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    Quote from Ecstasy »
    Will you all shut up, and let this thread die already?

    Thank you!
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