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    Thanks for continuing, I'm always excited for these packs. Great moves, keep it up.

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    Quote from TheArticFox

    I think it might be good for the golden horse armor to be similar to how you have it, since the golden armor is like that as well :D , but it would be good to have the diamond and the iron armor with a bit more "protection". ie. the golden armor is showy, while the iron and diamond armor are practical

    Exactly what I was thinking as I was playing earlier, completely agree with this. I think it'd go very well. The golden armor seemed most appropriate for the current texture all the armors principally have at the moment; but as for the iron and diamond ones, I feel like they should reflect the player's armor and be padded and studded, that sort of thing.

    Quote from Guekama

    I actually made the horse armor textures, and I meant for them to be very minimal. I think it goes well with the rest of the texture pack, but they might need a bit more work. I will see if I can expand on the current texture.

    Ah, so you're the one who made them then. You're doing pretty well with it, good job so far and good luck on the rest of its work. I'm also pretty excited to see what you guys will do with the horse textures themselves. Man, talk about a lot of variants.
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