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    Minecraft name: MoosieFroos
    Discord name: MoosieFroos#4154
    Home country: United States
    About me: I've been playing for a while, I'm trying to figure out redstone.
    Why I want to join Paxterya: I really want to play an smp to upload on youtube.
    My previous buildings (optional): new computer :(

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    posted a message on I'm Looking for YouTubers to join me and make an SMP!

    I Sent a Friend Request to You on Discord.

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    posted a message on I'm Looking for YouTubers to join me and make an SMP!

    Hello people! Today I'm going to be talking to you about a new YouTube SMP I will be starting. I believe this scale collaboration will greatly benefit your channel! There is a lot of information, so excuse me if it is messy!

    Read Everything Before Applying!

    First off I will give you the description.
    This is going to be a season driven SMP (like Hermitcraft if you guys don't know). There is also going to be districts same as the section however it is adding the shopping district where players can make shops and sell items for diamonds. and all of the Shops will be relatively close to the Hub. At the Hub is where we will have all the discussions about different events going on in each season. Speaking about that Every season is going to have a twist. Since this is just starting off this season will not. You are free to make Guilds and Alliances/ Teams with other YouTubers secretly or out in the open if you wish. There will be much more exciting things coming we just don't want to spoil it all for you!

    Here is some information before you read the requirements and apply.
    -I will be paying and hosting the server, you don't ever need to worry about paying anything! (It will be hosted through Aternos.)
    -The series will be cut up into seasons as I've said before. I don't know how long yet, but I'm thinking around 1-2 years if that's okay. We will take a break between seasons and when we get back we will switch things up.
    -This is no serious SMP (although it will have its moments of intensity) we still want you to have fun and be funny!
    -You are still in control of your own content. Although we will have some mandatory recording/upload days (we will fit it to your schedule) you are free to edit and act how you want!
    Now I will be giving the requirements to join the SMP
    -You must have a YouTube account
    -You must have at least 20 subscribers
    -You must be 13 or older (basically not a squeaker. If you are younger than 13 and not a squeaker, go ahead and apply)
    -You must upload at least once a week as of now
    -You must be capable of uploading 2 SMP videos a week (It may not be that much)
    -You must be available to record on either Friday Saturday or Sunday (preferably more than one) For at least 1-2 hours a week
    -The more time you are available the better
    -You must live in a time-zone relatively close to North America. If not, you have to be able to record at weird times that fit the rest of the SMP
    -You must consider your videos (and preferably audio) to be high quality
    -You must have Discord
    These are things you must agree to if you are accepted into the SMP
    Notice - These will become less strict as we come to know each other and understand their personal schedules/problems
    -You can record as much or as little of the SMP as you want throughout the week, but you must record at the mandatory recording sessions
    -After the mandatory recording schedules, you will be given a specific date to upload that video
    -You will not spoil anything about the events of the SMP in your other videos!
    -You will not kill any player without their consent (as in you both agree to PvP or something)
    -You won't grief the server
    -You won't do anything that will change the gameplay (go into creative and stuff like that)
    -Pretty much don't do bad things
    -YOU MUST agree to stay an active member of the SMP for at least 1 season and give us a fair warning (a month or so) before leaving the server. You can only leave the server between the seasons unless there is a real personal problem, we will understand.
    -I don't care if you swear in your videos; however, when collaborating with another member, you must respect their content if they prefer you not to swear

    Finally, Here is how you apply
    You must copy this format exactly and do not type anymore!

    Channel URL:
    Upload frequency:
    Times usually available (Eastern Standard Time):
    Age (If comfortable sharing):

    Here is an example from me.

    Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/CaptainFroos?sub_confirmation=1
    Subscribers: 35
    Upload frequency: 2-3 a week
    Times usually available (Eastern Standard Time ): 11 A.M - 8 P.M
    Swear: Not Really
    Discord: MoosieFroos#4067
    Age (If comfortable sharing): 13
    That's it!

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    posted a message on Im Looking for youtubers to join me and make an SMP!
    Channel URL: https://www.youtube.com/c/CaptainFroos?sub_confirmation=1
    Subscribers: 35
    Upload frequency: 2-3 days
    Times usually available (Eastern Standard Time): 12:00 - 20:00
    Swear: minor curse words but idc cause i can edit out
    Discord: MoosieFroos #4067
    Age (If comfortable sharing): 13
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