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    posted a message on Stronghold with Ravine Access

    Seed: -319484216235779786

    Version 1.14.4 (Snapshot 19w41a)

    Spawn point is a desert island with a wreck and drowned structures. (final screenshot)

    Stronghold coords approx. -1600 100 1000, nearby ravine opens to the Stronghold.

    Another nearby open ravine holds a surprise...(First time i've found one}

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    posted a message on One Tree Survival Island Spawn Plus

    Seed: -7577239332597582454

    Version 1.14.4 (Snapshot 19w40a)

    One tree survival island spawn, decent biome mix, Island with jungle temple (would make a good base)

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    posted a message on Nice Biome Mix

    Seed: -8527134990673785217

    Version 1.14.4

    Decent mix of biomes, easy to sail to, unless your like me and get distracted by shipwrecks...

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    posted a message on Unusual Biome set with Abandoned/Zombie Village

    Seed : 488922285320059604

    Version 14.4.4 (and Snapshot 19w39a)

    Spawn point near to a Taiga Spruce Forest Village.

    Next nearest village is at approx -900, 100, 250, it is an Abandoned/Zombie village situated in Taiga with Jungle biome around.

    If repopulating and repairing abandoned villages is your thing, you might like this, particularly because you should be able to get Jungle Zombie Villagers to convert, who at the moment don't have their own villages.

    Edit: oh and there's a Jungle Temple nearby too :)

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    posted a message on Ship Wreck Excavation

    Seed: 2445270059529187218

    Version 1.13.2

    Want something different?

    You spawn near a village and to the East of that village is a buried ship to excavate / mine out.

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