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    posted a message on Mortcopter: taking redstone gaming to "a new level"
    Hi, mort96 here.
    A while ago, I made this game:
    It was not exactly bad, but I made some bad design decisions because it was the first time I made something like that. Now I've made a v2, and I think it has turned out very great:

    What is the game about?
    The game is about controlling a "helicopter" (two pixels on the display) away from obstacles. That is basically it.
    The controls are pretty easy; step on a pressure plate on the left to go left,
    step on a pressure plate on the right to go right,
    step on the ones behind you to go up,
    and the corner plates make you go up and to left/right.
    If you don't go up, the gravity will make you go down.
    Play with Quake Pro field of view.

    The main improvements from v1 is as follows:
    • Bigger screen - Instead of a screen resolution of 9x12 pixels, v2 got a screen resolution of 11x15.
    • Randomly generated levels - Instead of a limited number of pre made levels, v2 generates random levels.
    • More reliable solutions - In v1, I had a few plans that did not work at all because they were not completely thought through, so I had to make workarounds to make it work, which impacted both speed and reliability. In v2 though, I have learned from those mistakes, and v2 should have a lot more reliable solutions.
    • A lot better collision detection - in v1, the collision detection was inaccurate and took up a lot of space next to the game itself. In v2 however, the collision detection is built into the display, which makes it a lot more accurate, and there is no big thing taking up space that could be used for other components.
    • It got a score counter - after every level, the counter counts one up, and it can count up to 99.
    • A better name - instead of "heli game" as I chose to call v1, v2 is named "mortcopter".
    I know what you are thinking; how is this "taking redstone gaming to a new level"?
    Well, it is mainly that it is a fast-phased game where everything is happening on a screen.
    All other games I have seen (except for some PONG games) is either turn based-ish (you push a button, wait for the screen to update, you (or maybe another player if it's a multiplayer game) push another button, wait again, etc), or only parts (or none) of the game is happening on a screen (for instance in). Don't get me wrong; those games can be very fun, but I personally don't feel that the kind of games where only parts is happening on a display, are "real" redstone games, in the lack of a better word.
    Therefore, I like to say that it is "taking redstone gaming to a new level" (ok, it may be a bit of an overstatement, but oh well :3).

    Here are some pictures:

    This is the side where the objects you are trying to avoid are generated and controlled, swell as the helicopter:

    It uses "invisichest" technology to prevent the player from falling out of the control room, while not blocking the player's view. The transparent blue wool illustrates where the invisible chests are:

    The decoder for the score counter; it uses a traditional binary->decimal decoder, plus some additional logic, to display a binary number on the two 7seg displays:

    (I know I could have used double dabble or BCD or such, but I didn't bother with it.)


    Official "how to play" video for the game:

    All videos you post in the comment section which are about this game, or send via PM, will be put here, unless you tell me not to.

    So mort, are you going to provide a world save for this game? I would like to try it for myself.
    No, not yet. However, it turns out that I got a server computer, so I thought: why not put up a server for this game? Nobody is going to download a world save anyways. So that is what I have done.


    The server is not whitelisted; you can connect and start playing my game straight away. Visitors don't have access to place/break blocks, change repeater settings, note block sounds, etc., but you can activate redstone through buttons and pressure plates and such.

    the server isn't up anymore. 1.3's piston changes broke the game.

    However, I've started making a V3, which I'm making on the Open Redstone Engineers (ORE) server. Hop on the server mc.openredstone.org, and do the command /pwarp mort96 to get to my plot - it's the huge stone thing in the sky ;)


    If you find any bugs in the game or the server, it would be awesome if you took the time to post it here :)

    My redstone game.
    Play it at the server with IP
    have a look at it at mc.openredstone.org - /pwarp mort96. It's a huge stone thing in the sky.
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    posted a message on Need help with OS Side Project!
    Your program in the OP does not exactly scream pro coder...

    You could do the same with this:
    for i=1,12 do
        display.newImage("os/spacegame/sprites/lazer.png", 5, i-1, false)
        display.newImage("os/spacegame/sprites/lazer.png", 5, i, true)

    That short snippet could replace your 30+ lines code. And expanding would be changing a number, instead of adding 3 lines per frame.

    I think you should improve your coding skills before trying to make an "OS" (I'll interpret this as a shell which runs on top of an OS).

    Try starting with something simpler, like an application launcher which just displays a bunch of Lua applications and let you run them :)
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    posted a message on [1.1][Whitelist] Creative server! Let's code! [ComputerCraft][Mature community]
    Wow, this thread has really refused to die...
    I really thought it was dead; I used to subscribe to this thread, but then I took down the server, and MC forums for some reason decided to not send me any more emails from this thread, and I thought it was dead.
    Coming back to this community and seeing a living community rather than a dead one was a very pleasent surprise :)

    I really had no idea the community of this server were still this living...

    I got some good news tho: I got a working Bukkit computercraft server set up.
    As you know, the main reason I took down the old server, is because a big vanilla server is pretty much impossible to administrate. Now that U got it for Bukkit, that is one less problem.

    I will wait to release this server until 1.3 and the summer holiday is ended tho. I am not sure how long it will take before CC and Bukkit is updated, and I think it would be stupid to rush it now and meet a lot of problems when 1.3 comes out.

    Oh, and while you are waiting, why not take a look here?

    [b]Server computer specs:[/b]
    * 16 GB RAM
    * 3.4 GHz quad code Intel Xeon CPU
    * 50/5 internet connection

    [b]how to join[/b]
    I want my server to be a place where programmers can come and code together. Therefore, you need to know programming to join. You don't need to know a lot, a small program is enough. You just need to show that you have touched programming languages before.
    I also want the members to be somewhat mature, so the age limit is 12 years.
    To join, PM me or comment to this thread, with this form:

    [b]* In game name:[/b]
    [b]* Age (minimum 12 years):[/b]
    [b]* Screenshot/world save/text file/anything that shows
    that you know programming:[/b]
    [b]* Additional anything:[/b]

    [b]It can take up to 2 days before your application gets reviewed.[/b]

    [b]NB! "kicked by admin" is McMyAdmin's way to say you're not whitelisted.[/b]

    The server IP is [b][/b]

    [b]1. Max 5 computer units per person.[/b]
    Computer units are turtles and computers and so on, but not disks.

    [b]2. No griefing.[/b]
    You probably know what griefing is... And it's not allowed.

    [b]3. Use mature language.[/b]
    You can swear, but not over-do it.

    I hope to see many good programmers :)

    If you want to support my server, then pasting this into your signature is a perfect opportunity:

    [b]Everyone should regularly check the [/b][color=#8b0d09][b]red text [/b][/color][b]in the top of this post for updates. If you don't do this, you are responsible if you loose anything (or anything else bad happens for that sake).[/b][/b][/color]
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    posted a message on Which redstone YouTuber do you admire the most?
    You should add:
    Just to name a few. And please at least add a "other" choice.
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    posted a message on Helicopter game made in minecraft!
    So I've been working on this game for a while now. It's basically a redstone game inspired by the iOS-game iCopter, and I think it has turned out amazing. It's one of the few projects that really turn out well.

    Alright, enough talking for a moment. A picture is with more than a thousand words, and a film is over 9000 pictures, so take a look at this video I made of it:
    Keep in mind that I'm playing on the RDF server in that video, and that server is located in America, while I am in Norway. This causes some slow reaction time and funny piston visual appearances.

    I would say this thing is about 99% done, i just need to code a little more of the terrain, and it should be good :)

    I know, this post is a little short, but it's nighttime, and I don't really know what else to say.
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    posted a message on What was your favorite version of Minecraft?
    Quote from ChickensWithArms

    Hands Down Alpha 1.1_02 Which is When I started Playing Minecraft. It is Definately the Best Patch for Minecraft. Simply but Very Very Fun :) Who Else Here is An Alpha Player? :D Like this Post if you Are and I will be Proud of you :)

    That is not how the reputation system is working.
    The reputation system is to tell someone that their work is good, and maybe let other people see that the person's work is considered good by other players.
    It is not made for "like if you agree" posts.
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    posted a message on [DESIGN CHALLANGE] Redstone Storage
    The answer to this is actually easy. If you got unlimited resources and an infinitely powerful computer, you can store an infinite number of items in chest carts in a finite space. Minecarts do stack, so it would just be to make an empty minecart come in to a loading space thing, and then after a short time, make it move away inside of other carts, and a new cart arrives.

    Retrieving items would be close to impossible, but this is about storing items, not retrieving items :P

    Btw, mikejordy, your grammar is ****.
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    posted a message on Motherboard in redstone!

    I'm constantly seeing these great ALUs and great RAM and other great computer components. But a lot of these components are never used for anything. This is mostly because the creator don't have the time, motivation or skills to create a full features computer. So wouldn't it be nice if they could just gather an ALU and RAM design, and maybe some kind of long-term storage, and just plug it into a motherboard like a real world computer?
    Well, that is what I am trying to make. A motherboard, where you just plug in your designs and see them in action. Maybe I'll even add a BIOS, where you can choose clock speed and delays in case you wanna optimize the performance.

    So what is the difference between this and a normal computer with ALU and RAM taken out?
    Well, not much. I mean, the concept is the same. However, most (all?) computers got wires going all over the place doing different things, because the computer is not made to work with different designs than the ones used. This, however, will leave lots of space horizontally, and more than 200 blocks vertically, for your designs.
    Also, all the wiring except for the connectors for ALU and RAM will be at another altitude level, making it extremely easy to see where to fit your designs.

    Another key difference between this and other computers, is that most computer makers would dislike it a lot if someone used their design without asking. The only criteria for my motherboard, will be that you credit me if you plan on releasing the component you made, and use my motherboard to show it in action.

    I would have uploaded some pictures, but I'm on my phone ATM. I'll upload them when I get in-game again.

    Currently, the only things I've made is the framework for connecting the RAM and ALU, and the ALU OP code ROM.

    So tell me, does this sound like something you would like to have? And more important: when(if) This is done, is there any chance you'd use it?
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    posted a message on Jeb wants to remove Single Player. What do YOU think?
    Quote from EndRPnT

    Just hope that converting a world for multiplayer wouldn't be that easy. Some naive child may believe his computer is so badass, just one click to multiplayer will fry it They need to warn players that Multiplayer is RAM-intensive.

    It probably won't be any "convert to multiplayer" button, but more like and "invite friends" button. No convert ion is needed. If you try to invite people to your world with a toaster of a PC, this is how it will be like:
    1. play sinleplayer, until you want to invite friends.
    2. press the "invite friends" button (or however it will be).
    3. The game will lagg like crazy, so you and your friends decide that it is unplayable.
    4. Your friends leave, and you continue playing single player until you decide to invite more people.

    This is how I see this working. It's pretty much equal to how pocket edition does it.
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    posted a message on [1.1][Whitelist] Creative server! Let's code! [ComputerCraft][Mature community]
    @447u please provide some more advanced code :)
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