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    posted a message on Add a Hostile Mob that is Faster than the Player!
    Spiders used to be the only common hostile mob faster than the player. With sprinting, this has changed. At this point, you can just ignore mobs and run past them (maybe you'll get a couple of skeleton hits). Endermen are faster than the player, but they are not hostile mobs.

    There should be a hostile mob that is faster than a sprinting player but spawns less often than other mobs. Maybe it can spawn a little more often than an enderman. It has to be able to outrun the player by a lot to make up for the AI's slowness on uneven surfaces (they sometimes spin around and stuff).

    I have a few examples:
    Leopard that runs fast and attacks like a wolf does
    Some kind of creepy clay statue that moves quickly and is 3 blocks high and attacks like a zombie
    A skeleton riding a pig, the skeleton fires arrows (yes, the skeleton can control the pig)
    Weegee (just kidding)
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    posted a message on Colored Glass and Colored Light! (originally Just the 'Colored Glass!' topic but Mojang added our idea! :D Congrats everyone!)
    Quote from Bumber

    I mentioned taking the average of the values in my first response. I don't think that's actually additive lighting.

    R: (255 + 0) / 2 = 127
    G: (0 + 255) / 2 = 127
    B: (0 + 0) / 2 = 0

    This seems wrong in any case, since white light should not be diminished just for being surrounded by darkness.

    Is additive lighting taking the highest value in each case? (It's obviously not going to add to numbers greater than 255.)

    I don't think taking the average is additive or subtractive because a black pane (lets no light through) would average with a white to get grey. In reality, the light should stop at the black one.

    I'm pretty sure additive just adds the values but has a limit at 255 on the computer. However, in real life, shining two red lights in one spot would actually make a brighter red, so there isn't a max.
    Quote from redeye83

    This would be good, but I would like to see those lines taken out of the glass so you can see out of it

    Actually, if you got rid of the lines, it would be 100% clear. For some reason, Minecraft cannot deal with semi-transparency. You can't have a window that is somewhat transparent (like in real life). What I did to make it cleaner was I just reduced the number of lines.

    That is another obstacle to colored glass. Currently, there is no way to have a colored block that you can kinda see through.

    So to make this, Mojang would have to add a new lighting system AND a new texture system.
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    posted a message on Infinite Dispensers
    I had the same idea. Instead of making it another block, you could just have a setting in the dispenser GUI that sets it to infinite (so that survival mode players can't take it and get an infinite dispenser).
    Quote from XazoTak

    Also, infinite furnaces, and immune redstone torches, for the sake of making incredibly fast tickers.

    Wouldn't immune redstone torches cause a ton of lag if you make a "short circuit"?
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    posted a message on Less Annoying / More Useful Pets
    Quote from civfan24

    Just now I had three dogs. I hit a cow. They chased it into lava and all died. I just turned off the game because, honestly this early into the game it's a pain to get dogs and I had put in the effort to kill skeletons and tame two to breed... and in an instant they're just gone. Senseless death.

    It really ruined the MINECRAFT experience m8.

    Yeah, and even if they stay alive, they sometimes miss with their attacks. The new AI causes them to think too much about their paths. As a result, they end up spinning around on blocks too much while chasing a target. A sprinting player can easily evade a pack of wolves without going into any kind of mob-proof area, just by running over a hill.

    Oh, and they tend to jump at their targets and miss a lot. I had 5 wolves attack someone on SMP, but they all jumped over him while running on ice and ended up falling into some eddies in some water, which they got stuck in.
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    posted a message on LED's and STICKY REDSTONE!!!
    I don't know if this would really work to make a display. Would the LED be one meter wide and tall and about 0 thick? Or would it be a torch? Also, you'd need a LOT of LEDs (10K for a 100x100 image, which is low-res), so you'd have to have a viewing angle wide enough to see all 100 blocks. That would involve far view most likely, which would cause more lag on top of the lag from having so many lights.
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    posted a message on Colored Glass and Colored Light! (originally Just the 'Colored Glass!' topic but Mojang added our idea! :D Congrats everyone!)
    Quote from Bumber

    You sure about that?

    (That image might be rendered, but I've seen the effect with real spotlights on stages and in shopping places.)
    Adding more lights shouldn't mean darker colors. Dim red plus dim green would equal a brownish color. Pigments might subtract, but light waves don't.

    That isn't the right representation for the case we are describing. That is additive mixing. For light going through multiple panes (as well as pigments), you use subtractive.

    For example, if you had light going through a red pane, then a blue pane, then a green pane, it would NOT make white. It would make black.
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    posted a message on Colored Glass and Colored Light! (originally Just the 'Colored Glass!' topic but Mojang added our idea! :D Congrats everyone!)
    Quote from Bumber

    Take the average of the RGB values, maybe? I think that works.

    No, you need to do subtractive mixing. For example, red + green should not make bright yellow (255,255,0) but a brownish color. I'm not exactly sure how this works in terms of the color values.
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    posted a message on Optifine being standard
    Quote from Princeofmar5

    They already tried to get Optifine, but they couldn't reach an agreement. Use the search feature this has been mentioned before.

    I just used the search. It sucks horribly. I got no results relevant to my query.

    Anyway, I totally agree. Optifine is amazing, and just having it reduces lag without even having to change the settings. I guess they already tried this, and they couldn't agree (just seeing what was posted above).
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    posted a message on Less Annoying / More Useful Pets
    Quote from blueshield925

    I also observe that you're complaining only about friendly mobs running into fire. If you want realism, you should call for all mobs to avoid hazards. Sure, skeletons will seek shade during the day, but that doesn't stop them from running across lit netherrack to reach the player.

    Oh, I never noticed. I guess I never actually had lit netherrack in an area where they were attacking me. You're right; they need to fix it for all mobs.
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    posted a message on Less Annoying / More Useful Pets
    Quote from stijncat

    Really,i disagree.
    1: It are WOLVES not dogs.
    2: Im happy that cats are REALISTIC

    Ummm no.
    It doesn't matter if it are wolves. No wolf would run into fire.
    And how is a randomly teleporting, suicidal cat realistic?
    Quote from Little_Gypsy

    yes the wolves are a little dumber then they used to be but are still good.
    real cats will sit on anything anywhere as long as it will be annoying (Stairs, the fireplace, boxes, your fav chair, ect) I like the cats

    I like how they sit on stuff, but it's unrealistic that it's almost impossible to move the cat. In real life, you just pick it up or push it.
    Quote from EcoMagic

    Ya, one time I had fun in the Nether in Creative, Spawned some wolves, they saw the fire, jumped in and died.

    I'm going to actually do a test soon on this. I wonder if wolves are more likely to run into fire than any other block? Cause when I walk away from my dog, instead of walking straight towards me, it seems to strays a little and always goes into a fire I have nearby.
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    posted a message on Less Annoying / More Useful Pets
    Quote from FireHawkDelta

    Once, I let my dog stand up. It ran strait into the fireplace.

    You're lucky that it only happened once XD
    That happens to me almost every time. Even worse, they seem to not want to move out of the fire.

    The worst thing I ever saw was when my dogs decided to mate next to a wall, and the baby spawned in the wall and suffocated.
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    posted a message on Should MineCraft have a "Disable hunger" option?
    No hunger? So you heal automatically all the time? Or would you not heal? Hunger was meant to make the healing from food more indirect.
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    posted a message on Random Things From Various "Why is this not in Minecraft" Moments
    Quote from ErasmoGnome

    Aren't wish lists highly discouraged?

    This isn't one of those bad ones where they just say something with no explanation.

    "Redstone Blocks: Used to carry a red stone current via block"

    Also, instead of redstone pistons, they should just have some kind of switchable redstone wire that can be activated by other redstone current on the side.

    redstone wire with switch (≠)
    ...........||.....< redstone current that turns the switch on and off'

    When switch is on, the redstone current goes through the wire. Otherwise, it doesn't.
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    posted a message on Colored Glass and Colored Light! (originally Just the 'Colored Glass!' topic but Mojang added our idea! :D Congrats everyone!)
    Quote from Nexus_Leonon

    They would have to rework the entire light engine again, but I think it would be worth it.

    Also nice pictures

    Yeah, everyone wants it. This is a good suggestion with nice pics. I think that the only new feature Mojang should work on for now should be colored glass (and an RGB light system). The rest of the stuff should just be fixes for minecarts, pets, and the bug that makes the server crash from invalid packets.
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    posted a message on Less Annoying / More Useful Pets
    I think the 1.0 release made dogs dumber in some ways, and the new cats are also stupid. Both randomly teleport to me when they are sitting, usually a day (in real life) after I make them sit. I had 12 dogs in a fenced area, and 8 of them randomly disappeared then came back to me a week (IRL) later.

    The other 4 dogs died because they fell into walls or ran into fire. The cats and dogs still need smarter AIs. They should steer completely clear of lava and fire. Currently, they don't even notice fire (and seem to run into it on purpose).

    Also, the cats are annoying. When your cat sits on a chest, you should be able to make it get up by right-clicking it, then it would not go onto another chest for about 30 seconds. Either that, or they just have 3 modes: sitting, following, and chest-guarding. You also shouldn't be able to move a cat off a chest by just walking into it.

    Also, since 1.0, the dogs became horrible at attacking stuff. Someone hit me, my four dogs ran after him, and they all jumped to bite him but somehow missed and ended up behind him. They then attacked at a kinda slow rate compared to before. This happens every time something attacks me.
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