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    posted a message on Minecraft Realms: What Is It?

    Finally online multiplayer wonder when it's out

    Please tell me you're not serious...
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    posted a message on In need of a Tester?
    Pickles and pie. That is all.
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    posted a message on New Weapons
    All of this stuff can be obtained from mods. So rather then have Mojang add in new content that people will probably flame at, it's easier to just get some mods for it. That's my opinion on the matter at least. (this is referring to the fact that EVERY update no matter how small, has a huge uproar over it, then it dies down.)
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    posted a message on Water dripping through cobble stone.
    "Cant tell if trolling, or just extremely stupid.png"
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    posted a message on (1.0.0) Better Villagers Mod!
    Better Villagers Mod!
    Made By MoonGeek.

    What this mod is:
    This is a small mod that makes the very bland and useless villagers that you know and love have more of a use. It allows them to breed, Drop items, and in the future have chests in their villages!


    What to Expect in the Future:
    1. Chests spawning with loot in the villages!
    2. Modloader Compatibility!
    3. Possibly the ability to milk them! (suggested by quite a few people... o_0)
    4. The ability to give them swords (stone) and have them follow you around and attack mobs (like wolves)


    Side Notes:
    I will gladly take suggestions and try to use them.
    I didnt code it with Modloader, so i don't know if it will work with mods that have Modloader installed, but it should.
    Is a very compatible mod (mainly because i have seen few mods that edit the villages/villagers)
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    posted a message on InvertedCraft (1.8.1)
    *sigh* This is just another case of someone new got on the forums, didn't know much, made something they thought was worth posting, then posted it... It seems to happen a lot in these forums. Although i am glad that he hasn't spelt every freaking word wrong, and more or less uses grammar. But to the OP, this "texture pack" (if you can call it that) Has already been done, and no one really wants a texture pack like this, and if someone did it takes LITERALLY 2 seconds to make, so please before posting something either make it something you actually put effort into, or is some sort of new idea that is not something someone else has done.
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    posted a message on My resolve to all the people hating on notch.
    I have been reading through this disscusion thread, and have found at least 20 rage posts about how people dont like where minecraft is going. my response to this at first was that it is just people raging like they did when notch added wolves, and i am guessing it will die down once the next large gap in updating comes, but for those of you that still are so butt hurt about the new stuff, i have a few things to say:

    1. Its notch's game, not yours, he can do WHATEVER he wants with it, and you have such a small say in it, that there is no point in trying.
    2. Dont play with the new versions. You obviously dont like the new additions. Then just dont update. stay with the version that you like the most.
    3.Stop hating on notch for moving the game forward. We have been waiting forever for new content, and notch is giving it to us. What else could he add? a few more aesthetic blocks? No. he is releasing the game soon, and needs something that will make people just drool at the thought of a new update.
    4.If you have had minecraft (like me and many others) since alpha, you would know that notch is horribly slow at releasing updates, meaning that this many updates so quickly is stressing them to push out content that isnt as Thought out as the content he used to use.
    5.For those of you that are saying that it is no longer minecraft, then Get The F*** Out. This is minecraft, it is what it is, and will always be minecraft. if you think it isnt minecraft then you must be retarted, because the last time i looked at the big bold words above my menu bar it said minecraft. (#5 is supposed to be taken with sarcasm)
    6.Minecraft is still in BETA. If you bought the game thinking it was done, and that thats how the game was going to be for eternity, then you are stuipid. most games make a huge change from beta to the full release, and minecraft is no exception.

    thats just my opinion on all the butt-hurt new comers that bought the game when it was in mid beta and dont understand that minecraft is changing a lot, and they need to deal with the fact that it is.

    So rage on, just know that it is pointless unless you not only convince 4million+ people, but also convince notch to change the game to what YOU want.

    And to the people that are still raging, get up off your butt and learn to mod. make the game what you want. I learned to mod in 1 week, its not that hard.
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    posted a message on Clay Man Arena!
    Well this is a larger arena for some people that want to watch epic battles, it requires the CLayMan mod, you can get it here:


    Thanks for downloading if you do, feedback is appreciated, i will do more of these maps if people want me to ^^



    V1: Released first map.
    V2: released second map, inside of the first one.

    Thanks for downloading!
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    posted a message on new good mods
    All i have to say is...NOOB....
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    posted a message on [Creating Mods][MC 1.6.6] Everything ModLoader using MCP [June 5, 2011]
    Dang, this is really helpfull, thanks a ton, i have been modding for a while now, but never new how to get my mods Modloader compatible, i looked and looked and could not find a tut that would explain it enough that i could understand it, thanks a ton, and please continue doing these!
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