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    posted a message on Mining out the world

    Moonracer here, I'll help if I can

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    posted a message on Natural Obsidian Formations in Nether
    This is a very simple idea. Add natural formations of obsidian blocks to the Nether world generation. For example, massive obsidian spikes jutting out of seas of lava, or sticking out of netherack.

    -It would add diversity to the dimension by adding a new material (that isn't red).
    -Obsidian already exists in the game (cutting down work needed to add this feature).
    -Could make mining in Nether interesting (as players would more often dig around than through obsidian structures).
    -It makes sense in that setting.

    Possible problems:
    -Obsidian Structures could make navigation/mining too difficult if it is everywhere.
    -Material imbalance? Could having material to make more portals in the Nether cause problems?
    -figuring out the right shapes and scale of the shapes to look good/right could be tricky.

    That's pretty much it. It wouldn't add more function to the Nether I admit, but it would give it more character and wouldn't be exceptionally hard to add.
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    posted a message on Notch says Mountain biomes. I say, No.
    If mountain biomes were to be improved I would split it into two types. The extreme mountains we get now and more realistic mountains (which I think you are asking for in OP?). I also feel like there should be snow at a certain elevation, so the peaks have snow caps.
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    posted a message on Vote for NPC's new look!
    I continue to be pro pigmen. They stand out as unique to Minecraft. They have zombie-pigmen counterparts in the Nether. They have the player character form (meaning they can equip weapons and armor).

    I was thinking it would be cool if they kept the monks and maybe had one or two in each village. There is a church type building and it would make sense for them to wander around and tend the garden. Just to add variety.
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    posted a message on New Nether Brick and Structure? Jeb Tweet
    ah thanks for the brighter image. I was wondering what people were going on about. This looks quite good and exciting. That definitely looks like a bridge (that hopefully doubles as a fortress). I can imagine a crumbling network of these passing over seas of lava.
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    posted a message on Thoughts on the Beta 1.9 Pre-releases and Full Release update.
    I'm looking forward to the return of snowy biomes for some reason (I rarely settle in them). I'm hoping they and other biomes were left out in 1.8 because they will have interesting things added. I'd really enjoy a glacier biome that has a thick layer of ice and snow blocks on the top (and snow/ice caves). Could have glaciers on land or floating in the oceans.
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    posted a message on Nether update: What do YOU think it should include?
    -I'd love a new type of material just to add variety to the Nether. Hopefully with an interesting new effect. It would make sense in a way for Obsidian to exist in the Nether as well. Maybe massive natural obsidian spikes sticking out of lava at odd angles.

    -Some sort of vegetation, like a bush or vine that causes damage.

    -Zombie Pigmen villages/temples would be great. Or odd looking shrines.

    -Summoning Portals: Larger Portals that lure NPCs across worlds. I've dreamed of being able to role play a Nether worshiper and summon Ghasts into the regular world! Would be funny to see cows and such wander into the Nether as well :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on WAY to many abandoned mineshafts
    I've tried multiple maps and I get the same results; the ground is saturated with mineshafts. It's worse than a well used public SMP server down there :tongue.gif:

    If some ancient civilization dug those tunnels there should be cities on the surface.
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    posted a message on 1.8 and PAX
    here's a good question:

    how will mobs react to NPC villagers (especially creepers)?

    It will be strange to be in a village and have zombies/skeletons/creepers attacking you and totally ignoring villagers. But it would also seem that villages would quickly be destroyed/depopulated if they are constantly under attack. I'm curious to learn how that will be balanced out.
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