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    posted a message on Virtual Aincrad - OPENING TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ~ Aincrad Creation ~

    ~~~ What? ~~~

    One floor at a time this team has been making progress in the background developing the first floor of Aincrad (The Map from the Anime Sword Art Online).

    ~~~ When? ~~~
    Floor 1 will be released to testing Alpha Testing on October 5th.

    ~~~ Who? ~~~
    Zero LC Team (Creators of Floor 1)

    ~~~ Where? ~~~
    The build team can be found in their public discord or by email at both provided below.

    ~~~ Links ~~~

    :: Discord ::
    Discord Link

    Email ::
    [email protected]

    :: Donate ::
    Donate if you like the project
    and want to see more!
    All support is appreciated.
    0.25c buys a lolipop!

    Addidional Links ::
    Planet Minecraft Post
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    posted a message on Brand New Crosshairs (Gun Gale Online) Server!

    Hey everyone! Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that the Crosshairs server is now open to the public! Check it out!

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    posted a message on Official MapleCrafted Mod

    MapleCrafted has just released the new update to 2.5 the "Lethal Dagger Update".
    Check out the changelog on the Mod's curse forge page! <3

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    posted a message on Official MapleCrafted Mod

    Looking into adding the Enchantment Scrolls! ^,^ Have a great night! Here is a sneak peak of the icons we are thinking of using!

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    posted a message on Builders for DanMachi Server *Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?*

    Heyo everyone! I am currently going to start making a DanMachi Modded & Plugins server. If any builders are interested then leave a comment below~!
    Thanksies <3

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    posted a message on Official Dan Machi Server

    Is anyone interested in a Dan Machi (Is is wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon) Server?
    For those of you who don't know what it is here is a link!
    For those of you that do... Leave your thoughts above by voting or below by commenting!!! <3
    Thanksies yuw!

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    posted a message on (OutDated) MapleCrafted Mod
    This mod has been outdated and is now located
    at the following link!

    New MapleStory Mod Page


    Hello everyone and welcome to the Minecraft Forums page for my new mod "MapleCrafted".
    This mod adds whole new aspect to the world of Minecraft with ideas from the MMORPG's MapleStory and Lineage II. (Mostly MapleStory though...)
    This mod currently adds 100+ (Over One Hundred) Weapons into Minecraft along with some fragments and handles(Will be retextured soon!) This is a WIP mod and is always getting new ideas added to it keeping me busy. Please help support the mod my either sending it to your friends or donating to it :)

    Latest Update.
    Added Weapon and Armor Stones.
    Added in 4 New Coins for currency.
    Retextured the Crafting Handles.
    MapleCrafted Version 0.3 Now Loads and Runs 2x(2 times) faster.
    Added in sneak peak of some of the scrolls soon to come ;)
    Added in a few spoilers on what I am working on somewhere inside the mod files :)
    Hope you all enjoy!

    Download Links
    Downloads for this mod are available below...
    Download Page

    Affiliated Sites
    Coming Soon!

    Coming Soon!

    None at the moment, Post them below in the comments or PM me them if you want them to be the official ones!

    Extra Info
    Weapons Based off of MapleStory
    Enchantment System Based off of Lineage II

    (Former) Head Coder ≈ JayGhoul
    (Former) Head Artist ≈ Cicilstory
    (Current) Head Coder ≈ MoonlightRose
    (Current) Head Artist ≈ CobaltRose

    Scheduled Events/Changes
    Adding armors
    Adding recipes & smelting recipes (WIP)
    Adding ores
    Adding Enchantment System

    Donate to MoonlightRose's projects to help fund and show your support of the MapleCrafted!
    It helps a lot so that I don't have to worry about the servers and can focus on the mod.
    Donate to MapleCrafted
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    posted a message on Assassin's Nature Official Server !∞!∞!∞!

    {UPDATE} Implemented Player-like NPCs that use guns and are extremely intelligent. (So good that someone thought the one named "MoonlightRose" was me :P )

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    posted a message on §¢ATTENTION ALL GAMERS/PLAYERS¢§

    Hey everyone! Update time!
    Since remaking the entire map I currently have.... 30% of the maze completed, "The Hunter" Completed, and all four doors to the base camp are fully functional on the Day-Night Cycle, and 2 Moving Walls are currently made.
    Thanks for your support, Have a great day!

    ~MoonlightRose <3

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    posted a message on §¢ATTENTION ALL GAMERS/PLAYERS¢§

    Yea I realized Immediately after saying that what you were talking about. :P
    Also tonight I will not be working on the map but currently today I made the first doors and will have them working with the Daylight cycle to make the maze open during the day and make the doors close during the night.

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