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    posted a message on "Survival" 4K Render

    4K Render.
    Download here: http://imgur.com/k0nRgZO

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    posted a message on Steve tries to lift an Anvil | Heavy Object Test

    Added a little twist to it xD.

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    posted a message on The Miracle (Minecraft Animation)

    Really nice :)

    Here are a few things you can add:

    -Warmer lighting

    -Camera movements

    -And try to use the f-curve, it really polishes your animation

    I'm making an animation myself, First Person Nether PvE.

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    posted a message on Better Block Placing Animation

    First time here at the suggestions section, my suggestion is on the improvement of block placing animation.

    As an animator, I think this would make a huge difference on the quality of gameplay.

    In Minecraft if you place a block, it instantly appears where you placed it and this looks a bit weird if you think about it:

    Normal Animation:

    Better Animation:

    This could apply to other things too.

    It will be able to toggle off.

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    posted a message on Better Block Placing Animation
    Quote from Ouatcheur»

    I don't think we need a new separate toggle just for that.

    Instead, it would be OFF when on Fast graphics, and ON when on Fancy graphics. No need to add yet another Video Setting.

    However, I don,t like your animation. It kind of "hurt my eyes", and feels like a block being rammed into my eyes more than an insertion. It really feels more like a block exploding and then quickly contracting back, than a new block that is merely being added.

    Try to make the movement ...

    - Less linear, more smooth, so that when the block animation stops it's growth phase and goes to the contracting phase, it doesn't feel like a sudden "jerk".

    - Spend more time in the "growing" stage than the "shrinking" stage. It should be easier to see the "small" stage of the block phasing in.

    - Going no bigger than 110% of the block final size (instead of what, blonking up to about 170% like you do now ?)

    - Try to minimize the resulting feeling of blurriness as much as possible.

    Provide a normal speed AND a slow-motion video too. It would be easier to pinpoint the problem.

    As an animator I know how you're seeing this.
    The background is black, so the brain perceives it growing too fast because there is nothing else to focus on.
    If it were implemented in Minecraft, there would be other things for the brain to process so this would look really smooth.

    But for now, I'm slowing this down.

    (10th principle of animation: Exaggeration)

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    posted a message on Better Block Placing Animation

    So an on/off button in the video settings would be nice.

    Oh, forgot to write that!

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    posted a message on The Edge of Minecraft
    Quote from TheGamer942»

    I've changed everything but the title. If you've read my opening two chapters, you can see that there is nothing that was in Rainbow's story, but the plot is going to be very loosely based on the original. Post below: Is that OK, or not?


    Just create another story.

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    posted a message on How do you like my YouTube Banner?

    Really good but it would be nice if you add 3D Models.

    You don't have to but if you'd like you can rate my banner design(This is my first one so I still need to learn):


    And please don't get put down by people's opinions, keep trying.

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    posted a message on Banner for: TheNeon Warrior

    Just finished this banner for TheNeon Warrior:

    If you want a banner you can PM me.

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    posted a message on ▀█▀ **Tommie Designs** Professional Graphics Work

    I agree with iBear.

    20 dollars for banner?!

    You can get better quality graphics for free than this.

    Your graphics are cool but in mine and everyone's opinion, lower your prices this is not an enterprise-level business people do here.

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