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    posted a message on ♕Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server Multiplayer - THE ORIGINAL RPG SERVER (2010)! - [Heroes-Townships-PVP/PVE-RPG]
    In-game name: Mitunzz_
    Location and Age: Australia, 15.
    Previous bans: I believe I was banned for stealing cobble once...
    Referral: Pietro123
    Reason you should you be accepted: I think I should be accepted because I'm trustworthy, I don't cheat and I love Minecraft, I'm a big Minecraft player so I'd pick any servers :biggrin.gif: but this one stands out for some reason. I LOVEEE THE INTRO
    Additional info: Well I like cookies and cupcakes :biggrin.gif: I also like to hug creepers :SSSS:
    Special Key: HCM8 or HCM7 not including underscore..

    - Thanks :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Peacecraft - SMP Bukkit Server | Economy | Towns | Semi-RP
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    posted a message on TemporDOWN▲Opios [Factions][Organized PVP][Mcmmo][50-slot]▼
    IGN: Mitunzz_

    What do you plan to do?: Play some Minecraft and enjoy this server :biggrin.gif:

    How long have you played MC?: A few months now.

    What times do you plan to play on this server? (Please include your time zone): Well on the weekends and after school, my time zone is GMT +8, and school goes for 6 hours a day.

    What faction (if any) do you wish to be a part of?: I would like to be a part of KaiRa, it's description tells me theres organisation, defence and FUN :biggrin.gif:

    Will this be your primary server?: Quite possibly, it's organised PvP and I love Factions, if it was Role Play it would most surely be my primary server, but at the moment, I haven't logged on and seen with my own eyes this server.

    What is your usual playing style?: Depends what you mean, I like Role Play servers, with no basic rules like, No Griefing and No Stealing. If rules do apply, I don't mind, I will do as asked. If you want to know what I do, I usually mine, collect supplies and build my house, then I will make sure I have a good defensive system to protect my self from an invasion.

    What are your strong points when playing MC?: Usually mining, I know all the tips and tricks, where to mine and where not to mine, were ores are allocated and were you wont find these ores.

    Any other information?: I like cupcakes and creepers :SSSS:

    - Thanks
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    -What makes you a good addition to this server?: I like to be active, I love to build, I like competition against other factions and I enjoyyyyy minecraft.

    -Which faction would you prefer and why?: I have no idea, I might just go on and see how these factions are organised, and join the one that I think is the best.

    -Did you read all of the rules section, understand it, and can you comply with them?: Yes I did read all the rules, and they are fair and easy to follow.

    -What would you do if you didn't like an aspect of the game-play?: If I didnt like it I'd probly leave, but I doubt I wouldn't like it, the server sounds great.

    -How would you handle a conflict with another player?: I would handle it myself, not including admins, but that depends on the severity of the situation.

    -Have you ever been banned from a server and why?: I was banned from a peaceful server, I was framed as a griefer, someone burnt down 5 houses including mine and I got banned, they assumed it was me. they also banned another player who they thought did it. But the admin that banned us wasn't very nice.

    -What brought you to this server?: This forum, MinecraftForum.net

    -Age: 15

    -Location: Australia

    -In game name: Mitunzz_

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    posted a message on ★ Empyrean ★ - No Whitelist|Hardcore|PvP| by DarkTideGames
    #1 In-Game Name
    - Mitunzz_

    #2 Country and Age (this is for our demographic purposes)
    - 15, Australia

    #3 How did you hear about us?
    - I found you here on Minecraftforum.net

    #4 Why do you want to Join DarkTide?
    - PvP is fun, RPing is fun, Perks are awesome, Minecraft is fun, and this server has it all! I love the buildings and how organised this place is :biggrin.gif:

    #5 Did you read and understand the rules?
    - Yes, rules are rules there made not to be broken.
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    posted a message on wth? A tree with out leaves or dirt underground?
    I seen stuff like that before. must've been something wrong with the world generation
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    posted a message on Minecraft addiction!
    Well I know I'm an addict :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on 1.5★★ TITΛN ★★ Griefing ✔ PVP ✔ Factions ✔ Craftbook ✔ LVL ✔
    Real Name: Reece
    In game Name: Mitunzz_
    Your age: 15
    Country/Timezone: Australia, GMT +8:00
    Why do you want to play here? Sentences please.: I would like to play here because I have heard alot about this server, and I'm very dertermined to be able to join this server. It seems like it's a great enjoyable, organised server that people love.
    What do you expect of this server? Again, be verbose.: Honestly I expect things like what I've heard, thats it's fun and addictive, I'm already addicted to MineCraft but I want to know if this server will make me play everyday!
    What kind of player are you? A builder? Raider? Griefer? There are no wrong answers.: I like to build and raid, griefing doesn't make me feel like the bigger person. Griefing being allowed, although I don't like it, it does give me more enthusiasm to join. I believe people should be able to do the things they want, not full on rules.
    How did you hear about us?: I found this thread, clicked the link and followed the instructions. Hopefuly I did it correctly.
    We value community here. Will you be active on our forums?: If this server is addicting, I would most surely be active in-game and on the forums.
    What is our TeamSpeak server address, and will you chill with us on it? It's, voice.hakaslak.com and the port is 9987. But I'm more of a skype person. I do have teamSpeak and yes, yes I will CHILL with you guys :biggrin.gif:
    Do we allow griefing?: Yes, I have noticed griefing IS allowed.
    Do we use LWC here?: No, and thats a good thing... in some cases :biggrin.gif:
    Did you vote for us on minestatus?: Yes I did, as I followed all the steps.
    How many votes do we have now?: 941
    Will you help the server by voting every 24 hours? Set an alarm!: Sure, why not, 2 seconds out my day wont hurt.
    Do we use Factions here?: Yes you do.
    Do you accept that you will die a lot?: Yes I do, PvP servers tend to be like that.
    Do you whine or get revenge?: No I never whine, I just get revenge.
    Do you understand this server is 100% funded by players (like you), and needs subcribers?: Yes I absolutely understand, things aren't just free.
    Do you understand that we will not give you anything, we won't teleport you, we won't teleport your friends, and you will have to /kill if you get stuck somewhere?: I understand, it's the right way to play a server. No cheating and play farly against others. No one is the better man.
    Do you have friends here?: No I haven't got any friends here.

    - Mitunzz_

    :SSSS: < creeper :biggrin.gif:
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