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    Heya hey everyone, it's been a while, and it's time for a proper update on things. It's been an interesting year let's just say, and I've had plenty of time to think things over. I believe it's time for some things to change.

    This has been a rather difficult decision to make, but I am going to try to work on Terra Restore Reborn once again, and this time full time. I don't know how long I'll be able to last working on it full time, but I'll see what I can do about that with time. I can at least say I have more money now saved up than what I had back when I was working on Terra Restore 2. This has always been something I've wanted to work on, so time to give it a proper go.

    The map will be made on Minecraft. Hytale is far too out in the future than what I expected. And thinking of how much time I'd have to spend relearning how to make maps on there, building up another system, perfecting things, having to adjust the Terra Restore world, among other things just doesn't make it worth it. I obviously might still do something on Hytale at some point, but that's the future and likely well over a year away.

    It might be some time yet before the first release. I've actually went ahead and started over on the map again, however I am still using the old lobby and starting village. The map is still planned to be similar to what I've mentioned before though.

    Over time I've been working on building up a system to make better maps, and increase the options/flexibility I have. You can see a slightly dated version of this system in the A Hole New World map, which was actually kind of a nice test run. There are still some things I need to figure out and tweak with the system, which is the main thing I'm currently working on.

    Some notable differences between this system and the one used in A Hole New World:

    *Custom health system - Instead of using the normal Minecraft hearts the map will instead display your health via a boss bar at the top of the screen. The health system works almost identical to the normal Minecraft health system, while allowing for quite a bit more customization.

    Previously with enemy abilities I had to use different levels of the instant damage + resistance status effects, or arrows with different damage values, to actually damage the player since there is still no /damage command. This was always tedious to do to get the damage values right, especially while trying to balance different difficulties. On top of that the player could actually bypass the ability damage if they were currently immune to damage. (if you just got hit you're immune to damage for like 1/2 a second) This is no longer an issue and I can easily make an ability take away 10 health from you or whatever.

    *Spirit system - As mentioned before spirit is a new resource which is essentially mana. Abilities that you use require spirit to work. Spirit slowly regenerates over time, but also regenerates with each melee hit. Fury is not a system in this map.

    *New food system - Hunger has been removed from the game and you can no longer starve to death. You can now eat food at any point which will give you health regeneration. Eating more than one food doesn't stack that effect. How long the regeneration effect lasts and how much it heals is determined by the stats on the food. The current available food gives you regeneration for 30 seconds. Food is now meant to be more of a slow but long healing effect, where as your potion is meant to be a fast on demand heal. You will continue to heal over time regardless of if you eat food or not, but it will be noticeably slower without it.

    *Stamina system - Sprinting now depletes a new resource called stamina. Stamina is displayed where your Minecraft levels is normally at. On running out of stamina you physically can't sprint anymore until you regain enough stamina. This is to make combat a bit more tactical, and to potentially make the world slightly more immersive by slowing down the player a bit instead of having them sprinting everywhere all the time. It could also be used in different ways for racing minigames and such. This one is more so a bit of an experiment, so it might get removed in the future.

    *Better translation support - All text in the map is now located inside the resource pack. In previous maps I made it so you could probably get away without using the map's resource pack, but this time I'm having it as a firm requirement. (especially so that doesn't limit me)

    *Damage display system - Damage you deal and take now gets displayed.

    *Enemy health handling system - This one is a bit more technical, but I now have greater control over what happens when an enemy hits a certain amount of health. For example I can now easily make it so an enemy enters a "2nd phase" when it hits 1/2 health, or I can detect when an enemy has run out of health points and make it do something special on dying. I might even make it in the future so that if you stealth hit an enemy (hit it before it detects you) it does double damage, or stuns the enemy, or something.

    *Loot drops system - Again mostly more technical stuff, but I now have more options and ease of use over loot drops. One such thing being item drops now display their name over the item before you even pick them up.

    *Custom natural mob spawning system - I can specify what types of mobs can spawn, where, how many there are, and that sort of thing.

    There are a number of other differences too but you get the point. I'll probably get a video up at some point showing some of them off. I'm pretty happy with the system right now, I just need to clean up some things then I'll be back at working on the intro tutorial area. After the tutorial area bit I just need to setup a number of cutscenes introducing the story and world up to where you meet Vuco. From there it should be good for a small initial version release, and from there the actual open world development of the map will begin which I'm excited for. Anyway that's about all for right now at least. ^^

    Hey Mithey, will the coming 1.15 bug fix update help you out in any way on future maps with commands, or with world-building in general?

    I did notice a few things. Iron golems, slimes, and magma cubes now actually use their attack damage attribute, which was a pain back in the day. Also think I read you can now place blocks on top of farmland without breaking the farmland. And also the new spectate command looks amazing for cutscenes. Higher frame rate cutscenes, no more seeing other player's heads during them, and everyone can now share the same camera viewport which makes things a lot easier.

    Quote from canmeng0815»

    Your map "A Hole New World" is such amazing,but it's still a pity that many Chinese couldn't enjoy your map.So may I make a introduction to www.mcbbs.net?I'll write your username and your download link in the introduction.

    You can upload my maps to other language sites other than English if you want, just make sure you add credit.

    Quote from 1242953650»


    Can I use your map on a multiplayer server

    I think it deserves 5 stars!!!!

    I'll mark you as the author.

    Hope for your reply!

    Sure, go for it.

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    Heya hey, just a super quick update I uploaded a new map called A Hole New World here. It's an around 3 hour long adventure/RPG map inspired by a book called A Hole New World. If you run into and issues or anything just lemme know, and I hope you enjoy!

    It's nice to finally get another bigger map released. I'll try and get another map out there before the end of the month, but no promises :P

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    Heya hey everyone, warning here comes a pretty big post. I've been doing a fair amount of thinking and decision making and here is where I'm at so far...

    Here is what "I would like" to happen in Terra Restore Reborn. This might change a bit, (especially note later on part of this post) but here is what I'm currently thinking

    Terra Restore Reborn design plan

    Map Scale
    • Map will be split into multiple maps in a series
    • Each one around 5ish hours of main story gameplay
    • Each one around 5-15ish hours of additional content - Side quests, farming, exploring, hidden dungeons, etc.
      • Note: I'll likely be making it so you can't just do the main story; as in if you tried you would run into a ton of difficulty. (or I might just have certain level requirements or something) The goal would be to have around 50% of the additional content be essentially "mandatory". You can of course pick and choose what bits of additional content you want to do

    Player Base & Restoration

    One of the core pillars of the maps will be to survive, restore, and grow the lands of Nira. Inside the map you will find a town long since destroyed. While trying to survive you and the other main characters will discover the location and decide to call it your home. With the help of the other characters you will slowly restore the location, and grow it into a place that others will slowly populate

    The player base system as a gameplay concept will be almost identical to a talent tree in a RPG, but is way more visual, unique, and has more depth to it. As you restore and grow the location you will unlock:
    • Recipes
    • Shops
    • Material items
    • Weapons/armor
    • Key items
    • Traits
    • Quests
    • Farms
    • ...

    There will likely be two different types of individual destroyed structures, let's call them major and minor structures for now:
    • Major structures - Can only be restored with terra restore items. (which will be rewarded during parts of the main story questline) Rewards from these will likely be greater than the minor structures
    • Minor structures - Can only be restored with essence (currency) and different material items that you come across. Some of these, or maybe all of them, might come in the form of upgrading the different components inside an already existing structure (ie: upgraded blacksmithing station) rather than a whole structure in itself

    Additional structure restoration properties:
    • Choice - You will sometimes have a choice as to what you want to restore at a location
    • Requirements - Certain structure restorations would require other structures
    • Triggers/secrets - Things out in the world that unlock new possible base restorations/upgrades

    Things to help incentivize coming back to the player base and making it feel more alive:
    • Player base events - Invasions, fun holidays/events could happen, NPCs could bring up something special to you, special shop deals, etc.
    • Farms - Different resources (food, material items, ...) will be generated over time. This time I'll try and make such things more worth it

    I suppose all around the player base might end up more like some sort of Terraria or Stardew Valley type system

    World, exploration, challenges, secrets, and items

    One of the core pillars of the maps is going to be exploration, challenges, and secrets. This is necessary in helping the player become more connected to the world and to have an enjoyable experience

    Open world - The map will have more focus on the overworld and adding different types of content to it. The overworld will actually connect with dungeons this time, instead of just towns. There will still be "area locks" at times, so it won't be 100% open world. However the player will definitely have a lot more freedom and I will try to encourage to go out and explore and see what you can find. Exploring and finding secrets or challenges has been something I've always found quite enjoyable in games, and I know I've gotten a fair amount of positivity from doing such things before

    World Restoration - Similar to player base restoration, you might come across small things you can restore in the world. Each one might have different requirements to be restored. Some might require essence + material items, some might start an encounter on you, while others might require you to search and collect a number of special type of essence nearby in a challenge fashion. The rewards would be similar to the player base restoration, but could also be things like shortcuts, hints, paths to new connected areas, and helpful features for the immediate surrounding area

    Crafting - Out in the world you will sometimes encounter hidden crafting stations or recipes. For the exchange of certain material items and/or essence you will be able to use them to craft something. Recipes you can take with you, where as crafting stations are stationary and can only be used at the location they are in

    Material items will often come from monsters, chests, bosses, farms, sometimes shops, and among other things

    Some of the best gear will come from crafting, as not only do you have to find a recipe or crafting station, you also need to find the material items and/or essence for it. Some of such items could even be made difficult to obtain

    Gathering - Out in the world you will be able to find various items through mining, fishing, farming, and foraging

    Dungeons - Dungeons will often be made in almost a labyrinth/exploration design with some "lock and key" challenges throughout. Think of the dungeons in Chunk Restore essentially. Bigger dungeons will be instanced off from the rest of the world, where as smaller ones will often be inside the overworld itself. Dungeons will contain the normal monsters, loot, encounters, etc. type thing, with a greater emphasis on different types of challenges that you might come across rather than mostly just spawner spam like in Terra Restore 2

    Towns - Roughly will be like the towns I've always done. Likely will contain shops, npcs, quests/story, minigames, etc. Only difference is I might try and make the towns more compact in size instead of having everything so spread out and big

    Story changes/additions

    Note: Some small spoilers here in reference to stuff early on in the map and the setting as a whole

    In Terra Restore 2 the main character was essentially Exiel, and to a much smaller extent Vuco also. In Terra Restore Reborn there will be 4 main characters total - Exiel, Vuco, Domo, and Lini

    Exiel - As you no doubt know is an Enderman who happens to be your best friend. He happens to be fairly lighthearted, and trusts others pretty easily. He often goes around calling people friend and will try and defend them to the best of his ability. He sometimes likes to prank people for fun. One of his flaws is he sometimes fails to take things seriously or notice when something actually bad is happening. His primary proficiencies are linked to charisma and spirit. As an enderman he hates water, and also knows how to be intimidating making his enemies run away in fear

    Vuco - Is a special type of villager, one that was born with magic abilities. She was born in Cloudsville where she studied magic to a great degree and gained the title "Goddess of Restoration". She now wanders the world in hopes to help out the people in the world. She is a strong willed person who happens to be very wise. She goes around calling you and the other main characters "Heroes" by title. One of her flaws is despite her powers being great she often has troubles concentrating and using them to the degree she needs while out in the world. Her proficiencies are linked to wisdom, magic, and spirit. As being a special type of villager she knows how to fly to a certain extent and has some magical powers

    Domo - If you have a really good memory, is the villager at the start of Terra Restore 2 who blasts you off in his cannon. He is someone who is a bit more serious and devoted to his craft. He is an engineer with an explosives specialization. He and Bob (one of the first zombies you meet) studied together long ago before they went different routes, with Bob specializing in redstone. He helped create the Village of Beginnings by carving out paths and places to build with his explosives. One of his flaws is he can often be a bit short tempered, and may resort to blowing something up to relieve stress. He is fairly knowledgeable of the world and often has insight to share on it. His proficiencies are linked to intelligence, and creativity/innovation. As a villager he believes hard work will pay off in the end

    Lini - Is a brand new character to the world. She is an extremely rare special creature, being part chicken and part dragon. (A cockatrice essentially) She lost her family long ago and is on a constant search to try and find them again. She can be a bit of a coward at times, but she has a strong heart and tries when needed. In various ways she is similar to Vuco. Although she has wings she has barely learned how to fly properly. Being part animal and part mythical creature she has a strong sense of when danger is near, and also knows some degree of magic. Her proficiencies are linked to dexterity, sensing, and magic

    As far as setting goes, Vuco early on in the map realizes she can't do what she hopes to achieve alone. Upon noticing and observing you and the others she makes a difficult decision to share part of her powers with you all. Meaning in the map you, Domo, Lini, Exiel and Vuco all have some restoration powers. You all end up working together in attempts to restore the world, which is where the various adventures begin

    Unlike previous maps The Void will take a much more present threat to the world. They seek to cause chaos and destruction of the world, and are often in the back in the shadows trying to manipulate groups of people to do what they want

    In a fair amount of ways the story will still be pretty similar to Terra Restore 2, just with more depth to it and better pacing

    Character progression & customization, and combat

    This is something very complicated and tricky to get right I feel. It's also very easy to go overboard in certain areas. As such these things may change, but here is what I'm thinking currently for character progression...

    Leveling system - As you explore the land and complete objectives you will gain experience and ultimately level up. The leveling system has a few reasons for existing. For one certain things in the world will have minimum level requirements, whether that be gear, quests, or whatever. Another reason is it is another reward I can give out to incentivize exploring. And not only that it's a special type of reward that doesn't get "replaced" once you find something better like a weapon. On leveling up you will gain a small amount of strength and defense, and perhaps some other stats

    Player base system - As already mentioned before, is essentially kind of like your talent tree, unlocking different traits and options for you

    Race system - I'm considering having it so that you can choose your race, which influences what your base stats are like - Perhaps a zombie/monster race might have slightly higher strength, where as a chicken/animal race might have slightly faster speed. Perhaps on some rare pieces of gear you might get a bonus if you are a certain race, or perhaps other small things in the world could change slightly depending on what you are. This choice would be locked in from the beginning. This system alone is pretty simple to add, and also to balance to a good enough degree

    Weapon system - You will be able to equip either 2 or 3 weapons at once. Weapons will of course have differences in enchants, damage, attack speed, etc. They will also sometimes have custom abilities attached to them that you can right click to use. Weapons with abilities take spirit to use

    Spirit - New resource which is essentially mana. Slowly regenerates over time. Can regenerate even faster by hitting enemies, or having certain items/traits/etc.

    Stat balance system - A custom stat balancing system which will be very important in making the map an enjoyable experience and for things to feel rewarding. These stats redo the scaling behind normal Minecraft attributes. A weapon with 10 strength might hit for 10 damage in one area, but in a higher level area it might only hit for 1. The system in essence makes it so that stats are not linear, as in if your strength is close to the enemies defense then each point of strength helps you a lot. However if the enemies defense is way higher than your strength then each point of strength would do very little. This system is already in place in the form of strength and defense, although I'm considering adding agility (movement speed and maybe attack speed) to the list in some form (probably a comparison between armor+weapon "weight" vs. agility)

    Bows & arrow limit - If I do have bows in the map then you will only be able to carry a certain amount of arrows at once. Arrows can be found through various means, such as hidden in chests in dungeons. This makes using the bow more strategic and less cheesy

    That is roughly what I would "like" to do with Terra Restore Reborn, not all of that is guaranteed to happen or remain unchanged. The main considerations/worries I have from the above comes down to map scale and gameplay focus. Is everything there worth developing? Should I change/add/remove anything? And what part(s) of the map should be the primary focus to receive the most attention?

    To make it simple, Terra Restore Reborn has 5 different core elements:

    • Story
    • Dungeons
    • Player base
    • Towns
    • Overworld

    With that in mind you can then think what would the map be like if you add to/change/remove those elements. Also keep in mind that changing/removing one of those elements could result in more attention/focus/additions into the other elements

    Some changes that I've thought of that "could" happen include:

    • Remove the "main" storyline as a whole - Just have the storyline be about exploring and living in the world with the same setting, and experiencing the different mini stories happening out in it. Everything else will likely be the same as before. Would give the player more freedom on what they want to do whenever they want to. Also makes it so I'm not trapped into developing around a main story and essentially gives me more freedom too. Also adds to the maps replayability value
    • Remove the storyline as a whole (not just the main storyline) - World revolves around your base that you expand, and also going adventuring into dungeons and the world itself. Towns may or may not still exist in the world. The story is essentially what you make it. Different characters will still be in your base that will do different unique things. Map would likely start at the player base right away. This option is very much like Terraria
    • Change the map to be standalone and not a series - And reduce the scale of the map to be done in 1-3ish years. Makes the project even more manageable
    • Change the map to be more focused on actual gameplay inside the player base - Map would be more focused on setting up farms, upgrading them, finding secrets, participating in events, interacting with NPCs and the environment in general, leveling up different profession skills, unlocking things, etc. I'd try and balance a good mix of player base gameplay and actually going out and exploring a bit and conquering dungeons. Would likely be no towns outside of the player base itself. This option is very much like Stardew Valley
    • Remove the player base - Towns would still be out in the world, and things would still be available to restore. Would likely result in more focus on the overworld and towns themselves. Perhaps there would still be areas that the player could set up a base at in survival mode with nothing special to them
    • Remove overworld, towns, and story - An extreme option, all there would be is the player base and one big massive sprawling dungeon. While exploring the dungeon you would find teleporters/checkpoints to quickly get around. This option would shape the gameplay to essentially be all about dungeons and not much else
    • No big changes - Continue the normal plan

    I'm sure you get the point by now. Removing/changing the elements of the map could not only change the scale of the map, but also change the amount of focus each one gets, and the amount of time you will be spending with each. Some of the changes are obviously more drastic than others too

    I'm still not 100% sure what option I'm going to go with. I'd like to have a map with all of those things, but should I? From a personal perspective I'd say from greatest to least in terms of focus should be dungeons > overworld > player base > story > towns. I'm very much considering going with both the "remove the main storyline as a whole", and "change the map to be standalone and not a series" options. This would reduce the scale of the map greatly, while giving me and the players more freedom, while adding to the replayability value, and while keeping the map still Terra Restore like. Feel free to lemme know what you think though!

    Until I feel ready to go crazy with Terra Restore Reborn, and have my plan good to go I'm going to be tackling side projects. Unfortunately that aquatic survival map idea is not going to happen as I quickly started to see how big it was getting. (One of the reasons why I started thinking about the scale of TRR in comparison) I could of course lower the scale of the map, but I think a different project would be better suited for the time being:

    Single simple dungeon map (kind of like Chicken's Courage)

    • No overworld, player base, story, or town - Just a straight up single decent sized dungeon
    • Purpose of map is to get back into the swing of things. Also to test out different ideas and systems that I'm thinking of using in TRR
    • Estimated development time for map will be 2-4 weeks. Would like to have 3 different special encounters in total like Chicken's Courage

    That is the plan for the time being, we will see what I plan on doing after that. Just updating TR2 to 1.13 (not adding anything new) is a possiblity afterwards. Or maybe even a small map based on an "overworld" alone - exploring, gathering, and encountering different things. I'm still not sure how I feel about starting Terra Restore Reborn until Hytale comes out. Once I get access to Hytale there might still be around a month until I start just to gain perspective on Hytale as a whole and learn how it works. If anything for now I'll just keep planning until that point comes and messing with smaller maps

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    Heya hey everyone, some more quick news here

    So I've been working on the mini Terra Restore aquatic map idea, and so far working on the map has been quite nice and refreshing. It's made me look into the different components of my idea for Terra Restore Reborn to a greater degree and given me some new perspective. Especially perspective on the scale of the map idea, and Terra Restore 1 & 2 & Chunk Restore in general. I think I really need to look into the scale and pacing of the map and the series as a whole

    Over the past few days here I've actually paused working on the Terra Restore mini aquatic idea. I'm instead currently focusing on re-evaluating essentially everything in my Terra Restore Reborn plan. I don't have things 100% figured out quite yet, and it's going to take a bit to figure it out, but I'm considering making some pretty big changes. Changes such as removing or changing systems entirely, possibly splitting the map into multiple maps, (and maybe making the first part on Minecraft right now) changes to the map "formula" as a whole, possibly taking the map in a different direction, etc. I'm really trying to think of what I want the map to be like while mindfully paying attention to the scale of it in the process. Definitely not an easy task to think through and there is lots to think about. I have been working way more consistently here again at least, so I'll try and give an update here soon on what I'm thinking

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    Alrighty I have a fairly difficult decision here to make, so feel free to throw your opinion my way. I'm considering either making a Terra Restore Mini aquatic survival style map, or updating and finishing Terra Restore 2. Before you jump to a conclusion though here are the details and some of the pros/cons of each:

    Finishing Terra Restore 2:

      • Risky
        • My best guess is it will take around 115 'good' work days to finish the map. I estimate updating the map to 1.13 will take roughly 22 days to do, with around 10 hours spent updating each area. From there I would add in the expanded overworld, the new town, 3 dungeons connected to the town, and then 1 final dungeon totaling 13 dungeons. (not 16) Expanding overworld and adding a new town would take around 10 days, first 2 new dungeons 18 days each, 3rd new dungeon 21 days, and final dungeon + ending 25 days
        • The 115 days is just an estimation, it could take longer. I could also try and force due dates for things without trying to sacrifice quality any if needed
        • I may not be able to add everything that I would normally like to
        • Hytale could go into beta during the middle of working on the map. While no one really knows when it will happen, around 2 months ago they posted a blog saying they were pretty confident the beta won't launch within the next few months. Which means in around a month it will be past that few months mark, meaning it's possible that it could come quite soon after. I also may or may not be getting an early beta version with some other people before the majority. If the beta comes and I'm at the final dungeon then I'll probably finish the map anyway, otherwise I may call it quits there
      • Map will be updated to 1.13 and put on a new system
        • Allowing players to play the map on Realms with friends
        • Allows me the option to maintain the map fairly easily with future Minecraft updates
        • Allows me the option to come back to the map in the future if I wanted to change/add something for some reason
        • Existing bugs in the map will be squashed
        • New system features such as:
          • Proper save/load system
          • Way less lag - Map will have almost no command blocks or redstone after
          • Leveling system (if I choose to implement it) which makes your character gain higher stats on leveling up
          • Ability system (if I choose to implement it and have time to create abilities) which gives players custom abilities that they can find and use
          • Detection system which makes it so I can have enemies pre-placed around the world which will become active on getting close
          • New strength/defense scaling system - Making it so each new piece of gear is more significant and useful

    • Makes it so the map is actually finished (assuming I have time to finish it)
    • Might be something you all would enjoy more
    • Lastly as the majority of time will be spent updating the map and creating new areas I won't be able to experiment much with new systems, add additional things in general, or change existing things up in any major way that I might of liked to do

    Creating Terra Restore mini aquatic exploration survival open world style map:

    (Either calling it Terra Restore Mini or Terra Restore Survival most likely btw)

    • Safe
      • Due to the world being open and not heavily story or goal driven I can way more easily call it quits or wrap it up quickly if needed
    • Allows me to experiment with new systems to a greater degree
    • Helps me to better prepare for Terra Restore Reborn
    • Can be something new and fresh
    • Less demanding option of the two
    • Open ended - I can come back in the future and expand the world as I want. If let's just say Hytale does take off and I work on Terra Restore Reborn there, then this map might be a small thing I occasionally come back to Minecraft to work on, especially as new Minecraft updates come out

    For the time being I'm working on the mini aquatic Terra Restore map, but I will try and make a decision here within the next few days as to which one I will fully go after

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    I'll try and get something of some form out in around a few weeks

    Quote from sneakyslowbro»

    Ok thanks for the help, it works perfectly now.

    However there 2 more things I need to ask you

    1) Could you send a link to the latest version to terra restore 2, and what version of Minecraft should I run it on, since its been a long time since I last played the game, and I loved it so much

    2)Also, could you give me tiny hints for the 2 secret reas in Chunk restore?

    The latest version of Terra Restore 2 is on the main post of this thread and has to be run on 1.9

    Hints for the 2 secrets are somewhere in your main base, and one of the NPCs in Aquaess Field gives you a hint on the 2nd one after examining the locked house

    Quote from rabidgoodra27»

    Mithey, after reading your megapost, and thinking for a moment before I began typing, I agree with you 100%.

    1) Minecraft is, in certain ways, a hindrance to content creators, although the 1.13 command system is far superior to the original once you get the hang of it.

    2) Hytale looks fantastic.

    As for the new map idea, I'll be fine with just about anything you make, so long as you put as much attention to detail as you usually do.

    The 1.13 command/function system is for sure quite nice, especially once you get a pretty solid system built around it. Then you can more or less reuse the same system for all your maps

    The map will for sure have a decent amount of attention to detail, just maybe not all that much story wise

    Quote from TT2000»

    Hey Mithey. I just read your post, and this is the first I've heard of Hytale! Just taking a brief glimpse at it, it does look really interesting - but I agree that you should withhold judgement until you've gotten a chance to play with it, and critics have had a chance to do the same! Just remember games like Cube World, which were abandoned by the developers, and of course, the ill-fated No Man's Sky... Caution pays in today's market.

    You mentioned that you can often have trouble making quick decisions. While your mapmaking process has made some absolutely incredible maps, such as the original Terra Restore that got me hooked, your devotion hasn't seemed to make quite the same product in your later releases. Terra Restore 2 was fantastic, but seemed to have such an absurd devotion to perfection I could totally understand why developing it would be extremely taxing... and then there was Chunk Restore, and Terra Restore reborn, and for a little while I was legitimately concerned that you would be stuck eternally trying new projects but never getting far enough along to make a proper finish. And then you disappeared for a year, and I was saddened by your absence but ready to move on... but of course, your maps are so amazing, they inspired the kind of absurd devotion that kept me and I'm sure some of the other posters here checking back to this thread, even a year after your last post!

    Minecraft is still incredibly popular, but the mapping scene isn't quite the same as it was once was. There's still adventure maps around, but the minecraft forums has increasingly become a worse, now almost hostile, site to host them on, with the recent purge of many old topics and posts. Moving on to something new, both in terms of a new game and a new engine, as well as a new concept, might be the best way for you to move forward. If you can't recapture the magic of the first Terra Restore, you shouldn't waste forever trying, and try to make new magic instead. Your new map plans seem very different from what Terra Restore was, but I have confidence in you making something amazing.

    Well, I hope what I was trying to say didn't get too confused. I just wanted you to know that I'm still out there and I still love your maps. I wish you the best of luck with your new mapping endeavors, whether they're in Minecraft or Hytale.

    Yeah I've seen the things around Cube World and No Man's Sky. At least I don't see Hytale suddenly vanishing with how big of a team they're getting and what they've done before on Hypixel. Also with the articles they've been releasing on the website, it seems like pretty much everything that the trailer is promising is fairly accurate to what the game is like. We will see in the end though what happens for sure

    Minecraft maps have for sure been on the decline in popularity over the years. I think the prime for them was around 2013, near when I first started working on Terra Restore 1. Now I think according to Google Trends they are probably around roughly 5-7x less popular. I remember sometimes seeing maps and wondering how some of them have over 500k-1m downloads, and each time I noticed they were made ages ago often on or before 2013. At least now you can do way more with maps, especially with 1.13 being out. I do wonder what maps we might of gotten if it was back in 2013 along with 1.13 Minecraft functionality, which is kind of what I'm hoping will happen with Hytale - Be extremely popular again and also have the ability to add a lot of depth to it

    I do have some pretty big ideas and plans for Terra Restore Reborn, especially with iterating on Terra Restore over the years, it's just been a matter of should I actually go all out on it and create it. With my current idea for the map and it's scale, it could take me around 5 years to finish if I went all out on it, especially with only being able to work on it part time. With my current vision for the map I'd like to make it way more open world like with a lot more content to experience in each "tier" and just things to do in the world outside of the main story

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    Quote from sneakyslowbro»

    Hello, I have just started playing chunk restore, and it is one of the best adventure maps I have ever played! However, I have downloaded the resource pack, but some of the textures aren't working. The music, chests and some of the weapons work, but all the other items just looked like normal items. Is there anything I need to do for the rest of the textures to work?

    Sounds like you don't have the mod Optifine installed, it's used just for food and armor texturing. If you do use it then make sure you use the correct settings listed with the map there too

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    Heya hey everyone, it's time for an update on things since it's been quite a while now. There is a lot to get to so here we go

    Where did I go? Quite a while back 4 different games that I was looking forward to for quite a while happened to all get released within a couple of weeks of each other. I wanted to dive into them but felt like I really didn't have the time for it, especially with how slow things felt like they were going. I felt burnt out at the time so I decided it was only natural to take a break

    During the break I decided to not come back until it felt natural. Around a month later I did come back, felt way better, looked into Terra Restore Reborn, seen how unorganized things were, got everything organized again, and started working again and made some progress. Things were looking good but around a week or two later I noticed that burn out was slowly coming back. Since I was tired of feeling that way I decided to switch my focus to figuring out what was going on and how to get around it. That took quite a bit longer than I would of liked, but I definitely made a lot of progress in that area

    The biggest thing I've noticed is that whenever it came to making big or complicated decisions I somehow got into the habit of feeling really uncertain about what option I should take. That uncertainty led me to overthinking things too often, and if I did that for too long I'd feel overwhelmed, and as you can imagine procrastinate as a result. I noticed I've been trying a bit too hard on trying to make maps as flawless and well designed as I can and it was burning myself out. While I do feel better now and feel like I got over most of that, a new thing came up a few months ago that I'm sure quite a few of you have heard about

    A new game is slowly coming out called Hytale, which is a game that is just like Minecraft but honestly looks like it could be the successor to it. Out of all the survival games I've seen come out and be developed this one is by far the one that could actually have potential to be like a Minecraft 2. There has been a massive amount of hype around the game, with the trailer getting over 20 million views in the first week, which is something I've personally never seen before for a game. For comparison it's almost caught up to the Fortnite trailer even though the trailer has only been out for a few months. Since the first day of seeing the trailer I've been following it closely, and honestly I'm really excited with what I've seen

    While I love Minecraft, and still do of course, there has always been a number of things I personally wish Minecraft did and pursued. For example, I wish it branched out into a more RPG and adventure like direction while keeping the sandbox elements, maybe even as a new game mode or something if really needed. This is one of the core development directions of Hytale that I'm really excited for, which you might guess with how I've always tried making big RPG like maps. I actually even tried making a bit of a mod once which made Minecraft split into zones, based on coordinates and how far away from 0,0 you were, and had different structures, enemies, and loot spawn based on the zone you were in. Hytale are essentially doing just that in their game

    Hytale also happens to come from the people who made the Hypixel server, the biggest Minecraft server of all time. Hypixel, the person, was even one of three map makers that inspired me to make maps way back years ago. The people know what making maps and content for Minecraft has been like over the years, and I feel like they know what they're doing. They even have a big company backing them up and supporting them (Riot Games - The people behind League of Legends)

    While making content for Minecraft has been pretty good, it's also been pretty limiting at the same time. Often times if you try to create new types of systems in Minecraft for maps you will quickly realize that you often have to work against the game to make it the way you want it to be like. Sometimes what you want to do just isn't possible, or other times you figure out a way to create the system but it just doesn't turn out well due to limitations. This can honestly be a fun challenge at times, but other times it can be quite a bit frustrating and again limiting. One of the core development directions Hytale seems to be going towards is actually really helping out and supporting content creators and not trying to limit them where possible, which again makes sense with where they've came from. This is another thing that I always wish Minecraft focused on way more than they have

    The game honestly from what I can tell so far looks like a content creator's dream, and it's probably the top game I've been excited for in a very long time. In the end we will of course see how it turns out, but everything I've seen so far seems really promising

    To the point, ever since I seen the trailer for Hytale I've been questioning what I should make Terra Restore Reborn on. The map is something I obviously want to do well, and is something I want to enjoy making. Not to mention the scale of the map isn't something to take lightly, and I could be at it for multiple years so I need to keep that in mind also. As I've said before I really would not like to stop developing a map part way through it again too

    As of right now I'm very much considering making the map on Hytale, however that will depend on a number of pretty strict criteria and answers to some questions I have about it. Obviously I have no way of answering those questions until I get the game, which I'm pretty sure I'm getting early access to. However, as of right now from all that I have seen it does look quite promising

    Will I be able to make the map the way I want to on Hytale? Will I enjoy the game and will I enjoy making content for it? Will enough people like and play the game and will a solid community form around it? Will the devs continue the development direction that they are heading towards? Would it be what people want? Those are some of the things I need answered

    If Hytale does well and it meets what I expect from it then I will be making Terra Restore Reborn on there. If Hytale for some reason does not do well then I will likely be continuing the map on Minecraft itself. For the time being the map's development has been on pause for a fair while and I've been focusing on planning and getting prepared for whatever comes

    The fresh new start on there even could be quite enjoyable in itself. And that really strong sense of community Minecraft had earlier on could really come back again too. It's honestly quite exciting to think about what could happen, but in the end it will be down to what ends up happening

    In all honesty there too trying to make maps on Minecraft 1.13+ has been pretty frustrating at times. Since the game's code was essentially rewritten people are *still* trying to update tools, mods, and programs even though it's been 7 months since the launch of Minecraft 1.13. (And that's not including how long we had snapshots for) Some people are not even updating things all together, which is understandable, such as I believe MCEdit. (The biggest map making tool I used for creating maps, though not as much now) Figuring out how to make maps for 1.13 and actually doing it has been a challenge in itself. Just a couple weeks ago I finally figured out a way to actually make decent 1.13 maps on 1.13 itself instead of on 1.12 as a workaround, but even that has a number of bugs to it and isn't perfect

    I've also been playing Minecraft and developing maps for it for a long time now. So much that some aspects of the game feels like I've seen and done it all before, and feels quite a bit repetitive. I still of course love and enjoy making things for the game, but it's just another thing worth mentioning

    So what am I doing now? Again I'm currently preparing for the possibility of making the map on Hytale and fleshing out ideas even more. However since the beta for Hytale probably won't be out for a few months or so I'm also willing to do a side project

    I've been messing around with side project ideas for a while, and I've come to the conclusion that picking something simple, non-serious, fun, and relaxing will likely be best. With learning how to finally make 1.13 maps on 1.13 a couple weeks ago, I'm currently thinking of making an aquatic survival map. If I do go ahead and make this style map it will likely be like:

    *Adventure game mode
    *Survival genre - Explore the world to survive and grow more powerful. Survive off the land by fishing, gathering food that has grown on islands, etc.
    *Contain no story - Just an overall setting of some sort like the world being destroyed into pieces, everything flooded, and only a few islands remain. Kind of almost like Legend of Zelda Wind Waker
    *Explore - Set sail in search of islands, survivors, dungeons, underwater depths, loot, adventures, and more
    *Islands - Islands that you encounter are simple but have a purpose to them such as trades, quests, dungeons, farms, loot, etc.

    No guarantees that I'll go with that map idea quite yet, but lemme know what you think. I have thought of updating Terra Restore 2 to 1.13 but figured that wouldn't really accomplish much and would probably take a month or more to do. I also thought of doing a Mini Terra Restore like map, especially to test out ideas, though I'm not sure how far I'd be able to get into such a map and I might need to call it quits in the middle of it if Hytale comes out. I might combine the Terra Restore Mini map idea with the aquatic survival map somehow though, we will see

    Anyway, I plan on going crazy once Hytale hits there, I just really hope the game turns out well. Also sorry for the lack of communication, can't say I've ever been the best at such things though. Anyway, I can't wait to see what happens!

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    I'll try and give an update in around a few weeks, seeing if I can finish up something here first

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    Another quick update on some things with TRR ^^ I got a bit more system tweaking done:

    • Replaced attack damage & armor attributes with new strength & defense attributes which have new custom scaling
      • With the new attributes, assuming you're in an area you should be in difficulty wise, each point of strength/defense you get should help you out a fairly decent amount. For example +5 strength could make you deal 35 damage instead of 29. That actually isn't that much of a difference, however, gaining more strength will be way easier than what it would of been like gaining attack damage. In the same tier of items you could find items that could make you double or triple your damage or possibly even more.
      • Also if you're in an area you shouldn't be in difficulty wise you will run into harsh diminishing returns, as in each point of strength/defense you gain will do little to nothing for you. This could potentially result in you getting killed in 2-3 hits with a bit of extra defense doing nothing to help. Or this could potentially result in you killing everything in 1-2 hits, with any more strength resulting in no extra damage
      • Attack damage will actually still exist on weapons
    • Damage taken and damage dealt now gets displayed in the action bar above your hotbar
    • Classes will stay but only come with 1 ability instead of eventually getting 2. I will likely add some sort of system like a trinket or accessory slot that will allow you to get a 2nd ability of your choosing
    • Classes/levels slightly changed and rebalanaced
      • You no longer gain extra speed, luck, etc. of varying amounts based on your class on level up
      • Instead on level up you now gain strength/defense. Everyone gains the same amount of it per level, regardless of class
      • Classes will still have base attribute differences such as +25% movement speed. Those attribute differences won't grow though as you level up, however they should still stay relevant throughout the map since they are using %s
    • Ability damage now slightly scales with strength
    • Total strength and total defense gets displayed on changing gear along with how much you gained/lost. I may try and have all main attributes get displayed in such a manner at some point in the future
    • Decided to rename my wording of the "zone/region" area type to "field" (Fits it better at least imo)

    Anyway, that's all for now!

    Quote from Trex1611»

    I think I can agree with the decisions you made regarding last weeks ideas.

    I don't think removing classes would be a good idea since you have already put so much work into the class system, and it would have been a waste of your time to make it then scrap the idea later on.

    I don't really have any strong opinions on the potential fury redesign.

    I still have a few questions. Are the restoration player powers still part of the plan? How many tiers will there be in the map? What is the encounter system which you talked about earlier

    Player restoration powers is still part of the current plan yes, which should be very interesting

    There will more than likely be 6 tiers to the map

    Encounters is just a rewording for bosses and the various types of events is all

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    Heya hey everyone, some more quick news here

    I've been thinking over my ideas from earlier some more and made some decisions:

    • The majority of the map will of course be in adventure mode
    • There will be small places throughout the world you can set up bases in while in survival mode
    • There may occasionally be other survival areas in the form of a dungeon or some sort of material farming/mining area of sorts
    • There will be a new type of area called a zone/region. Zones are fairly sized open world areas that house many different types of things. They will be the intersection where you will find the dungeon entrances at, where you will find a town in, and what the overworld is connected to
    • Each zone will likely have a map item with it (assuming I can get things to line up properly in a single map) so you can see where you are and different points of interest you can go to
    • Dungeons, overworld, and possibly towns will still be sectioned off from each other like normal
    • The player base is very likely staying. However I'm likely going to make it so that you only get 1 Terra Restore per tier instead of there sometimes being up to 3. This is so that I can focus on a single more exciting and worthwhile restoration, it makes more sense story wise especially as a "conclusion" to each region of the map, makes it so you don't have to travel back to your main base as much, etc.

    I'm also now considering the idea of possibly removing the classes in favor of going out and finding abilities instead. There are some downsides to having classes right now:

    • Balancing their different degrees of stats and their abilities could be tricky, especially if I added in even more in the future which I would of liked to
    • Since they exist I don't really want to throw any other new abilities here and there the player's way. The player already has a sword, a pickaxe, double jump, a potion, food, a fishing rod, and torches to handle. Not to mention the two abilities that each class eventually gets - All of that and your hotbar is already full
    • It gives the player slightly less freedom (at least in a way) to choose what they want to do as they are forced into a "framework"

    If I removed classes I could instead have it so that you have to explore, find, and learn abilities throughout the world. I could make it so that you can choose whatever 2 different abilities you want to use at once. And I could throw new abilities your way here and there to keep things interesting instead of staying with the same abilities throughout the majority of the map.

    The only thing is I'm currently not sure how I would handle what happens to the player's stats when they level up, which was previously pre-determined by their class. Giving the player the ability to choose some stats to up whenever they level would be very tricky to make interesting and also to balance. This is where that class framework was actually really nice. I'm still not 100% sure what I'm going to do with all of that

    I'm also considering changing up how fury works in the map. Right now fury works this way:

    • You can melee mobs to gain fury to use on abilties
    • Over time that fury goes away if you don't deal any melee damage
    • If you hit 100% fury you go into an overfury mode where you gain buffs, abilities cost less to cast, and your fury drains over time

    This current system helps push players to go in and hit enemies in order to use abilities to help survive instead of just running away which I like

    However I've been considering changing it so that:

    • Instead of starting at 0% fury, you would start at 100% instead (which would remove the whole overfury mode system)
    • Fury would slowly recharge over time, to charge it faster you can melee mobs like before. Perhaps it could recharge even faster if there are no hostile mobs nearby

    With these tweaks I feel like I could expand on things in a few ways, such as:

    • Currently the double jump ability has no penalty to use. You can spam it over and over, you just need to make sure you hit the ground first of course for it to reset. The thing that has always bugged me with it is that it could be abused to easily just run past or avoid mobs. As such I always wanted to assign a fury cost to the ability, but that comes with it's own problem. There are going to be platforming sections to the map which rely on the double jump ability, and of course having to melee mobs in order to complete such things would be extremely tedious and poorly designed. The above would fix such a thing and any other potential future items that follow a similar route
    • I could add a system where sprinting uses fury, and if you run out of fury you will gain slowness negating any more sprinting you do (Similar to running low on hunger, but when do you honestly ever go to 3 hunger bars)
    • I could add in consumable items like bombs which cost fury to use
    • I could have gear which makes your fury recharge faster over time
    • I could have gear which adds to the max amount of fury you have

    Honestly if I make such a change I might almost want to even rename it to something else, like energy or stamina. I feel like making such a change would be worth it, and could even make combat more tacticful. Anyway lemme know what you think!

    Quote from dazzle_cool»

    Hey, Mithey, I think all the maps you made are great! Beautiful environment, cool BOSS, good plot....and the best and best commands. So... can I transfer some of your maps to MCBBS? MCBBS is the largest Minecraft website in China. If necessary, I may need to translate your map, so... can I do it?

    You can translate the map and you can upload it to other language sites, yes ^^

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    Heya hey again everyone,

    I've been having an idea in the back of my mind for a while here now on redesigning dungeons again in Terra Restore Reborn. Some things I've been considering:

    • Having it so part of the map is in part survival and part adventure again. How much of which and when is something I've been trying to decide on
    • Taking the town and connecting dungeons from each intersection and morphing them together into a single, more open world, slightly more connected, kind of "zone" with smaller dungeons and things to explore all throughout it. Basically instead of there being like 16 dungeons there would be 6 big "zones" instead, and of course beating the main storyline for a zone would unlock the next
    • Completely redesigning the scaling of gear so that you can't just rush through the main storyline of each area without facing a lot of difficulty, rewarding you to go out and explore more
    • Having little bits of land here and there throughout the world where you're put into survival mode and can set up a base of your own making
    • Having some survival and some adventure mode dungeons
    • Having crafting stations that you can discover throughout the world where you can craft something unique if you managed to get the materials required for it
    • Having more optional content such as random dungeons to explore, side quests to do, minigames to play, challenges to beat, events that happen, fun random things to do, materials to collect, and bosses to take on
    • Depending on a great number of things "possibly" the removal of the overworld and/or main player base area unless I find having them makes sense

    While I like adventure mode I feel like survival mode can definitely still have a place there too. Survival mode gives you more freedom to take on different challenges, allows you to set up your own creative bases, allows you to set up farms for collecting resources, etc. It would help make the map less linear, more fun, more replayable, and extend the player's play time in a positive way imo. Also I feel like survival mode areas would likely be easier to design as they are less "scripted". As such I'm likely going to go down the route of having a mix of the two again

    I've always loved the idea of having the world more open with a bunch of optional stuff out there to explore and do. In Terra Restore 2 I feel like I didn't really have that much optional and meaningful side stuff. I kind of feel like that's a bit tricky to do in the current form of having dungeons/towns/overworld less interconnected and more linear. As such I feel like having these big open world "zones" connecting everything together a bit more cleanly would help. Plus things like setting up your own base would make way more sense if you return to the same general area multiple times instead of just once. I'm still not 100% sure how I'm going to do this but some sort of form of merging the towns/dungeons/overworld together into a more open world zone seems to make sense.

    I feel like I need to be careful with scale here though, and also need to figure out what I'm doing with the overworld and player base. Not to mention some degree of linearity is still definitely welcome at times and would make sense, especially in dungeons. I feel like I have a fair amount to think of in terms of balancing the area design

    Anyway lemme know what you think and if you have any ideas ^^

    Quote from Trex1611»

    Thanks for the new info Mithey. I hope that you will be able to do the map in the way you would be most comfortable with.

    And with this upcoming map having the same system as TRR, do you mean that many of the mechanics to be seen in TRR will be in this smaller map?

    It's built upon the same current command system as TRR so it's very similar in some ways, but a lot more simpler at the same time. It still has things like currency, classes, and such though

    Amazing. I would have never thought of it. The dungeon areas are temporary: deleted and loaded each time. No unnecessary chunks are generated which reduces lag and the world size. Minecraft genius. Also is there way that you can make a 'machine gun' which will shoot low damage but fast arrows where you are looking for say about 5 seconds and will need a recharge time of 1 minute ?

    It will useful for late game to knock mobs back

    Something like that is possible yes, though I'm not 100% sure on how to do it accurately with math to translate the player's rotation tag into an arrow's motion tag

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    Heya hey everyone, another update on things here since it's been a fair while!

    I've been having to think things over quite a bit here lately. Now that I've completed the intro of Terra Restore Reborn and started the 1st dungeon I now have a pretty good idea of what developing the map is going to be like. And with it a few doubts came up that I had to think through over some time

    One of those doubts being time management. I can easily see each update (consisting of 1 dungeon and other things like towns, overworld expansion, etc.) taking around very roughly 150 hours to make as of right now. Multiply that by 16 dungeons (though there might be slightly less than 16) and that's 2400 hours to make the map. I'm also working on other maps full time right now, so getting a reasonable amount of time in each day can be tricky at times. My guess is the map overall would take around 2 years to develop currently, which is of course a very long time

    So one of my questions and doubts has always been can I really pull this off? I've still yet to really answer such a thing, but I've gotten a bit of a better understanding at least now of what direction to go in. One of the things I fear a bit is having TRR end up just like Terra Restore 2 with it being abandoned 1/2 way through. That kind of fear can be a bit paralyzing at times and made me wonder if I should even really truly start this and do up the first version release or not

    I am still working on the map here, though currently I'm taking it fairly slow and mindfully due to the complexity of many things. There is still a fair amount to figure out but I'm just trying to do one thing at a time. Currently I've been really trying to focus in on getting a better schedule down each and every day and making sure I'm more consistent

    Another similar doubt I've had in mind relates to the complexity of the map. It's surprising how back in Terra Restore 1 I remember sometimes doing up areas in around 20 hours each. I even believe I made the wall dungeon in a single day of just going at it all day long. Now I can't really speed through such things anymore with how much more knowledgeable I've become and how much my maps have grown. I've noticed that at times I almost feel like I miss that simplicity, to some extent at any rate

    Way back then I was basically okay with coming up with a rough dungeon idea, designing the environment really quick, throwing random spawners and loot randomly throughout it, and then essentially being done and satisfied. Over time I've grown to spend a lot more time over each and every part of a map's design. You can even see this in Terra Restore 2 with most of the beginning areas being quite simple and not the most detailed and the final areas having way more to them in comparison. I even remember really stepping up my environment designing skills while working on the Islands of Nalu selection, which I of course never finished. This slower pace is something I feel like I need to get more used to and conscious of

    Another doubt that I was going through was in relation to other map ideas popping into my head, which honestly isn't anything new though. I come up with new map ideas all the time and there is definitely no way I'll ever be able to do them all which I've accepted. However I was really considering doing up more of a survival based map after playing quite a bit of Terraria, Stardew Valley, and survival Minecraft. (I've always loved games like those) I ended up getting a bit nostalgic again there too for survival Minecraft, especially earlier versions where enemies were a lot more dangerous/terrifying and certain mechanics being much more relevant than they are now

    I have considered trying to work on both a survival map and TRR at the same time, though I'm not sure how I would really feel about that really. It would probably be way too much to focus on and handle at once. So if anything if I do try and do something like that I'd try and do it in between TRR releases. A survival like map has been a recurring idea throughout the years so I might just try that, but that will have to wait for later

    Anyway lots of thinking lately and been taking it slow, I should start to speed up a bit here again ^^ Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I just wanted to get a bit more certain on things first

    In terms of what I've gotten done lately, I've been rethinking of how I go about designing areas a bit more. Again in the past I normally did up all of the environment for an area, then went back added in command related stuff, then loot, then spawners, and all that. Now with this map I've been trying to focus on completing one section of an area at a time before moving onto the next section. This method seems to be much more enjoyable and satisfying, possibly because you get a bit of satisfaction of completing something more frequently rather than all at once at the end

    Anyway with that in mind and also how there could be a chance that MCEdit might not get updated for 1.13+ for some time, I actually decided to take a look into things like World Edit, FAWE, and Voxel Sniper again after who knows how long. After looking into them quite a bit I'm definitely happy to say that they are way better than using MCEdit. Designing environments feels much faster now and it's nearly effortless, you get a better sense of scale because you're actually in game, and there is a bunch of little features that I always wish MCEdit had. As of these last few weeks I've nearly completely stopped using MCEdit. Here is a bit of the first dungeon area that I did up in around 6 hours:

    What it looked like in TR2:

    I'm also starting to mess with an idea for moving floating platforms again. I've used such things before but not too often. These platforms will also actually move you this time when you're standing on top of them. I figure this along with the double jump ability will really enhance the platforming aspect of the map. There is a lot of neat things I can do with it so I can't wait to see how it all turns out :P

    Outside of TRR a new map should be coming in around a weeks time that some of you might be interested in. It's a map that uses basically the same system as TRR, but it's a lot smaller. All I can say right now, and that's all for now ^^

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    Figured I'd do up another update on things here since it's been a bit! I'm still working on getting all of the other systems done (hopefully should be done within a few days) but I made quite a bit of progress.

    Some note worthy things being:

    • Day/weather system implemented - Each time it hits day or night it has a chance of raining. Also each morning it displays the current day (No season or year this time)
    • Shop system implemented - Considered doing up some sort of fancy menu system this time but ultimately thought the Chunk Restore system with items out on display around the shop works better
    • Save/load system implemented - This time you basically just right click a structure block and hit save, transfer the structure file over to your new world, and hit the load button.
    • I added in a proper RPG like exp bar and level system again. Unlike Chunk Restore however you won't get exp from killing mobs. (Due to how grindy that can be or how you can abuse it) Instead you will get exp from other things such as encounters, quests, achievements, challenges, bosses, Terra Crystals, (Renamed Crystal Shards yet again to Terra Crystals) etc.
    • Double jump ability added in - Similar to the Chicken's Courage map flap ability but only makes you go upwards once
    • Enemy detection system added in - Same as the Chunk Restore one but with a couple of changes. Enemies will now spot you easier if you are in front of them rather than behind them. Sneaking around now reduces the range at which they can spot you by 50%. I might make it so sprinting increases the range in the future too
    • Mob patrol system implemented
    • Custom potion system implemented - You have a single potion which you can use up to 3 times before it runs out. On hitting a spawnpoint or dying the potion will be refilled. In the future I will likely make it so you can customize what effect you get out of the potion
    • Monster spawner system implemented - One new thing to note is when you die some nearby spawners will regenerate as an additional penalty for dying
    • Updated right click detection to use raycasting instead of just proximity. Basically this just means that I can now have multiple right clickable things side by side instead of them being required to be far enough apart. The new system isn't perfect but it's good enough.

    The systems that I have left to do up:

    • Respawning food system (Like the apples on the trees from Chunk Restore)
    • Fishing system
    • Enemy custom ability system
    • Encounter system
    • Advancement system
    • Adjustable amount of natural mob spawns system

    I hopefully should be done of all that quite soon, anyway that's all for now! ^^

    Quote from mine2012craft»

    Yayyyyy an update!

    Wow that's very little command blocks. The power of functions must be very powerful.

    I'm very glad that they are helping you speed up the process of map building. I'm really excited for the first playable section, I'm aching to get my friends to play this.

    Now for the Player Base, are we gonna be like allowed to be in Survival Mode? Like to make crop or animal farms. That would be very useful.

    Also maybe it would be cool to have a random loot table for loot. This would make replayability better definitely because then you wouldn't know what loot you'd be getting.

    You won't ever be in survival mode this time. Some sort of farm system at the base is a possibility in the future though, like as a reward from using a Terra Restore.

    I could maybe do random loot for things like food and such at times, but I can't really do it for weapons/armor easily with the new gear equipping system

    Quote from Trex1611»

    Hey, Mithey. I want to ask a question that doesn't relate to Terra Restore Reborn. Why did you delete a lot of the videos on your channel? Two I remember watching that aren't there anymore are a speed build of Mount Emberance, and you working on the Islands of Nalu in TR2. Could I know why you deleted them off your your channel? If you personally would prefer not to answer, I won't ask again.

    Also, will you have information boxes with the area name, estimated play time, inspirations etc.?

    Basically wasn't too happy with the quality of the videos is all really ^^

    Info boxes probably won't be a thing, but information like that will pop up when you enter an area

    Quote from Police4896»

    Will there be another official soundtrack for Terra Restore Reborn (like the Terra Restore 1 official soundtrack with all the songs in the map in 1 single video)?

    I'd like to at some point, but that will of course have to wait until the whole map is done :P

    Quote from GoatDontFloat»

    Yeah, please post the soundtrack if you make one. The music is what really got me into TR1, especially in the ice tower level. It was fantastic.

    Also, looking at your picture of the command blocks, what is the big tower of blocks with redstone on them? I've seen them all over the place in adventure maps but don't really know what they're for :P

    The tower of lapis blocks in my maps is what I use for memory. Each block can be a specific block type to signal a different memory state for a certain thing, like if you've beaten a boss before or not.

    Quote from Bahlph»

    I don't mean to bother you, but could you explain to me how you used the ChunkRestoreItem custom nbt tag to retexture things? I've been snooping around and whenever I try to use custom nbt tags, minecraft decides to completely ignore them and promptly remove them. Whether or not you help me though, I'd like you to know that everyone, including myself, loves how much work you have put into your projects. You've done a great job.

    Doing something like "give @s minecraft:apple 1 0 {ChunkRestoreItem:Name}" should work. The only time Minecraft should remove NBT that you've added in is if they are a block and you end up placing them

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    It's been a little bit since the last update post for Terra Restore Reborn so here you all go :P

    I finished up the Village of Beginnings (visually at least) and it turned out pretty well I think. I still need to do up some of the command related stuff for the area, but then that whole area should be done.

    I've been mainly chopping away at all the systems lately and getting my todo list back down in preparation for working on the first real dungeon area. I went ahead and did some clean up with the main system to make sure everything stays consistent. Every map that I make from here on out will likely be using the same system so I'm doing my best to make sure everything is organized. I might even go back and update some of my smaller maps to 1.13 in the future. There is hardly any command blocks what so ever in spawn this time, I must say functions make maintaining and updating code super easy and no where near as tedious as when all the commands are inside command blocks.

    The systems that I've been implementing lately include the area loading, item, food, chest, treasure tracker, entity, and entity modifying systems. They are pretty similar to the way they were before in previous maps but I made a few changes to some of them...

    *On logging in you will be teleported to the last spawnpoint set, unless there were no spawnpoints set while you were offline
    *Opening chests will now automatically give you all the items inside it and will display to you in chat what you got. The chest will also appear visually opened so you know you already got the chest before
    *Void chests now have an additional swirly particle on opening and displays the item above the chest along with it's name
    *Items are now almost always given out via functions. Basically this just means that I only need to modify one single function file whenever I want to modify an item, instead of having to go to all the chests in the map and replacing the items inside. It should help keep things way more consistent and maintainable
    *Likewise with the above, all the items in all the chests in each area are now in a single function file

    The entity modifying system is actually new, and is something I always wanted to do. Basically every entity/mob in the map gets modified as soon as it spawns in or when a player enters a new area. The entities get modified to whatever way I want them to be in that area. For example I could make all naturally spawning skeletons in the first area not have bows when they spawn in. The system shouldn't be laggy at all either, as it only runs once per entity. This also again lets me keep things consistent and easily modifiable. It also lets me do things like having rare natural spawned mobs, like perhaps a golden pig which drops more food than normal

    Aside from that I updated the main post slightly, notably I added in the current rough development progress % for the map which is now roughly:

    • Initial organization - 100% Done
    • Core map system - 100% done
    • Lobby - 100% done
    • Classes - 100% done
    • Intro cutscene - 100% done
    • Intro town - 90% done
    • First dungeon - 0% done
    • Player base - 0% done
    • Other systems - 50% done
    • Testing/tweaking/finalizing - 0% done

    Next on the list is to finish as many other systems as I can including the leap/double jump, shop, save/load, detection, day/weather, potion, fishing, encounter, and advancement systems. After that is done and the Village of Beginnings is finished off I can finally tackle the first area which is going to be really interesting, and possibly a fair bit different design wise compared to the original. Anyway that's all for now ^^

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