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    posted a message on Interviews ^^
    Why not. I suppose.

    Skype: thepeacefulnomad

    I haven't used my mic in a while, good time to see if it actually works :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on Creeper Apocalypse (NOT RP)
    If there ever was movie made out of this, I would probably be named something like "Shopkeeper A" and get blown up ten minutes into it after non stop bitching.

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    posted a message on Looking for people for a Minecraft Machinama series! (Called The Chaos Treasure)
    What position would you like: Actor or Writer or Whatever

    Why I should accept you: Because it seems like you need more people

    Age: Seventeen


    Mic: For sure.

    Any past experiences with position: Other then the required English lessons from elementary to high school; I also write on my time and enjoy writing short stories, but that doesn't really show much, you could write for decades and still not be a good writer. As for acting, I've done a few plays here and there, but that doesn't mean your awesome at acting, as with writing, when it comes to the arts, there's a little more behind it then just experience.
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    posted a message on [Game] Survivor Island
    Well, it was just an idea. Too bad it never got far.
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    posted a message on [Game] Survivor Island
    What does hmod and /me do?(I'm sorry if I'm suppose to know)

    I have to get Skype. I'll do it now!
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    posted a message on [Game] Survivor Island
    No prob. I wasn't really liking the bonuses either, that why I have this suggestion thread. Thanks. we can still work it out.

    I'll be recording this with fraps to see how it goes.
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    posted a message on [Game] Survivor Island
    Sure, I guess we'll go with events were just testing after all. So go ahead and host it now.
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    posted a message on [Game] Survivor Island
    Okay so we have five-ten people join. The start off on an island and are given a set of objectives to do for the day.

    Day 1: Build a shelter with torches, doors,windows, furnace, chest,workbench, and a whole set of stone tools.
    Bonus: Iron Tool of Your Choice

    Day 2: Build a fully fenced in farm of some type of food: Mushrooms, Wheat, Animals.
    Bonus: Jukebox w/ Gold record

    Day 3: Upgrade your shelter: At least three stories, with staircases or ladders. Iron doors instead of wood and have it furnished.
    Bonus:Bucket of Lava and Water

    Day 4: Set up a home defense system that works effectively: I should get hurt trying to get in.
    Bonues: Diamond tool of your choice

    Day 5: Build a underground labyrinth: One exit and entrance. It should take a person at least five minutes to get out.
    Bonus: 16 minecart tracks.

    Day 6: Build a minecart station. It must take me a full minute to ride it and it has to have definite end.
    Bonus: 64 arrows

    Day 7&Up: Find the other survivors and kill.
    You Win!

    That's what I had in mind. But we'll see. So like whitenoise suggested, we should probably just test this idea. Which one do you want to test, Events or Ranking? Once decided we could open up a "testing" server of this with just a few people.
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    posted a message on [Game] Survivor Island
    Your awesome!

    But let's finish discussing this so we know what were doing, k?
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    posted a message on [Game] Survivor Island
    I would like this to happen, yes. But as I stated this above, I can't get a server right now...Well, I'll see what I can do. But as of right now, I have no possible way of starting this. Unless someone else wants to do this, this was just an idea thread after all.
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    posted a message on [Game] Survivor Island
    Let's go with that, drop the scoring. In those competitive TV shows, winning team get's bonuses, right? Same could be here. And the time thing would work great for this kind of thing. Allows fairness all around and easier to shoot a vid if someone did so. Adding things to spice it up and all.
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    posted a message on [Game] Survivor Island
    Sounds great Shadow, any other suggestions?
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    posted a message on [Game] Survivor Island
    Thanks you guys. I do have Fraps, so I could record it. Or someone could.

    And yeah, scoring would be kinda hard. What do you recommend?
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    posted a message on [Game] Survivor Island
    Survivor Island

    Inspired by this thread: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=1020&t=117731&start=30

    :Skeleton: Note:

    This just an idea, I have no possibility of starting up a server right now and I just wanted to check to see if anyone liked this idea. And if someone wanted to make a server, like this, that would be totally awesome. I'm sorry if this is already in play, but I at least used the search button.
    :Spider: Goal:

    To make a competitive game on a relatively large island server were people compete to find resources and build the best shelter.
    :log: Basics:
    The basics are that on this island server you can go about your normal minecraft ways in that you mine for resources, fight monsters, and build shelters. Except for at the end of every day cycle(or two) where the runner of the server(or the designated leader) inspects the resources of every person and their shelters and grades them accordingly. The one with lowest score get's kicked. Last man standing wins.

    :Notch: Alliances:

    Alliances may be formed between any person or people. Alliances could work in that one man gathers resources while the other man builds, but it's really up to the people to work that out. All that is to be known that they can be formed and broken.

    [>>-i>] Killing/Griefing:

    I'm undecided on this. Destroying another person house seems kind of like foul play, but then again that means you can do it back to them and since you now both have no shelter, you get kicked. But I still need to debate this and if it is in how it would work out.

    :RedShroom: Grading:

    Two things which you will be graded on: Resources and Shelter. You can be graded on the same resources and shelter every round. So the points will likely climb as the game goes on.

    :coalore: Resources:

    :Bacon: Consumables:
    :RFlower: Raw Fish: 1
    :RFlower: Cooked Fish: 2
    :RFlower: Raw Pork: 1
    :RFlower: Cooked Pork: 2
    :RFlower: Bread: 3
    :RFlower: Stew: 7
    :RFlower: Apple: 10
    :RFlower: Golden Apple: 50
    :Bench: Materials:
    :Coal: Paper: 1
    :Coal: Clay:1
    :Coal: Sticks: 2
    :Coal: Leather: 2
    :Coal: Clay Bricks: 2
    :Coal: Book: 3
    :Coal: Bowl: 3
    :Coal: Coal: 4
    :Coal: Feather: 5
    :Coal: String: 5
    :Coal: Slime ball: 5
    :Coal: Sulphur: 5
    :Coal: Redstone Dust: 5
    :Coal: Iron Ingot: 7
    :Coal: Gold Ingot: 10
    :Coal: Diamond Gem: 15
    :Diamond: Special:
    :GoldBar: Paintings: 4
    :GoldBar: Green Record: 10
    :GoldBar: Gold Record: 15

    *Note that I didn't add tools or blocks. Tools can actually help you, it would be more of challenge if a person had to think “Well, I could make this diamond pickaxe and dig much faster or I could get 49 points.”

    :brick: Shelter:

    :Frame: Doors/Entry Way: A shelter has to have an entry way.

    Nothing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Closed vault opened by button

    :Lava: Lighting: Keeps the mobs away:

    Void 1 2 3 4 5 Blinding My Eyes 7 8 9 Chandelier

    :Red: Wiring: Awesome to have providing it has a purpose.

    None 1 2 3 4 5 It's EVERYWHERE! 7 8 9 True Mechanic

    [-'-] Organization: Where things go.

    Boring 1 2 3 4 5 Cluttered 6 7 8 9 Truly OCD

    :iapprove: Looks: They say don't judge a book by it's cover, but...

    Shack 1 2 3 4 5 Symmetrical 6 7 8 9 Towering Castle

    :||||: Other Stuff

    Plain & Simple 1 2 3 4 5 Hidden Waterfall 6 7 8 9 Underground Labyrinth?

    *Note: Grading on the shelter would be entirely up to the scorer/leader. The meter a gave is just a basic outline but you have to grade it on each of the categories. 10 points max for each for a total of 50 max on the shelter. You can have multiple shelters.

    :SSSS: Kicked/Winning:

    You got the lowest score and where kicked? Too bad, no complaining, better luck next time. You won? Hall of Fame and maybe leader/scorer next time around.
    :--+: Entrance/Logging In:

    Once the server is up there should be no more entries, else it would ruin the game. Your not obligated to long in every day. But your at a disadvantage if you don't.

    What do you guys think? Like? Dislike? Suggestions? Comment?

    Edit: Interesting enough, I can only get half of those Smilies to work. I try fixing it and then the other half goes...Error on my part I'm sure, but I'll just let you guys use your imagination.
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    posted a message on All your servers suck. Face it.
    You know your acting like a ****, right?

    I am sorry but face the truth. I can't even start my own server because my hardware is CRAP. So I am stranded in this sea of people doing all this stupid stuff; complications, whitelist, "Anti-Griefing" add-ons that gets people randomly banned, bad administrators (Ops) for the servers, etc etc ETC!

    Anti-greifing and whitelisting are really not that complicated. You just post your IGN usually and maybe a reason and your in. Guess that whole "whats your name" gets people. Can I have example of your being randomly banned and what you were doing before it. Or maybe the server you were banned from? There's lot's of things that can get you banned(like being a whinny *****) that your usually posted as rules or are just common sense. And there's bad people in the world but your telling me the all live on Minecraft Survival Server forums? Glad to see you back up your arguments with lots of etc's.

    I am sick of playing Minecraft Multiplayer because you people's servers are TERRIBLE. The front page is FLOODED with servers that I can't even join due to a complication, or we can't build and enjoy ourselves! Where are all the "Just Servers" where someone has just created a new server using the server software PROVIDED BY MINECRAFT DAWT NET and has provided free access to the public under a moderated environment! WHERE!

    You people? Whose we people? Everybody on these forums? Sounds like your just sore to me, buddy. At least be more specific. Can't join due to a complication? It's that "what your name" thing isn't it? I would like to remind you that there's the next page and the search toolbar. No one else seems to be having your problems. Maybe after being in fifty servers and thinking "everyone is an a hole" you should think "maybe I'm the a hole"> Either way nobody going to listen to a person the constantly whines. Unpleasant to be around and maybe if you put a little effort into your searching you would those "just build" servers. I find lots of them.
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