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    Quote from geckonator
    It might actually work, don't give up!

    EDIT: THANK YOU NOTCH! Notch has added cats, Ocelots and kittens. That made it a lot easier.

    The other one died, which is sad, but I'm learning java right now and I hope to start it up again!
    I'll probably leave stuff like Tigerstar's ghost out of it, though, because it's really unrealistic, and Warriors is, well, you wouldn't find evil ghosts lurking around, killing you with a touch, yet if you kill it, it drops something useless to cats, would you?
    Straight to the ideas:

    If you die, you'll respawn in a cloudy place. This will be Starclan. You CAN get out of starclan, but you'll be a spirit.
    If you have killed another cat, however, you'll respawn in a nether-like place. This is The Place Of No Stars. You're stuck in there for a long time.

    You'll have a lot of health, so you're very hardy as a cat, like the books say. You can take a lot of blows without getting seriously injured. You can also ally with other clans, but this is breaking the warrior code, so if you do anything too bad, the next time you die, you're not sent to Starclan.

    You have additional stats. There is a random chance of being born to a clan.

    Take a lot more damage

    Swim twice as fast
    Can fish with claws
    A bit easier to kill than Thunderclan, still hard

    Sprint for twice as long
    Sprint twice as fast
    Run generally faster

    Can stalk a lot easier
    Hard to kill
    Can take out clans (They always come back though)

    Can jump higher than normal cats
    Some don't really like StarClan too much...

    Bear in mind that I still need modders, even though I'm learning.
    Also, post if you want to help out!

    ORIGINAL POST: http://www.minecraft...rrior-cats-mod/

    EDIT: Awwww yeah! Finished the "crow" (Chicken) texture!

    EDIT: Ok ok shadowclan isn't evil. Especially when I found out that if I was a warrior I'd be Lepoardstorm of ShadowClan.

    Ok, I went for a while, and completely forgot about this.

    FRESH KILL PILE: Idea by sashocku

    A bit like a chest. New block, works like chest, doesn't swing open. Filled automatically by cats, you can put stuff in too.

    MORE PREY: Idea by sashocku

    Squirrels, mice, water voles, voles, shrews, swallows, crows, frogs, fish.

    MORE ENEMIES: Idea by sashocku

    Badgers, dogs, snakes, rogue cats, hawks.

    THUNDER PATHS: Idea by sashocku

    I'll retexture carts and rails. Die when you touch one.

    MEDICINE CATS: Idea by sashocku

    Go to highrocks, heal cats, pick herbs more efficently.

    HERBS: Idea by me

    Catnip, deathberries, stuff like that.

    Please don't think this is going to die! If nothing's posted in a while, just pm me!

    I NEED HELPERS!!!!!!!

    Edit: I think I'll start with a texture pack. Y'know...

    Someone go to this link and signature-code it, I can't figure out how.

    EDIT: The big one is too big apparently. Sawwi, I'll fix it asap!



    When did you edit this? Last time I looked this post was a little different. I'm glad to hear your starting it again! Right now I am doing a "Snoopy Happy Dance"!!!! :)
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    Oh my gosh! Thanks for making one of the few servers without fan clans! (I don't like fan clans very much)
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    Username: Sprynklez
    Roleplay name: Ahri
    Race planned on joining: Elves
    Previous Roleplay Experience: I have been on multiple rp servers.
    Timezone: PST
    Backstory: Ahri has lived her whole life not knowing who killed her parents. They were murdered when she was very small, and she barely remembers her mother's smiling face. She is reserved, but would fight for what she believes is right in a heartbeat.
    Anything else you want us to know? Ahri has blue eyes and long black hair. She excells with a bow and sneaking around.

    I hope I get on this server, it sounds awesome! Plus, i love fantasy adventure books like dragonlance and lotr.
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