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    i keep breaking the screen when trying to click on it

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    a item that allows you to swap bodies with mobs and other players

    You get abilities of mobs and items of mobs/players

    As a Enderman you will get

    An item called Random Teleport which will randomly tp you to a near location

    As a Creeper you will get

    An item called

    Explode and you will explode upon clicking it

    Mobs in player bodies will act the same way

    Ocelots will still run away while in a player's body

    Endermen will still not like water (they will not get hurt from water) in a player's body

    Creepers and other hostile mobs will attack you with weapons in the player inventory

    Skeletons (in a player's body) will use a bow if it is in the player's inventory but can use other weapons

    once the mob that was in a players body has been killed you can get your items back

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