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    Can I join I’m 14 discord: KatieDiamond#4145

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    1.) KatelynDiamond

    2.) 15

    3.) est

    4.) I love grinding for materials and I also like to clear out spaces. But when all that’s done and over I love creating new things. My imagination always runs and survival is a fun way to express it. Creatives fun but I like survival better because I have to find the materials and craft them and it feels more realistic.

    5.) I have been watching hermitcraft since season 1. I have a deep love and have been keeping up to date with everything. I am also a very kind and social person I Love to be around people and meet new friends. I would be helpful to others and help with their projects alongside my own. According to people around me I have a bubbly personality which helps me connect with new people and understand them and even myself. If I join this get to meet new people while I get to build and craft and make new things. This would be a great experience for me where I can put my skills knowledge and love of Minecraft together. I will be able to build socialize and connect with people who love Minecraft as deeply as I do. I would really love to be given an opportunity to play on this server. I hope you will read this soon. Thank you!!

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