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    I'm making a minecraft forum/server and need a banner to head my site, tags for user groups, and a small logo as well.
    Banner - Saying the word, FlowCraft, preferably in a light blue, to spread across the top of my site. Something like, FLOW (FC) CRAFT, large letters with FK in the middle in a circle, but a tad bit more detailed.
    Tags for User Groups - Member (light green), Coal(gray), Iron(gray), Redstone(red), Gold(yellow), Lapiz(blue), Diamond(light blue/cyan), Emerald(green), MoneyBags(rainbow), Trial Mod(light blue), Moderator(blue), Snr. Mod(dark blue), Admin(light red), Snr. Admin(red), Owner(dark red), similar to what I have linked below in design, adding your own touch is fine., tags_1504320389.jpg
    Small logo - Preferably just the FC and circle out of the main banner, slightly smaller so I can use it as my sites logo.
    PM me if you can do all this and give me an idea on pricing.


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