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    posted a message on Minecraft Reddit Noob
    So i just joined MC Reddit and I wanted to make a post but where the "submit" button use to be it saids "read the red box to find the submit button" and i swear i cannot find that button i even read the link they provided, so any ideas how to submit a post on /r/minecraft?
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    posted a message on [MC1.6.2/SSP/LAN] The Hunger Games Mod 2.5.0 - Textures fixed!
    Quote from alexmack929

    Bad news, the other Hunger Games Mod have stolen our knife texture. :/

    Have they not read the legal statement at the bottom of the OP?

    report them
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    posted a message on How to make a very simple and compact machine gun
    So i've been messing around with redstone and dispenser and came up with an awesomely simple design for a compact machine gun so here i give you the tutorial for it, enjoy :)

    Things you will need (you can replace the stone brick with any solid blocks that you want)

    First place down your dispenser and add the repeater by placing it at the back of your solid block and it should look like this

    Next add a redstone torch to the bottom of it and cover it up

    Then add a lever to the back side an turn it on

    And that's it now you're done to activate it you just need to hold right click on the repeater and it'll shoot

    Still not satisfied? well you can do double dispensers but putting 2 dispenser down with a 1 block gap between then add the toches and cover it up

    Add your repeater between the two

    Add 2 levers and turn it on

    Fire away!
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    posted a message on Does anyone agree with SSP merging with SMP???
    I honestly NEVER agree to things like this because now we have SMP bugs and and now mods are very limited they could atleast give you the option to that optionally instead and now we can also have griefers in our SSP server world, what's your oppinion?
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    posted a message on [1.2.5] Very neat spawn seed
    I've found this seed when messing around in 1.2.5, thought it was pretty cool

    seed: i dont want snow

    a nice spawn from bird's view

    right in front of spawn is a jungle biome

    right behind spawn is 2 small lava pools that started the forest fire

    near the lava pool is a long and narrow ravine

    on the other side of the ravine in a very small npc village with a blacksmith and a library

    what's inside the chest

    another look at the ravine

    enjoy :D
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    posted a message on Iron golems and roses
    makes sense if they drop vines
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    posted a message on Snow Golems die in desert in most recent snapshot?
    you expected snow to survive in the desert???
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    posted a message on Have anyone actually thought of this?????

    Your so wrong...

    don't use your dirty mind side
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    posted a message on Official 1.0 release bug thread.
    Bug: chests stays open
    Description: sometimes my chest lid stays open after i get items out of it and close it, so then it stuck at that position so i have to break them and place them back for it to work normally
    System: Windows XP
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    posted a message on How to make red mushroom houses
    How to make a RED mushroom house when you bonemeal it make sure the white stem is atleast 2 blocks visible like this

    see? 2 visible bottom stem blocks

    Step 1: find a nice area

    Step 2: Plant a RED mushroom

    Step 3: Bonemeal it and make it look like this

    Step 4: cover it using wooden planks making the floor

    Step 5: Leave an opening for an entrance (to place ladders)

    Step 6: Place ladders for entrance (3 ladders to be exact)

    Step 7: What it should look like from the inside

    Step 8: Clear the top 2 white stem ONLY (so just clear the upper 2 stem that isn't attach to the ladders)

    Step 9: Like this

    Step 10: Place a trapdoor here

    Step 11: Like so

    Step 12: Put a bed

    A Chest

    A Crafting Table

    A Furnace

    Optional, 2 Bookcases

    And light it up with torches

    You're Finished, Enjoy your lovely mushroom home :biggrin.gif:
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