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    Welcome to the public Sandbox Stream Team SMP!! This server was created as a space for sandbox stream viewers, the public, and streamers to all interact in one convenient place. It is an extremely positive community that focuses on good vibes and quality fun.

    VERSION: 1.16.5
    EDITION: Java
    IP: sandbox.mcserver.us

    Our current stream team is hyperhaley, theHawksperience, jimmerism, and Soboy_ all on Twitch.

    - /tpa : request to tp to anyone!
    - /h [name for your new home] : sets a home that you can teleport back to by using /home
    - vein mining! hold shift while mining blocks with a tool and the whole vein will be mined!
    - /chunk claim : claim a chunk of land that you want to build a base on/ you don't want anyone else to touch! You can only claim a max of 15 chunks!

    Join our Discord! https://discord.gg/ZUeaHEKq45

    You do not need to be a viewer to join, but it is advised that you join the Discord in order to keep up to date with things that are happening in the server. Who knows, you might even like our streams! There are a few distinct plugins that add a sense of ease to the game, such as /home and /tpa . You can also claim chunks to avoid people being able to open your chests or edit your land. There are a few rules as well, such as no cheating or hacks and just being kind in general. We want to keep the community as positive as possible. Join the server and look at the rule board for more info on all plugins and rules!

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    Hello All!

    This is a formal invitation and forum post to the GreyScale Anarchy Server hosted by myself, Stark.

    GreyScale is an upstart Anarchy server that is looking for players to join in on the fun. The server is public and open to all . The server is a free-for-all, for all of your own personal wishes to be fulfilled. The IP is below and have fun!

    The Server is currently Vanilla 1.15.2

    IP: GreyScale.MCServer.us

    As the Server Progresses more will be added to this thread. Happy Crafting

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