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    I decided to not quote you so there is room in the forum page. That is a good thing though! That just means there is lots of images of the amazing things that have been built.

    Now to herobrineman911: you are really rocketing through these tiers! I'll have to build new ones soon! You have a very nice town and you have a great city going. I can't wait to see more!

    Now to ach_aldhat: I love your building design and your town is going well! I love your town and cannot wait to see even more of it!

    Now, general info. I am so happy to see evryone likes this so much. I will give you a %100 gurentee that I will continue this! You know one thing i would love when I'm done with this challenge? a timelapse. Very big fan of those. BUT that is for when I am done with this challenge (not any time soon).
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    Quote from Dablackspartan

    I started and took three pics from my progress. I just realised i cant post pics without posting them somewhere else and getting the URL -_- where could i put them? TO TEIR 2!

    I am afraid to say I do not know. Maybe those other guys who have been posting pics would know. Thanks for commenting and taking up this challenge by the way!

    Quote from DaltonSteelToe

    Great challenge. Ill do it.

    Can't wait to see your progress!
    Quote from iPadManiac

    This looks awesome! I'll give it a try and I'll make sure to post my progress :)

    Thankyou for likeing this challenge! I cannot wait to see your awesomeness in town building skill!
    Quote from Pop3464

    So, That means I can use cobblestone for roads/pathways?
    (Sorry for the double post! Ment to edit D: )

    Yes you can use it for pathways/roads.
    Quote from Pop3464


    Teir 1 done!

    The sun looked close to sunset, I desperately needed someplace to stay, Luckly, There was a Jungle around here, so I just
    Got the wood from there. I ran quickly and started to chop down the tree from the top! Easily getting 64 wood, I thought it'd be enough. But sadly, I still had a lot more to cover, I wasn't really bothered thou, There was no way monsters could get in through the roof unless it was a spider, But I could handle that.

    I noticed something...running toward me...was it a human? No...I didn't see anybody around here when I woke up...Wait!!
    Its missing an arm....Its a Zombie! Being as I had little wood left, But the wrong kind, I quickly made a doorway...

    Worst. Mistake. Ever.
    The Zombie started to bang on the door, It was terrorizing...It never was able to break it down, but, it still made me shiver. I was so glad when morning came! The zombie started to burn, But it just went under a cliff. "Damn..." I thought, I didn't know what to do, so I just broke a block, and made a "Back way"

    I went to go collect more wood, and more, and more! I started to build the next level to my house, I had a little weird way of building houses, I would place fences on the corners, Then I'd build up, The Fences giving support to where the next floor is, I also broke down the door, and replaced it to a way to make the zombies think it was open, instead of closed, That way I'd be able to sleep.

    Sleep...I could use some sleep, But...I don't see any sheep around...So I went off on an adventure, Searching far and wide, Just for a damn sheep. Eventually, I found a few, Enough wool to make a bed! But...Where...am I? I looked up to the stars...wait...stars? How do I get back!? I think I was in the same Jungle as the one to my house...I wandered around a little bit more, Still nothing. Eventually the sun began to rise. So I went that direction...Sure enough I was right! I quickly ran into my house, Went to my crafting table, And made a bed. I put it in my house, Still without windows. Looking around...Lonely around here...

    That is a nice house you have there! By the way that is a very interesting storyline. can't wait to see more!
    Quote from Herobrineman911

    Ok,i made a house with all the requirements.Here are some pics:

    My chest and workbench:

    My living room:

    And my bedroom:

    I ran away from my cruel government.Far,far north,to the cruelest tundras.However,now i felt weak.I needed to get to civilization,or make my own.
    I saw something in the harsh fog.A tree!I ran to it and chopped it down.It's leaves blessed me with apples and saplings.I planted down the saplings so i could keep getting wood.I repeated this process a lot.
    A while later,i earned enough wood to start building.But i knew i had to skip night,to keep out the harsh creatures of the land.I saw sheep in the distance.I had beat them to their death.
    Later,i made a workbench and a bed.I finished building the exterior of the house and built a seperate room for the bed.
    Now,i have my first house,the key to building this grand city.But will anyone come?

    Thanks for posting the pics of your house! It's very nice. I hope to see the rest of your town soon!
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    Quote from Dablackspartan

    On teir 2 can i use stone for other thing like roofs?

    Hmmmmmm... Yeah for sure! Just no stone tools until 3!
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    Quote from Pop3464

    Hmm..pretty Nice Challenge, I'll try it out! :)
    Edit: I'm gonna take a little bit, Different way of how my Character person got there :P
    Here we go!

    As the cruise liner sailed off into the seas, I felt a bit of relaxation, because, You know, its a cruise. Right? Anyways, Not the point, the magnificent boat whisked away, I was on the deck, Watching the water go by, Drinking a nice, fine wine; We didn't seem to notice the storms cloud brewing up in the sky....Then Lightning flashed, and thunder roared! Everyone was inside thou, So nothing to worry about! Right WRONG.

    The Ship Swerved, everywhere, waking, or startling most people, then suddenly, the ship crashed into a giant rock. Most people suddenly became panicky, Then we hit another rock. There were many escape boats though, enough for everyone, As many people sailed off, I was pushed overboard...and...thats all I really remember...next thing I knew, I woke up on this beautiful island.. Wet and cold, But I knew my survival skills..

    Right now, all I need is shelter...
    Eh, I know we weren't suppose to do a story, but, eh felt like it :P
    This post got me to 314 posts. Calling me a Mathematical Dessert :P

    Cool story!
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    Quote from matt_minouf

    Alright, thanks.
    I won't be able to upload my progress until OptiFine comes out, I'm getting really annoying lag spikes and sticky keys...

    EDIT: I highly recommend you increase to stone tools in Tier 3, it's taking forever to get resources, and the tools use up really too fast. Thanks.

    ok i will change that in the afternoon. I need to go somewhere because it is my mum's birthday today. Done.
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    Quote from matt_minouf

    And how would I build the lumbermill? Is it some kind of tree farm?

    Yes it is basically a tree farm with a small building near / in it.
    Quote from matt_minouf

    Tier 1 - In the beginning...

    This seems like a suitable world for this challenge!

    I spent the entire first day gathering 80 logs exactly, and built this small dirt house to spend the first night in:

    So to conclude this first day, here is what I've gathered:

    Now on to day 2, I've managed to build this first house:

    And finally, on to another long night:

    So I've managed to build my first house, including the workbench, chest, living room, and bedroom. I've used part of the second day and night to try to find sheep and food, without any success. Oh well, I hope I wouldn't break too much of the rules temporarily skipping the bed part, no way I'm going to kill 12 spiders with my first...

    To be continued...

    Thankyou so much for the pics! you are doing very well and your house is really cool! Again thankyou very much for the pics!
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    Quote from matt_minouf

    This interests me. I will upload screenshots of my progress. :)

    That's nice to hear! I can't wait to see your progress!

    Quote from benjamino59

    One of the best challenges i have ever seen. I´m going to try this! Never stop making challenges like this!

    To those complaining about limited tools remember, you play like a lonely guy. He don´t know how to make diamond tools and stuff like that.

    What about adding food restrictions, like for every house you need 10 blocks of wheat growing, or 1 animal. Just an idea.

    Thankyou for you suggestion! and also thankyou for being on my side about that! Also thanks for all the diamonds :rolleyes: ! I will make sure to continue this!
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    Quote from Pandy_C

    You lost me right there.

    Oh did I? well too bad. maybe one day I will find someone who actually cares.

    Oh did I? well too bad. maybe one day I will find someone who actually cares.

    Or were you just meaning you did not get it? I am guessing the first one.
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    I have been looking around the forums for quite a long time looking for a good minecraft challenge that is modern. I have had no luck. (I found one... not long enough). So I decided to make my own! So I plan to set it out in tiers and you are not meant to use creative mode (although creative mode or TMI would be very useful... use them if you want). This could take you ages and ages to complete but this is for hardcore builders who think that they can build anything. This, with a lot of dedication, could be completed and if you do finish this than do post on this topic a little video, screenshots or map download. I thought this might be a cool little (actually huge) project for modern minecraftians.REMEMBER: this is only the beginning of this challenge!!! So may I present to you...


    It appeared this thread has died... it's been fun making this challenge. If it ever comes back to life then I'll be happy to continue... I personally think I made this a bit too hard and hopefully my next building challenge won't be as difficult, and will be better thought out. For my first building challenge I think I have done a good job :) . Stay tuned for my next building challenge... I have some ideas so see you soon, that's if you stick around. Keep your eyes out for my new and improved builing challenges! (whilst writing this I came up with about 3 more ideas for building challenges!)

    So here are the rules:

    This just in! As soon as you can get your hands on iron you can build shears. You must wait before using it on anything else though.

    • you can play on whatever difficulty you want
    • you can use creative / TMI.
    • you probably still should use tiers... but you don't have tool needs or anything.
    • If you play on easy you can basically ignore rules...

    • You play on peaceful
    • You must gather legit resources (no TMI or creative mode)
    • You must use the tier system

    Hard (not very hard)
    • You must at least play on easy
    • you must gather legit resourses (no TMI or creative mode)
    • You must use the tier system

    Now I could also advise using a pre-built npc village to expand on! You can not, however, use the things in the blacksmiths shop until you have unlocked them! Other than apples, bread and all that stuff. You unlock them since pre-tier 1 cuz you kinda need tham to survive!

    One last important thing! I am working on making the "collect this" things at the end of tiers more interesting... currently it is boring...

    Now, to the tiers:

    TIER 1: In the beginning

    You were sick of being taxed and taxed and taxed by your old government. You decide to move out of your old house and begin a new life in a unexplored land called minecraftia. You feel so much more free here! but you soon relize that there is no real estate agents and builders here... you must build your own place to live in!

    Rules for this tier:
    No tools!
    you can only use matirials you can gather with your hands! (wood, planks, dirt, sand, gravel etc.)

    Tier requirments (must complete to go to tier two):
    Build a house with at least:
    A workbench
    A chest
    A bedroom
    A loungeroom / living room

    TIER 2: a lonely life

    Now that you have a house you can begin surviving in this land of "minecraftia". You are doing well so far but you feel a bit lonely and depressed. You wish you could go back to your own land but you are completely lost here. Possibly forever. You decide that you are going to build a community of buildings and hopefully build your own town one day. You just need a way of communicating with the rest of the world to sell out these houses...

    Rules for tier:
    Wooden tools or hands only!
    You can start gathering things that can be broken with wooden tools!
    All buildings must be connected by a road or path!
    You can begin mining stone but you can not use stone tools!
    You can start mining coal and using it!

    Tier requirements (must complete to go to tier three):

    Buid at least two more houses with the same requirments as the first.
    Build a mine (shaft or strip mine)
    Add a furnace to every house.
    Build a lumbermill.
    Build a storage werehouse with at least 5 double chests.
    In your storage werehouse you should have:
    - a stack of 64 wood (not planks)
    - a stack of 64 cobblestone
    - one wooden pickaxe
    - one wooden hoe
    - one wooden axe
    - one wooden shovel
    - one wooden sword

    TIER 3: safety first!

    You have just finished bilding when, out of the blue, some people arrived. They said they had made the same mistake of moving out of civilization as you did. They want to move in to your town. They say it is amazing but not overly safe. You ask why. They say there is no police, fire station, or hospital! you realize how important safety is and begin making some services right now!

    Rules for tier:
    same as tier two but... you can You can use stone tools now! (just got that changed due to request)

    Tier requirements (must complete to go to tier 4) :

    A small medical clenic with:
    - A small waiting room with reception desk
    - A doctors office
    - A treatment bay with a bed and a working bench

    A small fire station with:
    - A reception room
    - A bed and entertainment room with 6 beds and some seats.
    - A garage

    A police staion with:
    - A reception room
    - Two cells

    Your storage werehouse must contain:
    - another stack of wood (not planks)
    - another stack of cobblestone

    TIER 4: A town

    You have been at this town building for a bit now and you got the saftey problem fixed but there is still some problems with your town. You need a town hall and some entertainment! Your citizens are also wanting more housing! Time to upgrade this village to a town!

    Rules for tier:
    All buildings must be connected by a road or path!
    You can begin mining iron but you can not use it!

    Tier reqirements:

    Build 3 more houses (same reqirements as the first!)
    Build a movie theater with at least:
    - A ticket booth
    - A food shop
    - A movie TV room thing (screen made of wool)
    Build a town hall with:
    - A main waiting room
    - A meeting room
    - A mayor's office
    - A town vault (with a chest of coarse)
    Your storeage werehouse must contain:
    - two stone pickaxes
    - two stone axes
    - two stone hoes
    - two stone shovels
    - two stone swords
    - 2 more stacks of 64 cobble
    - another stack of 64 wood (not planks)

    TIER 5: The iron revolution!
    Your townspeople are very happy with you. You have given them all the things they asked for. They no longer regret moving away from civilization. You are very popular. More poeple are beginning to want to move in. At this moment you have been down in the mines getting iron. Time to make some tools!

    Rules for tier:
    You can now use iron!
    All buildings must be connected by a road or path!

    Tier requirements:

    2 more houses (same reqirements as the first ones)
    The town vault must contain:
    - A iron pickaxe
    - A iron axe
    - A iron shovel
    - A iron sword
    - A iron hoe
    The storage werehouse must contain:
    - Another stack of 64 cobblestone
    - Another stack of 64 wood (not planks)

    TIER 6: a city?
    Your town is expanding dramatically! There is more and more people wanting to move in! This is great! There is one problem though... there is not enough housing for them all... this could be the time that your city will florish! Will you make it past this step? the other ones were just baby steps! Now you are onto the big guns! The other thing is... you are not too happy with your house... time to make a bigger one!

    Rules for the tier:
    All buildings must be connected by a road or path!
    You can start mining gold, diamond, redstone and lapis but you can not use them!

    Tier requirements:
    Build an apartment block with at least:
    - Eight apartments with:
    1. A living or lounge room
    2. A bedroom
    - at least two stories (best is probably 3)
    - A reception desk made of wood (not planks)
    - A stairway
    Build a mansion for yourself with at least:
    - two bedrooms
    - a main hall
    - a kitchen
    - two stories
    - a dining room / hall
    - a librery
    - a storage room (a basement, attic or just another room)
    Build your town a factory with:
    - at least 20 furnaces
    - a manager's office
    - a storage room
    - a crafting room with 10 crafting tables
    - factory chimmnies
    Build a motel with:
    - at least 5 rooms on top level
    - two stories
    - a bar on the bottem level with:
    - a bar desk made of wood (not planks)
    - 4 tables + chairs

    TIER 7 : Bulding up!
    Now, looking over your new town, or city, as you'll be calling it soon, you think to yourself that the idea of moving out of civilization wasn't such a bad idea after all. You also just relized the fact that how can you run a movie theater when all the movies being made are back in civilization, and the citizens of your town will, at one stage soon, get bored of watching the very same movies that they took with them out of civilization... you will need to soon get in touch with the world. The question is... how? There is no phone reception out here and that makes it impossible to just simply ring them and you haven't seen any planes or anything going by in the time that you have been here. But, that aside, the religeous means of the city are not very known due to the lack of a proper relegous building, and there is still barely enough people to run all the buildings in town... and there is kinda no food supply...

    Rules for tier!
    - no diamond and gold usage yet :(
    - Keep the buildings connected by roads please

    Build a church with at least:
    A bell tower a couple stories high.
    A main hall area with about 6 rows of seating.
    The area where the priest stands up the front (trying to find offical name)
    A graveyard outside (preferably fenced off)

    Build a smaller apartment block with all the same requirements as the first, but only needs 4 rooms instead of 10.

    You may want to build this next one far outside of town so later on it doesn't wreak up your city feel...

    Build a farm with at least:
    A farmhouse (derp) with the same requirements as the other houses.
    A wheat field, sugarcane field or animal paddock (or all of them if you want)

    You also need the following in your stockpile:
    20 Bread or 50 sugar or 20 animal meat (cooked)
    2 stacks of 64 cobble
    and joy to the world! You don't NEED to get any wood this time!

    TIER 7: Education and research.
    You were reading reports yesterday and you realise that you closest adviser can't spell is name right! Bob spells his own name "Bohb". You soon relise that while you had education back in the civilised world, they have grown up out here in the middle of nowhere. They need schooling... and fast. The other big problem is you plan to get your town noticed at some stage, so research may be required to build the technical what-not... some facility to do that in could be... more than useful...

    Rules for tier!
    -No diamond or gold can be used yet! But you should begin to get exited about that! (soon my friend)
    - Keep the buildings connected by roads please

    Tier requirements:

    Build a school with at least:
    - (this is not require but advised to look good) 2 stories
    - 4 classrooms that include:
    - 6 desks
    - Teacher's desk
    - some storage and some paintings
    - A headmaster's office
    - A staff room
    - Some toilets would be nice... so put them in.
    - and on top put a bell tower (with or without the bell)

    Build a research facility with at least:
    - 4 small offices with computers (check the new link below (minecraftfurniture.com) to know how to build something nice like a computer) (if you have some of the texturepacks listed at the bottom of page than place a pumpkin)
    - A testing chamber
    - A workroom with some crafting benches and later you can put fancy things like brewing stands and enchantment tables in here!
    - A kitchen for the workers

    More housing aswell!:

    An apartment with at least 6 rooms. This building has the usual apartment requirements.

    Holy damn... just seen this site... it is amazing!
    Minecraftfurniture.net! use this and you have some boss houses in no time! NO MODS!


    Recommended textures:
    http://www.planetmin...n-texture-pack/ 16x16
    http://www.planetmin...stcraft-rebith/ 16x16
    http://www.planetmin...e-pack-128x128/ 128x128
    http://www.planetmin...e-pack-256x256/ 256x256
    http://www.minecraft...hd-texturepack/ 128x128

    Well I am satisfied now because there are some videos to be watched! Here they are:



    Thank you to the youtuber(s) who made these videos! Remember to like and subscribe to their channels!

    I think ther is now quite a couple peole who are (or were) following it. If anyone of them is still active, then that is good news and it is basically guranteed that I will continue this.
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    Thx very much. I wanted the technic pack and (at this stage) it is not updated. so thx.
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    posted a message on [1.1.0][SMP] Dawn of the Modern World (thethirdmike's Mods)
    Love your mods. I was waiting for that smp too. thats very good you have it out. Gonna play with my friends.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Clay Soldiers Classic
    Dude why did you scrap this mod it was propbably ONE OF (not THE most sucsessful) your most sucsessful mods and you leave it for someone else to update? UMAD BRO?
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    posted a message on [Forge] TrainCraft (formerly Trains and Zeppelin mod)
    Damned download link server thingy... grrrrrrrr... can't play mod... i woke up at 3am and could get back to sleep because I couldn't stop thinking about what i'll hopefully do in this mod. man if this download isn't fixed soon... sssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS BOOOOOOOOOOOOM! I BLOW UR HOUSE UP LIKEY A CREEPER I GO BOOM AND MAKE U GOTZ NO DIAMONDS. don't get me wrong this is a good mod. otherwise I would be here seeing if this mod download is fixed. can't wait 'till this mod is working though. cuz I wanna play it and play it an play it. and play it some more. so just get the cursed sever download whatchamacallit thing fixed and i'll be happy. it has been broken for more than 24 hours now so i'm no happy.

    EDIT: well its not that u need to get it fixed but you need to turn it on again.
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    that is kinda good (not the part that it'll take 24 hours) i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this mod i have been waiting for ages (or at least it feels like it) for this. all i wanna do is build a huge train track and ride my train and the decorate near the train track and build lots of stations all over the place and then ride my train through it all.

    As long as you are detestable... otherwise I was just talking to somebody who doesn't even know when the link will be up...
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    Quote from wjykk

    Sorry about the problems. The link will be back up in 24 hours. I turned off the server as I went on vacation. I sincerely apologize about this.

    BTW, I am Detestable, it's just that I lost my account.

    that is kinda good (not the part that it'll take 24 hours) i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed this mod i have been waiting for ages (or at least it feels like it) for this. all i wanna do is build a huge train track and ride my train and the decorate near the train track and build lots of stations all over the place and then ride my train through it all.
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