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    posted a message on Need Programmers and Builders
    Minecraft Username: coolman79625
    What position are you applying for: Moderator
    Age: 21
    Have you RPed before? Yes
    Prior RP experience: LOTS Of Mc RP Servers
    Do you have a mic: No
    Do you have skype: Yes John Algie (Fake Name) :)
    Are you willing to use skype for voice chat: No
    Are you willing to use skype for IMing: Sure!
    Prior experience to the position you are applying for: 50+ Mods On Servers
    How much time do you have to commit to this project: 6 Hours A Day At Least!
    Why do you want to help with this project:I'm Looking For A GOOD RP Server To Call Home
    What qualifies you for this position: As I Said, 50+ Moderator On Servers
    Skills: Great Building, Simple Redstone, Medieval Knowlage, Love Of MC
    Examples of your work (optional): N/A
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    posted a message on Builders Needed | Big Job | Apply within!
    Time Zone:+10 (Sydney)
    Are you guying to abuse your creative mode powers: No Way!
    Some creations you've made? (Optional):Fully Furnished Skyscraper, Planetoids Server
    Have you got a microphone? (Optional): No
    Have you got skype? (Optional, easier contacting): Yes John Algie (Fake Name) :)
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    posted a message on New Great Server In the Making OPS NEEDED!
    In-Game Name: coolman79625
    Email: [email protected]
    Experience/Skills: Playing MC Since The 1st Version, On 50-ish Servers & REALY WANT TO BE A MOD!!!!!!!!!!!
    Other Info (optional): I Realy Like To Stop People Griefing, I Do NOT EVER Swere.
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