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    posted a message on 1.5.1 no diamonds?
    Diamonds occur in about 0.08% of blocks. This means that there is a 99.92% chance that a stone block would be not a diamond block.If you do the math, you will find out that: 0.9992 ^ 867 = 0.499......, and would be below 50%. This means you should check 867 blocks before you have a 50% chance of finding a diamond. Mining and uncovering twice that time of blocks will mean a 75% chance and so on.... Even a stone pick wouldn't be that slow.... if you mine in a 2x1 corridor fashion, each 2 blocks mined will uncover a total of 8 blocks(6 on surface areas, +2 mined). That means to uncover 867 < blocks you need to mine 218 stone blocks(of course, you need an iron pick to mine the diamonds!), which takes only about (0.5625 + 0.25) x 218 = approx. 177 seconds.)

    Consider this from the veins point of view..... on average you find about 6 diamonds in one go. Meaning you need to mine 6 times more blocks (6 x 218 = 1,308) and uncover a total of 6 x 872 = 5,232 blocks to get a 50% chance. This could be covered in 10 stone picks, a whole lot of patience and non-stop mining, a 654-block-long corridor with torches every 13 blocks at least, total about 50 torches.... the time taken would be about 15 minutes.

    You took 2 hours mining? I suppose lots of the time would be spent getting the supplies, and the pure amount of mining would be about an hour. Enough math and I will tell you what's wrong. You were in a load of bad luck. An hour of pure digging would mean you mine about 3,000 blocks(originally 4,500 but you need time to put torches and etc,so down to 3000) complete with 30-ish stone picks and 3 stacks of torches. You tunneled a 1,500 block long 2x1 corridor OR a 750 block long 2x2 corridor. The 2x1 corridor means you uncovered a total of 12,000 blocks, and the 2x2 means you uncovered a measly 9,000 blocks. Finding them in veins of 6, the probability of running into a vein would still be similar, so that means the average (50-50 split) split means you would have a 50% chance of running into a diamond every 867 blocks uncovered, and with 14 times much rock exposed, it means there is about 1 in 8,000 chance of not finding one diamond.

    Oh well, good luck next time.
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    posted a message on Anti Snow-Melting Light (Updated again)
    There's one flaw in the idea.....or was it intentional <if it is, it's pretty useless in my opinion> Remember you said 'light level 12'? Light level 12,13,14,15 is able to melt snow, but since the block itself is light level 12, the (air) blocks right next to it would be light level 11, already dim enough to not melt ice. I say that you should improve the light level to 15, make it slightly rarer(not too common - since it's easy to see from far away, I suggest the rarity of coal in caves, except that it would be more spread apart, not like the 50'ish clumps of coal veins.
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    posted a message on Bigger (toggle-able) World Size
    The current MC PE world is too small(256 x 256). I think that this is just way too small. Since smartphones and tablets' specs have been improved, I think they could handle bigger worlds. If they couldn't, why not make a setting to toggle the world size and generation?

    If you couldn't handle a bigger world(I doubt it with the new smartphone specs - nearly PC's from 4 years ago specs.), then you could nerf the settings. The size would be divided into 5 groups.

    1. Tiny(160 x 160 - 10 x 10 chunks)
    2. Small(256 x 256 - 16 x 16 chunks)
    3. Medium(384 x 384 - 24 x 24 chunks)
    4. Large(512 x 512 - 32 x 32 chunks)
    5. Gigantic(768 x 768 - 48 x 48 chunks)

    With the most up-to-date gadgets on the line, you could probably even use the 'Gigantic' option! If you can't, then toggle to smaller settings. If Minecraft PE is alreasy too bugged up, toggle to 'Tiny' to make the world 2.56 times smaller!

    *Note: Amount of blocks - Calculated as y=65(averaged) on all terrain

    1. Tiny: 1,664,000 blocks
    2. Small: 4,259,840 blocks
    3. Medium: 9,584,640 blocks
    4. Large: 17,039,360 blocks
    5. Gigantic: 38,338,560 blocks
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    posted a message on Nether Soul Ore - Next ore in the Nether than Quartz! [ Pictures ]
    Hey, use the 'Soul' concept. How about making a recipe for a spawn egg in survival? Take an item that is unique to the mob(Skel: Bones, Spider: String, Chicken: Chicken) then craft it with a Soul Gem to make a(or several) spawn egg(s).

    Also, tell me how rare it is. E.G: It's as rare as Iron, it occurs in 0.15% of Netherrack, it's 10 times rarer than quartz, etc

    How about this? An example:

    Nether Soul Ore: Occurs in 0.14%(1/5 th of Nether Quartz) of original Netherrack. Since the souls have a tendency to float up, it will not be formed below 32 blocks above from the great sea of lava.(y=64 or above) It is the only ore that height is restricted to y and over, not y and under. Netherrack is very easy to see in the Nether, so finding it might be less of a challenge compared to actually mining.

    It occurs in veins of 3~12, and the most common size is 6 and 8. This means you will, on average, find a vein in a 70 x 70 x 1 flat square surface.

    There are an average of 15 ores per chunk.
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    posted a message on Different Dispenser Strength based on Redstone Power
    OK, some of you may have not gotten the hang of it. You will see that when you activate redstone, it glows bright red and emits particles. As you travel further, these signals get weaker, until after 15 blocks, it kicks the bucket.(Unless a Redstone Repeater is used) My idea is to use that signal power to fire dispensers at different powers.

    I think it might be the most useful with arrow traps and lava/water, but there are other things too.

    < If you don't want to understand the formulas, don't. But I tell you that 1. It will give you better understanding, and 2. It's simple calculation you could do in your head.>

    <Levers and Buttons, and other Non-wire power sources provide power 15. The first redstone wire strip, also provides power 15. The second: 14. This is different when dealing with a daylight detector, since the initial power is also different.>

    1. Firing Items

    Items does not matter much. It will shoot slightly further and faster if the power is stronger. At full(15) strength, at the ground level, items are shot about 4 blocks' distance at about 8 m/s, which is similar to the current dispensing rate and speed. Then with each power decrease the speed will decrease by 0.4m/s, and the distance decreasing by 0.2 meters, until at power 1(faintest) it only shoots at a slow, sluggy 2.4m/s and dropping 1.2 meters down at the feet. The speed is coded, but the distance is not, meaning that if the dispenser is perched high, it could travel further.

    2. Firing Lava/Water

    Couldn't find a safe way to dispense lava/water far away? Always wondered why did they always fire straight at the next block? Right. At full strength(15), it is shot 5 blocks away.

    The formula for determining the fire distance is this:

    S = (Power / 3)

    rounded up. This means Power 13~15 will fire lava five blocks away, and Power 1~3 just as same as before, 1 blocks.

    3. Firing TNT

    Yes, you could fire TNT with dispensers, although this was dangerous to the dispenser at least since it sat right in front of the dispenser, then BOOM!

    Now I am thinking of one of the two solutions.

    1. Spawn the TNT entity based on power. A full-power signal fires it 8 blocks(15 / 2, rounded up) from the dispenser. If fired with average(8) signal, it will fire 4 blocks. The weakest signal will only fire it next to it.

    2. It is shot with a velocity calculated by a formula.(Something like /2 then round up) In simple words, it shoots ignited TNT into the air to fall down a distance, varied by the speed.

    4. Spawning Mobs

    Only useful in creative, but something to make it more realistic and faintly humorous at the same time. The distance from the dispenser is equal to the power, meaning a full-power signal will fire it 15 blocks from the player, nearly out of reach for the mobs, but not quite..... The mobs will spawn exactly the said block from the dispenser, unless a solid block is in its place. This time, the mob will fail to spawn and emit smoke / spawn at the top level available for that place(finding out which is better).

    5. Firing Arrows

    This is the one I designed it for. Honestly, arrows did too little damage before, lousy 3(1.5 hearts) damage which is hardly fatal unless you have them in huge numbers. Of course, it should not be overpowered, so I was thinking of this:

    Damage of Arrows(HP) = Power / 3 + 1, rounded down.

    Wait, don't you remember? That formula's almost exactly the same as the formula mentioned in Number 2(Lava/Water). The only difference is the +1 and the 'rounded down' part. But this means an extra HP damage for multiples of three, like this:

    Power : Damage

    15~15 : -6(3 hearts)
    12~14 : -5(2.5 hearts)
    09~11 : -4(2 hearts)
    06~08 : -3(1.5 hearts)
    03~05 : -2(1 hearts)
    01~02 : -1(0.5 hearts)

    Honestly, -6(3 hearts) damage is something more reasonable. That might as give the mobs a hard whippin'!

    Now, when you gone through the post, and maybe the math, then POST YOUR THOUGHTS!!!
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    posted a message on Hell Spider
    I might think that would make it too challenging, don't you think....?
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    posted a message on Hell Spider
    Well, some of you might think, "we have a cave spider and a normal spider.... why another spider?" Well, you might as well say, "theres a skelly why add a wither skelly", and "theres a slimecube why add a magmacube".

    Anyway, now I will explain the Hell Spider.

    Hell Spider:

    The size is the same as the regular spider.(1.5x1.5x1) It has an orange, magma cube-skinned color with bright red eyes, and they have 24(12 hearts) HP.

    Spawn: They will spawn quite rarely in light levels 7 or lower, since they need to pass a 1 in 4 random test, making it 4 times rarer than Zombie Pigmen, or about 1/2~1/4 of spiders in the overworld.

    (*Normal spiders does not change into a hell spider once it enters the nether. It will be a seperate mob, and shares a different mob ID.)

    Behavior: Hell spiders can climb up walls like normal spiders, but now they can also crawl over ceilings. Apart from the normal pouncing, they will have a 'long pounce', which means it will charge the jump for 2~2.5 seconds by stopping and slightly shaking, then it will jump high in the air and jump a whole 10 blocks horizontally, and 5 blocks into the air. But it will not take fall damage and fire/lava damage, just like normal nether mobs.

    It has a detect radius of 32, not the normal 16, but they will spawn 48 blocks away instead of the normal 24 blocks.

    It will be neutral in sufficient light levels, coded, but since their initial spawn is lower than 7, and in the Nether, there is no night and day, it will almost always be hostile, unless when the spider detects the player, it is standing in a position that is light level 10 or brighter.

    They will drop 5 experience upon death, 0~3 string, and a 50% chance of a Spider eye.

    Attack Strength: Hell spiders have the strongest attack of all arachnid mobs. It will deal:

    Easy: 3(1.5 hearts) + Fire(4 sec, -2 hearts over time)
    Normal: 4(2 hearts) + Fire(8 sec, -4 hearts over time)
    Hard: 5(2.5 hearts) + Fire, (12 sec, -6 hearts over time)

    and an extra fire effect which could be potentially dangerous. Its normal attack will have the normal knockback, but the long pounce will deal a frightening amount of knockback, easily driving the player over long falls.

    Other Behavior: Hell spiders will jump through the Nether Portal if the player is across it, or if the pursuing player had gone through the portal. But as it passes through, the neutrality is reset, meaning if it is day in the overworld, it will turn neutral.

    The redeeming effect is that Hell spiders could sometimes(not too common) crush and attack Zombie Pigmen while pursuing the player, meaning that the Zombie Pigman would attack the offending spider and killing it in a few blows. The other Zombie Pigmen nearby will be unaltered.

    Trivia: Hell Spider Jockeys could be made, but not Hell Wither Spider Jockeys. It will have a 1% chance of spawning with a normal skeleton on its back.
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    posted a message on New Enchantment : Exploding Snap
    OK, here I go.

    The enchantment 'Exploding Snap' was coined from the Harry Potter series, where underage wizards play a game of 'exploding snap'. Anyway, the thing itself is simple.

    The arrows you shoot will have an explosive property to them, depending on the grade. But this enchantment will be almost impossible to obtain from the Enchantment Table, requiring level 25 or higher at least, and still is twice rarer than 'Infinity I' in level 30. The best way to obtain such an enchantment is 'crafting' the Enchanted Book via crafting table then applying it.

    Exploding Snap I: Force = 2(1/2 of TNT), max damage 33(16.5 hearts), point blank<Max. res 17>
    Exploding Snap II: Force = 3(3/4 of TNT), max damage 49(24.5 hearts), point blank<Max. res 25>
    Exploding Snap III: Force = 4(equal to TNT), max damage 65(32.5 hearts), point blank<Max. res 34>

    This explosion doesn't affects the landscape too much as it affects mobs, since the explosion value on the blocks is lessened to 1/2, meaning 'Exploding Snap I' will deliver a force of 1, the same as a ghast fireball.

    When this enchantment is combined with the 'Flame' enchantment, the shot arrow will light fire on the explosion site, like a Bed explosion or a Ghast Fireball. It cannot be used together with 'Infinity', since the bow will be overpowered too much.

    Each shot will consume 4 arrows instead of one, since the other 3 is 'seemingly used' for flint-ing the explosion.
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    posted a message on New Diverse Difficulty
    I honestly think the Difficulty in Minecraft is too bland now. Honestly, the only differences are mob health and slightly more attributes. There were other ideas as well but there was something different about mine.......

    * You could make it into a default difficulty by setting 'Difficulty Choice: Default', presumably under 'Difficulty : XXXX' part.

    Don't worry as I brought up a way to enjoy the normal default difficulties in Minecraft. Like this:

    Normal(changed to this when difficulty setting is changed)

    Just Pie
    Plain(like 'easy)
    Normal(changed to this when difficulty setting is changed)

    * Detect range is written in the normal mobs' range. Endermen will detect 4 times that value, and Ghasts, 6.25 times.


    Very simple. Just one notch above peaceful.
    Mobs spawn (very rarely) and have a search radius of 8 blocks, but they will not damage you. They will only spawn in light level 4 or less. Although, they will still knock you back. Creepers will only explode the terrain and will do no direct damage. Spiders can climb walls and pounce, but this will not directly damage the player. But normal damage is applied, although slightly weaker.

    The health bar will heal 1(0.5 hearts) every 2 seconds when the hunger bar is above 14. There's seemingly no 'starving'.

    Fall Damage: Weakened. Damage = (Fallen Height - 3) x (2/3). Rounded up
    This means you will survive up to a 32-block fall, not 22 blocks.

    Lava Damage: Weakened. Damage = 3(1.5 hearts) per 0.5 sec - normally 4(2 hearts) / 0.5 secs

    Suffocation Damage: Normal.

    Drowning Damage: Normal.

    Experience Gained: +0 per mob slain

    Just Pie:

    One notch above Scaredy-Cat. Mobs spawn more commonly, but still rare. All environmental damage beside lava(still 3/0.5 sec) is returned to normal.

    Health will regenerate 1 HP every 3 seconds when the hunger bar is above 15. And when starving, you will only get damaged down to 7 hearts.

    Mobs will have a search radius of 12 blocks, and they spawn 32 blocks away. They will spawn in light level 5 or less. They will knock you back and will have a very frail attack. All mobs apart from the Creeper and the Zombie Pigman will deal 0.5 hearts of damage. Creepers will deal 4 hearts of damage in point-blank range, or in other words, damage reduced by 1/6. Zombie Pigmen will deal an average of 0.75 hearts / hit, which will be accomplished by 50% 0.5 heart damage, and 50% 1 heart damage.

    Skeletons will shoot arrows from 6 blocks away, not 8, and their aim is sloppy. Creepers will wait 2.5 seconds before detonating.(not 1.5)

    Ghasts' fireballs will not explode, but will light surrounding areas on fire the same.

    Zombie Pigmen will only get angry from a range of 6 blocks, not 32(normally), meaning the fight will be easier.
    Experience Gained: +1 per mob slain(+2 for Blaze)


    Similar to default Easy. Mobs will spawn from 32 blocks away, and will have a detect range of 12 or 16 blocks, random. They will spawn in light level 6 or less. Their attacks are the same as an 'Easy' difficulty attack, except for Zombie Pigmen, which is 'nerfed' to 2 hearts, not 2.5. From this difficulty, all environmental damage will be normal.

    Health will regenerate 1 HP / 4 seconds(default rate) when the hunger bar is 16 or higher.

    Spider Jockeys can now spawn, taking the place of 0.5% of spiders(not 1%). Wither Skeletons will not give the player with the Wither effect.

    Skeletons will snipe from a distance of 8 blocks(normal 10 - 15 starting from 1.5), and will have more accurate aim than 'Just Pie'.

    Ghast fireballs will explode as normal.

    Zombie Pigmen will get angry from a range of 10 blocks.

    As of this difficulty, Zombies can now set players on fire.

    They have a 5% chance of being able to pick dropped items.

    And lastly, this is the last difficulty where the Cave Spider will not poison the player.
    Experience Gained: +3 per mob slain(+7 for Blaze)

    This is essentially the same as normal normal. Mobs will spawn from 24 blocks away and will have a detect range of 16 blocks. They will spawn in a light level of 7 or less.

    There's only one key difference. Health will heal 1 HP / 4 sec when the hunger bar is 18 or less, but at 17, the healing will keep going(at a slower rate : 1 HP / 7 sec).

    They will have a 15% chance of being able to pick up dropped items.

    Otherwise, DUH.

    As of 1.5, starting from this difficulty, Zombies will swarm you.
    Experience Gained: +5 per mob slain(+10 for Blaze)

    Now we're getting somewhere. Mobs will hit quite hard, 0.5 hearts weaker than the default 'Hard', except for Spiders, which stay the same.

    Creepers will hide, although slowly, when a player looks at it.

    Mobs will spawn 24 blocks away from the player, and will have a detect range of 20 blocks. Spiders and Cave Spiders will remain at 16 blocks. They will spawn when the light level is 8 or less.

    Creeper and other explosions will damage the player by an extra +30%(bit weaker than Hard -> +50%). Cave Spiders will poison the player for 12 seconds(-4 hearts damage).

    Health will regenerate at a rate of 1 HP / 4 sec when the hunger bar is 18 or less.

    Skeletons will now shoot from 12 blocks away(16 after 1.5) and will have significant aim.

    Spider Jockeys will now spawn with a rate of 1.5%, not 1%, and it will be harder.

    They will have a 33% chance of being able to pick up dropped items.

    The greatest attribute given to mobs is that Zombies and Zombie Pigmen will be able to break certain blocks by its touch.(not all: randomized. 20% of Zombies and Zombie Pigmen will be able to do this, except for Zombies and Wooden Doors: 50%)

    Sand/Dirt: in 5 seconds
    Leaves: in 2 seconds
    Netherrack: in 4 seconds
    Gravel: in 5 seconds
    Grass: in 6 seconds
    Wooden Door: in 10 seconds

    They will break blocks by 0.1 hardness/second(except for Door), and will only be able to break the ones mentioned above.

    Now, their mob health will be raised. Zombies / Skeletons / Creepers / ETC with 20(10 hearts):
    Now 25(12.5 hearts). Endermen: 50(25 hearts). Spiders: 20(10 hearts), Cave Spiders: 16(8 hearts).
    Experience Gained: +7 per mob slain(+14 for Blaze, +10 for Endermen)

    Mind you, be careful. Now mob damage and environmental damage will increase. The mobs will spawn from 28~32 blocks away(randomized, and more common). They will detect you from 24 blocks away. Now almost all mobs will scurry faster, and even a bunch of slow sluggish Zombies ain't so slow anymore. Spiders cannot be outrun without sprinting, and even when sprinting, the distance increase will be slow....... they will spawn in a light level of 8 or less.

    Creepers will now hide fastly when sneaking at the player. And worse, their attacks are strong, strong, strong. Now mobs will not optionally despawn until 72 blocks out of the player, and will not instantly despawn until 256 blocks away.

    Health will generate at a rate of 1 HP / 4 sec in 20 hunger, and 1 HP / 6 sec in 19 hunger. In 18 hunger, it will only heal at a near-zero 1 HP / 20 sec.

    Fall Damage: Normal.
    Lava Damage: Stronger. 5(2.5 hearts)/ 0.5 second.
    Suffocation Damage: Normal.
    Drowning Damage: Normal, but has underwater knockback, making it harder to get on land.

    Whoops! The tools' durability will be cut down to 75%.

    Gold: 33 -> 25
    Wood: 60 -> 45
    Stone: 132 -> 99
    Iron: 251 -> 188
    Diamond: 1562 -> 1172.

    Now Zombies and Zombie Pigmen will break more blocks, and faster.

    Sand/Dirt/Gravel/Grass: 3 seconds
    Leaves: 1 second
    Snow: 1 second
    Netherrack: 2 seconds
    Soul Sand: 2.5 seconds
    Pumpkin: 6 seconds
    Melon: 6 seconds
    Crops: 3 seconds
    Fence Door: 6 seconds
    Trapdoor: 7 seconds
    Wooden Door: 8 seconds
    Wood: 12 seconds

    Whoa! Their damage is +75% stronger than normal difficulty, rounded to the nearest half-heart.
    Their mob health will be raised further.

    20-health mobs: Now 32(16 hearts)
    Creeper: Now 26(13 hearts)
    Endermen: Now 64(32 hearts)
    Spider: Now 24(12 hearts)
    Cave Spider: Now 20(10 hearts)

    Cave Spiders will poison the player for 15 seconds(-5 hearts), and both spiders will now be able to change direction mid-climb. So if you form an overhang, block ALL the gaps, not half.

    Now, they will have a 60% chance of being able to pick up dropped items.
    Experience Gained: +10 per mob slain(+20 per Blaze, +15 per Enderman)


    One of the top two difficulties. They will detect the player from an astonishing 32 blocks away. They will spawn from 36~40 blocks away.

    Spider Jockeys are not too much of a rare sight. 3% of all spiders will spawn this way. Skeletons will be able to snipe from 24 blocks away, and Spiders are slightly faster than the player sprinting. Now they will be able to climb up over hangs and crawl on the ceiling! AHH! Cave Spiders will poison the player for 22 seconds(-7.5 hearts).

    Luckily, the monsters' health will not rise further. But their attacks are 2.5 times stronger than Normal, meaning a Zombie will hit you with 12(6 hearts) of damage. Even frail ol' spiders will deal 2.5 hearts of damage, and all mobs could and will pick up items.


    Zombie = 12(6 hearts)
    Skeleton = 10(5 hearts)
    Spider = 5(2.5 hearts)
    Creeper = 123(61.5 hearts) at point-blank range
    Endermen = 18(9 hearts)
    Cave Spider = 3(1.5 hearts) + 22 sec poison
    Slime Big = 10(5 hearts)
    Slime Medium = 5(2.5 hearts)
    Slime Small = 1(0.5 hearts)
    Ghast = 43(21.5 hearts) at point-blank range
    Zombie Pigman = 22(11 hearts)
    Wither Skeleton = 22(11 hearts) + Wither Effect
    Magma Big = 15(7.5 hearts)
    Magma Medium = 8(4 hearts)
    Magma Small = 4(2 hearts)
    Blaze Fire = 17(8.5 hearts)
    Blaze Contact = 20(10 hearts)
    Silverfish = 4(2 hearts)
    Ender Dragon = 25(12.5 hearts)


    Mobs spawn from 40 blocks away, and they will detect the player from 40 blocks away. Wait, 40 blocks? Yes. Mobs will know where you are right from spawning. They will deal 3.75~5 times normal damage, except for Skeletons, Ghasts, and Blazes. and every block will be broken by Zombies, Skeletons(yes, skellies too), and Zombie Pigmen as if they are human hands, except Stone and Cobble will be broken faster: 2.25 and 3 sec respectably.

    Cave Spiders will poison the player for 45 seconds(if you don't know how strong the effects are, drink a Potion of Poison to find out.

    33% of mobs spawn with armor. The armor is random(11% leather, 11% gold, 6% chain, 4% iron, 1% diamond). And all mobs available for item picking will pick up dropped items. They hit hard and skeletons snipe from 28 blocks away. Be careful. Zombies will automatically hoarde around the player since that's how they attack, even when not hit.

    Zombie = 19(9.5 hearts)
    Skeleton = 16(8 hearts)
    Spider = 8(4 hearts)
    Creeper = 196(98 hearts) at point-blank range
    Endermen = 30(15 hearts)
    Cave Spider = 6(3 hearts) + 45 sec poison
    Slime Big = 18(9 hearts)
    Slime Medium = 8(4 hearts)
    Slime Small = 3(1.5 hearts)
    Ghast = 68(34 hearts) at point-blank range
    Zombie Pigman = 40(20 hearts)
    Wither Skeleton = 36(18 hearts) + Wither Effect
    Magma Big = 24(12 hearts)
    Magma Medium = 12(6 hearts)
    Magma Small = 6(3 hearts)
    Blaze Fire = 27(13.5 hearts)
    Blaze Contact = 32(16 hearts)
    Silverfish = 6(3 hearts)
    Ender Dragon = 45(22.5 hearts)
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    posted a message on Concrete - Anti-Creeper block, easier to get than Obsidian
    Not bad, but too easy to get as of now. It should be harder, like "obtain clay blocks then smelt stone. Then make it like this, and craft it in a crisscross pattern:

    S C S
    C S C
    S C S

    B= Stone(not Cobble)
    C= Clay Block

    Equals 4(or 8?) concrete.

    You should write it so that it becomes more specific. How high is the blast resistance? How hard is it? What is required to break?

    Like this(example):

    blast resistance = 80(can only be blasted by 'Lightning Creeper', nothing less powerful)

    Hardness = 12(Wood Pick or higher.)
    Wood Pick: 9.0 sec.
    Stone Pick: 4.5 sec.
    Iron Pick: 3.0 sec.
    Diamond Pick: 2.25 sec.
    Gold Pick: 1.5 sec.

    Concrete is the very strongest block that is able to be destroyed by(only certain) explosions.<With out mods>
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    posted a message on Improving worlds and aspects in PE
    I think that the world in PE is way too boring and monotonous. Sure you have a few biomes and some cacti apart from that boring stretch of trees and few caves, lava, and limited ore.

    When Pocket Edition was first made in mid-2011, and began its rise in early~mid-2012, the pocket platform wasn't quite the same as now. PCs change and evolve and their systems go higher and faster, and their CPUs and RAMs and Video cards improve as well. The smartphone platform is the same, evolving and jumping and striding up the great hill...

    But how far has the game improved from the World side? Sure we've tweaked and fixed bugs, which I appreciate, but I think there is a reason to (at least optionally) expand the world size, adding some simple structures(at least...),implementing ol' PC mobs or coining up a new one, more diverse terrain, the likes!

    1. World Size

    In August 16, 2011, Pocket Edition 0.1.0 came out, and introduced some biomes, although bland bland bland, and made the World Size to 256 x 256 blocks with a height limit of 128. I think you should at least add an option about world size, so that players will get an option.

    1. 192 x 192(eXtra Small)
    2. 256 x 256(Small)
    3. 384 x 384(Medium)
    4. 512 x 512(Large)
    5. 768 x 768(eXtra Large)

    FIVE world sizes. That might quench up some performance issues "Man the worlds so big it lags like nether in my phone".

    And after that, at the world selection screen, you will see the world size as well.

    2. Difficulty

    I'm sick of bland bland bland Normal difficulty. To a beginner, this is too much of a challenge. To a skilled player, it's way too easy. "what zombies dont break stupid doors??? noob zombie"

    And in almost all occasions(at least in Survival), Peaceful will successfully ruin the challenge. If you don't want mobs its okay. But if you do want slightly easier mobs or more challenging ones, you'll need them!

    Essentially the aspect's the same. The damages are lower, and mobs perform less threatening actions in Easy, and the opposite in Hard.

    3. More Caves and Lakes

    OK, maybe my 'structure' is a bit unrealistic in the current versions of PE. But you can add caves and lava without too much difficulty.(at least, easier than structures)

    In PC edition the cave system's pretty much a Swiss Cheese, and in current PE there's almost no cave. You could tweak it so that it will have a medium amount of caves. And then you already have the ocean and water lakes, but almost no lava lakes. Honestly, there's only one? Sometimes zero, a very small lava lake. Where are the great 'labrynthine' of the PC lava lakes?

    Also, exploring caves will add a new way to explore and dig up ores, not to mention the extra challenge! Lava lakes ensures the player be at guard while digging D's, if you don't pay attentioned, you're boiled.

    *The great lava lakes and caverns could be added once you have a BUCKET!!! And an infinite water source...?
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    posted a message on Make Iron rare again
    Your 'abundance' is just a gut feel. Pre-1.8 had the same amount of Iron as 1.4.7. But here is an issue I want to talk over.

    Coal: layer 128, 1.15%
    Redstone: layer 16, 0.95%
    Iron: layer 64, 0.75%
    Gold: layer 32, 0.14%
    Lapis Lazuli: layer 32, 0.09%
    Diamond: layer 16, 0.08%
    Emerald: layer 32, 0.05%

    Great, Iron's not too common, but quite. But then, you will see than the drop rate from Iron -> Gold is too steep. See:

    Coal = x1.2 Red
    Red = x1.2 Iron
    Iron = x5.3 Gold
    Gold = x1.5 Lapis
    Lapis = x1.1 Diamond
    Diamond = x1.6 Emerald

    Man, just look at it. The others have a climb/fall rarity of x1.2~x1.5 or so. But Gold is FIVE times rarer than Iron, although it is just one grade lower in the rarity scale.

    I think your idea might be acceptable, especially after finding out how chaoticly high Iron Ore's concentration is, but your topic post could not persuade the forum members. I half-support the idea, but I do not support your reasons.

    Maybe it might be better if its veins are about the same, but you reduce it a little, so that Iron is something more like 0.5~0.6% and Gold is something more like 0.18% or so.
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    posted a message on My practical way to combat mobs(currently 6 listed)
    8% armor isn't quite enough to block 1 full health in a 7-damage attack(avg. 6.44 pts).

    This means Minecraft is going to deal with deducting a point at some times, and delivering the full damage at other times, so that the average will become an 8% protection.

    As of now there is a slightly larger chance of deduction(I'd say 55% or so), but the full points of damage might mean the Zombie could take:

    7-6-7(-1 damage, 3 hits), 6-7-7(-1 damage, almost never, 3 hits), 6-7-6-1(-2 damage, 3+1 hits), or 6-6-7-1(-2 damage,rare, 3+1 hits).
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    posted a message on Beardless Notch?
    That isn't Notch. The video is basically wrong.

    1. Notch's beard is unshavable. It's part of himself, his character, his thinking, his speech, his powers...... all down the drain, at least temporarily.

    2. Notch's beard has a special something in it. Something so simple as an electric clipper(or whatever you call it) could not shave real Notch's beard.

    Maybe that's Notch's long lost brother..... and came here to show the world how 'Notch' looks much younger when he shaves his beard. Honestly I expected 'Notch' to be about 50 years old, born in the mid 1960s. Surprised to know he's only in his mid thirties(born 1979).

    Anyway, good job shaving that beard, 'Fool's Notch'!
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    posted a message on The Creep...?
    OK, I devised a plan about the Creep, which is essentially a great big creeper with special abilities. Yes, I know what you're thinking. "Oh great another nut that just comes up to say WE NEED KING CREEPERS THAT BLOWS UP OUR ­." Right?

    Think of it this way..... I know that idea is frowned upon a lot, but this guy, has some strange stuff going on as well. If I'd really posted just an enlarged creeper, I'd know that you would go saying "GO 2 HELL" and that random swearing stuff.

    It's not any stupid giant creeper that just blows up ­. In fact, you'll have to think of some strategies to fight this one. You'll see........

    Name: The Creep

    Size: 7.5 x 3 x 3 blocks(meters). It is 4 times taller and 5 times wider than average creepers.

    Detect Radius: Anywhere, but it will stop being hostile once the player is more than 128 blocks away. You will notice it by the Creep's health bar disappearing, and any projectile(arrows, etc) that could reach the target will not damage the Creep. TNT projectiles, however, will not cancel itself, so be wary.

    Aggresive Radius: Within the pyramid borders at first time, within 128 blocks if recently turned passive(less than 6,000 ticks, or 300 seconds. If it turned passive for a longer period of time, the radius will be reduced to 80 blocks.

    Appearance: Essentially, it is just like a creeper shape, except it is slightly fatter.

    Health: 280(140 hearts)

    Summary: This mob will spawn on top of a Desert Pyramid, but will be passive until you hit this mob on top of the pyramid. This is a signal that would awaken the Creep, to lash out its horrors from several millenia ago.......

    Its starting part is similar to the wither. The creep will have an active health bar above the screen, just like Ender Dragons and Withers. It will start from zero and start to fill up. Electricity will course through the Creep making it look distictively like a charged (lightning) creeper, and the outline of the mob will be clearer with every second passing. You'll have to get away from the site as quickly as possible.

    The Creep, once fully healed, will spin around and generate a mass of Obsidian in a 25-block diameter circle viewed from above right above the terrain, centered on itself. so that it covers it. Spinning like a mob spawner, then after 200~399 ticks(10~20 sec), it will swell up and.... BOOM! The fight has begun.

    1. Blowing it self up like a creeper:

    Yes, simple. It has a blast strength that far surpasses even the Wither. The obsidian will be safe, and the Creep and creepers undamaged, but it will damage anything else. It has a blast strength of 16 at default. How strong is it? It is capable of blowing up blocks that have a blast resistance of up to 300(no such block exists currently). And a direct explosion will deal a whopping 255(127.5 hearts) points of damage. Layers of stone will be shattered like sand after a creeper attack.(Up to 3~5 layers deep with 6~8 block-wide craters.

    It will blow itself up when a player is detected within 12 blocks of itself. This is the actual size of the obsidian circle, although the creep will wander around for the target. This means it will be impossible to have melee approaches while this is enabled.
    2. Spawning creeper packs

    It will shoot a projectile like an enlarged creeper head, and will sail toward the place it was shot to in a straight line, disobeying physics. It will travel at a relatively slow speed(4 m/s), just about the player walking. When it crashes to the ground or into an entity, it will spawn a pack of creepers, randomly determined-(10% chance of 2 creepers, 50% chance of 4 creepers, 30% chance of 6 creepers, and 10% chance of 8 creepers). This means you won't be fighting the creep alone.

    It will shoot creeper pack projectiles once per 600~899 ticks(30~45 seconds) in default, and will vary as phases continue. It will send 4 projectiles per attempt, in a cross fashion, generally aiming at the direction of the player. When this happens the creep will instantly restore its health - (a random number, with 10 health(5 hearts) being the highest probability at default).
    3. Real-living TNT cannons

    Yes. It will shoot TNT that behaves similarly to normal TNT, with one difference. It will blow up instantly when it hits an entity, and pause 15 ticks(0.75 sec) before detonation if it landed/crashed on a block. If it crashed on a wall, etc. It will fall for 0.75 seconds before exploding. This is the Creep's dominant and handy attack. The TNT projectiles will shoot toward the general direction of the player when it was first shot, and travel at a faster rate of 8 m/s(this is as fast as a powered minecart). If it doesn't hit anything, it will keep going on until
    it hits anything or until it floats out of 192 blocks from the origin point(not the creep's current location).

    This TNT will damage terrain just like any other TNT, and damage players with the same power as player/mob activated TNT. It will damage all mobs except for itself and the creepers. It will shoot TNT projectiles once every 50 to 99 ticks(2.5 to 5 seconds) in default, and it will become more common as the phases continue.
    4. Spawning a ghast for aid

    This is simple. It will be explained later. The main idea is that it will spawn a ghast(or several) for its aid. The ghast fireball will not damage the creep, and will be shot toward the player. It will not happen in the early first phase.

    So, I'm sure that's what at least half of the forums are thinking. "So its basically a half-creeper, and a half-wither? I think I will just play with my own wither thank you very much", or something like that. But it has phases as well.

    Phase 1. Over 50%(141 ~ 280 health)

    This is the default phase. It is also the (relatively) least aggressive stage. It will have the following abilities.

    1. It will blow itself up with a strength of 16(damage 255, blast res. 300) when the player is 12 blocks away or less. This will not damage the creep, and any creepers in the vicinity.
    2. It will shoot a creeper pack projectile every 30 to 45 seconds in four directions, which will spawn a pack of 2,4,6, or 8 creepers.
    3. It will heal itself 5 to 15 health when 2. happens, with the average of 10 health.
    4. It will shoot TNT towards the player every 2.5 to 5 seconds.

    Phase 2. Getting Lower(85 ~ 140 health)

    This is the slightly more aggressive phase. It will do the following:

    1. It will blow itself up with a strength of 16 when the player is 16 blocks away or less. Others, the same applies as the 1. on phase one.
    2. It will shoot a creeper pack projectile every 25 to 40 seconds in 4~6 directions, which will spawn a pack of 4,6,8 creepers.
    3. It will heal itself 5 to 15 health when 2. happens, with the average of 10 health.
    4. It will shoot TNT towards the player every 2 to 4.5 seconds. If it directly hits the player, it will be healed by 7 health(3.5 hearts)
    5. It will attempt to summon one ghast for its aid every 20~30 seconds. If a ghast already exists, it will not be summoned.

    Phase 3. Getting Desperate(36 ~ 84 health)

    By this time, the Creep becomes very aggressive,and will go to any lengths to attack you.

    1. It will blow itself up with a strength of 20(5 times TNT) when the player is 16 blocks away or less.
    2. It will frequently spawn creeper packs via head projectile every 15 to 30 seconds in 8 directions, which will spawn a pack of 4,6,8, or 12 creepers.
    3. It will heal itself 3 to 10 health when 2. happens, with the average of 6.5 health.
    4. It will shoot TNT towards the player every 1.8 to 3.5 seconds. If the TNT damages the player, the creep will be healed by 3 health(1.5 hearts). If the TNT hits the player directly, the Creep will be healed by 15 health(7.5 hearts).
    5. It will attempt to summon two ghasts for its aid every 15~25 seconds. If 2 or more ghasts exist, it will not be summoned. If it is less than two, the Creep could still summon two ghasts, resulting in the Creep, its TNT, and up to 3 Ghasts with its fireball attacks. Chaos indeed!
    6. It will attempt to try the 'spark attack' which will 'consume the explosive powers into electicity and shooting them'. It will perform this trick randomly once in 15~30 seconds. The Creep will stop bombarding TNT for 3 seconds, and the electric aura around it will grow. Then it will let out a volley of lightning-like bolts that damages the player by 4 hearts regardless of armor(although Protection enchantments will work). There will be a warining thin white beam followed by a sudden BOOM and a thick white beam of energy.

    Phase 4. It's not gonna go peacefully(1 ~ 35 health)

    By now it is almost dead, but it will now ferociously wham on the player using lots of strategies.

    1. It will blow itself up with a strength of 24(6 times TNT) randomly, every 15 to 20 seconds.
    2. It will spawn creeper packs that will not spread. It will home in close to the player forming massive colonies of creepers. Each pack would contain 6,8, or 12 creepers(oh no!)
    3. It will not heal itself, but it will strengthen the spawned creepers so that their health will increase from 20 to 24 health.
    4. It will shoot TNT at pretty much any direction in a circle, and the player's direction comes once every 1.5 to 2 seconds, resulting in massive terra-destruction unless specially protected.
    5. It will summon five ghasts, twice. The first is when the Creep enters this last phase. The second is when the Creep goes below 20 health. As long as a ghast is alive, the Creep cannot be killed(although its health could be lowered to 1).
    6. It will keep on trying the spark attack. The gap will be reduced from 15~30 to 10~20 seconds.
    7. It will make certain blocks disappear. The Creep will randomly destroy a column of blocks so that it becomes 8 blocks deep, random, centered around the player in a 10 radius fashion.


    Once the creep is killed, the figure will dissipate again wafting white smoke particles, similar to mob death 'smoke'. The death animation will take about 6 seconds, then its whole form will 'puff' up, leaving the drops behind. The obsidian will be gone, but some of them will be itemized as a drop of the Creep. It will be a key to the Nether, potentially.

    Probably the issue about less creepers spawning is just a rumor......


    32~64 Sandstone
    48~96 Sand
    48~96 Gunpowder
    24~36 Glowstone Dust
    16~24 Redstone Dust
    12~18 Obsidian
    4~6 Iron Ingots
    4~6 Creeper Head
    2~3 Gold Ingots
    2~3 Bowls
    2~3 Golden Apples(normal)
    2~3 Bread
    1~2 Diamonds
    1~2 TNT
    1~2 Emeralds

    4,000 experience.(Comes in 21 orbs: 10 orbs of 100 xp, 10 orbs of 200 xp, 1 orb of 1,000 xp)

    <Explanation: This is the creep's natural drops PLUS the loot he had accumulated in its lifetime, several millenia ago....>
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