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    Quote from xxking882xx»

    Don't put that in here, Mathioks was against NBT hacking on his mod. You're basically disrespecting by putting it on his forum.

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    I haven't done this in quite a while... a suggestion list for the mod.

    1. Sharingan once activated should boost Taijutsu... You should see how much it boosted in the stats box but with a different colored font. This will be a thing until you reach the third tomoe. Same with Sage mode and Byakugan.

    2. Sage mode being able to sense people, a bit like the Byakugan... This won't make the Byakugan useless, its just a way to have the same abilities the Byakugan has if you weren't born a Hyuga. If you're born a Hyuga then, easier for you... you get it immediately.

    3. If you have Sharingan enabled and you kill a mob and it makes you level up... instead of being given one JP, you should be given 2 instead. This ties into more of the copying ability of the Sharingan and also the fast learning ability. So now you should be able to learn jutsu faster with your sharingan training, it makes all the sense.

    4. Once you finish the Genin exam part of Story mode and you get your headband, the type of headband should correspond with the Village/nation you spawned in the game with... so if you were born into the Hidden Cloud and finish the Genin exam, you'll get a Hidden Cloud Genin headband.

    5. Make it so there's a very very very small chance for a Tailed Beast to just appear out of nowhere near you... and the chance slightly increases once you're in a village.

    6. For the 3rd Tomoe of Sharingan... have a more advanced version of Crows Genjutsu but this one changes the game to night... once the jutsu is finished, it'll go back to being day... Idk just a cool little touch.

    7. Once you use Self Crows Genjutsu and make yourself invisible... mobs still know where you are... please make it so they don't aimbot you.

    8. Shadow clone jutsu has this small little problem... pretty much if you have a home that has the roof 2 blocks from the ground and you use shadow clone jutsu... the clone will just die since it spawns above you... Instead of spawning above you, it'd be great if it spawned next to you or inside of you.

    9. Add a way to put back summoning animals back into the summoning scrolls whenever you want.

    10. I have a few good suggestions for Chakra Control training... Pretty much... you can still use Chakra Control but you won't be able to walk on walls or walk on water... you have to train to get to that point. If you enable Chakra Control and you go into the water, you'll slightly walk on water then fall down, the chat will then say smth like... "Water training 1/20" which means you'll need to do the same thing 20 times. Each time you do it you'll get better at it and walk on water a bit more. Also, the first 15 times you try to walk on water and succeed you'll be drained of your chakra a bit.

    Also, my Minecraft randomly crashes when I open the stats menu. Sometimes it happens and sometimes doesn't. Not sure why.

    anyway thats pretty much everything.

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