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    posted a message on MCPE "MOD PACK" (super dispenser,Mo Kit and More) [MUST DOWNLOAD]0.8.1
    Quote from KarlFIRYMen

    MOD PACK :steve_shocked:
    Guys I show you the MOD

    So Here :Iron:

    Steve Mod: https://copy.com/Iajcj
    (Tap the stick on Ground) :--+:


    Mini map: https://copy.com/GcCzM
    (Its look like RADAR)


    Fixed) MODDY MAP: https://copy.com/NwohN
    [Use this map while USING A MOD PACK)


    Mo'Staff: https://copy.com/KYYJf
    (/help for more information)


    SUPER DISPENSER: https://copy.com/SSLYS

    Here the SCREENSHOT for steps: https://copy.com/0GTJi

    (Click the stone to RAPID FIRE)

    1 stone
    1 chest
    1 clay block

    Is the Mo' Staffs Mod my Mod? When yes then you have get permission to post it here :)!
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    posted a message on Staffs Mod [Android] [MCPE 0.7.6]
    Hello guys MimecraftGermanModBoy here with the Staffs Mod!
    The mod adds 3 Staffs:
    Explosion Staff
    Water Staff and
    Lava Staff!

    Explosion Staff: Makes an explosion when you tap on the ground!
    Water Staff: Makes under you water qhen you tap on the ground!
    Lava Staff: Makes behind you, in front of you, left from you and right from you lava when you tap on the ground!

    Here is the Mod (copy and save as Whatever.js):

    ModPE.setItem(500,3,5,"Explosion Staff");
    ModPE.setItem(503,3,5,"Water staff");
    ModPE.setItem(504,3,5,"Lava Staff");
    function useItem(x,y,z,itemId,blockId,side)
    explode(x+15, y, z, 15);
    setTile(x, y, z, 8);
    setTile(x+1, y, z, 10);
    setTile(x-1, y, z, 10);
    setTile(x, y, z+1, 10);
    setTile(x, y, z-1, 10);
    I hope you liked the mod!
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