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    Hi all,

    My very first release of a small mod I've been working on to expand on the XP system a bit.


    New blocks that are added:

    XP Sponge: It's a tank that sucks in XP. You can break the block and it'll retain its XP value. You can pipe XP out of this using other mods (buildcraft.etc.), or use the turtle to suck the XP out

    Auto anvil: It's an anvil, but automated! You can pipe items in, pipe them out and pipe XP juice in. Main item gets piped into the top and modifier item(s) get piped into the bottom. Items get piped out of the side

    Auto enchantment table: Just like the regular enchanting table, except you can pipe items into the top and pipe items out of the left. There's 2 settings - lowest level and highest level. These two settings depend on how many bookcases you have, just like a standard enchanting table.

    Life Stone: the life stone is a protective force that'll heal you and fight off mobs. It's pretty expensive and runs off liquid XP. You can change the radius or change its options and the XP/tick changes.

    OpenXP Turtle: He's quite limited because I don't want to step on the toes of the Misc Peripherals turtle. Methods include: suck() suckUp() suckDown() suckLeft() suckRight() suckBack(), drop() dropUp() dropDown(), dropLeft() dropRight() dropBack() collect() getLevelsStored() getLiquidCapacity() getLiquidVolume() getXPStored()

    XP Bottler: This machine can drain XP bottles, or fill glass bottles with XP! Pretty simple.
    I've set it up so that every single machine can be a computercraft peripheral. Just drop a computer next to it and you'll be able to interact. However, I haven't finished implementing all the methods yet.

    XP Liquid can be piped around using mods that support Liquid pipes (buildcraft..etc.).
    If you want to use the XP turtle, you'll need the very latest ComputerCraft installed (1.53)

    This mod requires the very latest version of minecraft forge.

    A few videos from the development stage:

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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to let you know that OpenCCSensors 0.1.5f has been released for minecraft 1.5.1/1.5.2.

    OpenCCSensors is a peripheral add-on for ComputerCraft that allows your computers and turtles to sense a huge amount of things around them. For example:

    Water, Power systems, inventories, players, mobs, items, tanks, minecarts and a huge amount more.

    0.1.5f adds two new features:
    1. A "Crop" sensor card that can keep track of the growth status of crops surrounding the sensor.

    2. A new "Proximity Sensor Block" for users who aren't comfortable with programming lua.
    Lots more information about the really powerful sensor system can be found on the ComputerCraft wiki here: http://www.computerc...e=OpenCCSensors

    Regular updates and more information can be found on the forum thread here: http://www.computerc...-openccsensors/


    Minecraft 1.5.1 or 1.5.2
    ComputerCraft 1.52 or 1.53
    Minecraft Forge

    Download & Support:

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    Hi all,

    0.1.4b is now released. This is the last 1.4.7 release and after this we'll be building for 1.5.

    Recently added a sonic sensor to detect liquid/solid/air blocks in sight of the radar, and also support for applied energistics.

    Oh, and support for Forestry bees was also added in the last release, but I forgot to add a post here!


    There's also a whole load of hidden things, which I'm not in a rush to document because it's nice when people discover it themselves ;)


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    posted a message on DNACraft
    Hi guys,

    Just wanted to give a little preview of a mod I've been building lately. It's called DNACraft, the idea of the mod is being able to edit the DNA of your mobs to breed interesting mixtures and tailor the mob to your needs.

    It's still very WIP - although it's open source if anyone wants to get involved in the development.

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    posted a message on OpenCCSensors 0.1.3 [1.4.6]
    OpenCCSensors 0.1.3 released


    Mostly stability and bug fixes. Added support for railcraft iron tanks and enhanced the minecart sensor. :)
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    posted a message on OpenCCSensors 0.1.3 [1.4.6]
    OpenCCSensors 0.1.2 released.
    • Added the Gauge block, which you can attach to different kinds of machines to instantly get a display telling you how full/hot/whatever it is.
    • Added a minecart sensor card
    • Added the ability to upgrade any card to 4 different tiers for increased range
    • Added thaumcraft sensor card

    Download: http://www.computerc...-openccsensors/
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    Quote from tiin57

    Ah; I mistook 0.1 as pre1. :P

    Ah, no :) we went all the way up to uh.. pr5, I think, then official 0.1 release finally :)

    To everyone else: This isn't really to be considered a 'beta' release. It's been tested a lot by the community, so this is the first release we're happy enough with to call an official release :)
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    Quote from tiin57

    Any updates? pre2?

    Various bug fixes since then :)
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    Quote from Bob444732

    Wow... That's a wall of text... Time to dive in!

    EDIT: I'm going to try this out. :3. I've never used CC before, so this will be interesting.

    Sorry! I tried to break it up a bit!

    Good luck. ComputerCraft can be tricky to deal with without knowing Lua scripting, but you should be able to get the sensorview program working with little trouble if you follow the second video I posted :)
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    OpenCCSensors is an open source add-on mod for ComputerCraft which gives your computers the ability to retrieve information about the area around them.

    Some of you may remember CCSensors, which unfortunately didn't work well for multiplayer. We've taken that concept, simplified and rewritten it from the ground up for Minecraft 1.4.6.

    OpenCCSensors adds a Sensor Peripheral which sits next to a computer, as well as adding a Sensor upgrade to your turtles.

    Sensor Cards are placed into either the peripheral or the turtle (slot 16), and give you access to a "sensor" API which can retreive information relevant to that card.

    Further information

    More details can be found on the ComputerCraft forum: http://www.computerc...-openccsensors/

    A wiki page with full details, example code and recipes can be found here: http://computercraft...i/OpenCCSensors

    OpenCCSensors needs the latest version of forge to work, and if you want support for IC2 and buildcraft they both need to be the very latest versions.

    Sensor cards

    Right now the cards we have are:

    Inventory Sensor Card: Gives the name, damage value and stack size of any item in inventories within a 5x5x5 cube around the sensor. This doesnt just work for chests, but also works with most other machines

    Proximity Sensor Card: This gives full details of any living entity (player or mob) within a 16 block radius of the sensor peripheral. It gives pretty much any detail available, such as what armor they're wearing, what their hunger level is, their location, their health.etc.

    Dropped Item Sensor Card: This gives item name, size, damage value and whether or not it's burning for any dropped item within a 16 block radius of the sensor

    Buildcraft Sensor Card: This currently monitors activity and heat levels of BC engines within a 5x5x5 cube around the sensor

    Industrial Craft 2 Sensor Card: This card can monitor heat levels of reactors, storage levels of MFSUs and batboxes, as well as seeing how much power is passing through cables. This covers a 5x5x5 cube around the sensor

    Sign Sensor Card: This can read any sign post within a 5x5x5 area around the sensor

    Liquids Sensor Card: This can read the liquid levels of any entity that implements ITank (Buildcraft tanks, probably works with other mods too). Again, this is a 5x5x5 around the sensor

    World Sensor Card: This can give basic information about the current world (Light levels, whether it's raining or not.etc.)

    Please note that we've purposely avoided certain things to keep the balance with other mods.


    The best way to show off what can be done using this mod is with videos:


    Download version 0.1:



    Cloudhunter, Mikeemoo, Orwell1984, Lyqyd, Nietsnie (and if you're a modder, please get involved!)


    IRC: irc.esper.net #OpenCCSensors
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    posted a message on Don't eat it!
    I had a flash of inspiration last night, so quickly knocked this up this morning.

    I know, it's absolute genius. I'm so proud of myself.

    Ok - certainly up there with the most pointless mods ever made.. but hey, it's Christmas - why not.

    (No doubt it's been done before!)
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