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    Quote from XVPlaer
    Whats the limit of the Elevator block ?

    Configurable, but 20 by default
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    A video of Aurey playing with paints!

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    Someone wrote out a nice overview of the mod, based on Direwolfs spotlight:


    Notes from the Spotlight on Open Blocks v1.2 by Direwolf20:
    Described as a mismatch between a lot of random different things. open source!
    • Jaded ladder
      • Trapdoor that also acts as a ladder
      • Allows you to climb all the way up to the surface, removing the need for that last jump
    • Building Guide
      • Projects a phantom building around it, with the Building Guide block being the center
        • Phantom blocks are "transparent" white blocks that you can use as guides to build after
      • Different modes include:
        • Cylinder
        • Sphere
        • Cuboid
        • Triangle
        • Pentagon
        • Hexagon
      • Size can be adjusted with right-click on the faces
        • one face makes it shorter, opposite makes it smaller ie. top makes it taller, bottom makes it lower
      • Creative mode allows you to place an obsidian block on top of it. Right-click the Building Guide Block with a block of your choice and the phantom blocks will be replaced, resulting in a quick and easy way to build your basic shapes.
    • Elevator
      • Place in the world, place another above/below
        • Jump to go to the next above, shift to go down.
      • Can be dyed, making you jump to matching elevator blocks
      • Range about 20 blocks by default, changeable in config
    • Healer
      • Creative Only block that heals the player
    • Lightbox
      • Place maps in its inventory, shows the map on the block
      • place more next to each other to view a big map
    • Target
      • Great for target practice
      • emits red-stone signal with strength relative to where you shoot at it
      • great for target practice mini games
    • Grave
      • When you die on a solid block, a grave will be placed and store your items
      • Break the grave block to get your items back
    • Flag
      • Cosmetic
      • Can change colour with shift-right-click
    • Tank
      • Stores liquid
      • about 16 buckets
      • remains full when broken
      • multi-block, evenly balances it out
      • can't drain out of it from the top, click the tank that actually has liquid in it
    • Bear Trap
      • If animal walks into it, they are trapped for a while until you come and kill them
    • Sprinkler
      • serves as a water-source block as long as it exist, making dirt around it fertile
      • accepts bonemeal, making stuff grow even faster
      • will use water tank below it, make sure to keep it filled
    • Item Cannon
      • right click cannon with Cursor (item), then right click where you want the cannon to aim
      • Place chest next to it, put item in the chest. Shoots stacks.
      • Useful with a vacuum Hopper that catches items and acts as a hopper
    • Vacuum Hopper
      • Sucks items around 3 blocks in, drops them as a hopper.
      • Output side can be changed with the UI
      • Has an XP output that can output XP in liquid form into an adjacent tank
        • Throw Bottle o' Enchanting at it, XP liquid goes to the tank
    • XP drain
      • Place on top of a tank, XP will drain from the Player into the tank in liquid form
    • Sponge
      • Place in world, soaks up nearby water
    • Big Button
      • works as a regular button when right-clicked
      • Shift right-click to open its inventory
        • The more items you put in, the larger the tick-delay will be. 20 items=20 tick delay=1 second
    • Magic Pencil
      • right-click in the world, nothing appears to happen
      • walk into into what appears to be invisible block
      • can only be seen wearing Pencil Glasses
      • Sneaky, cool stuff
      • shift right-click to change the pencil mode
        • Panel
        • Half-Height Panel
        • Stairs
        • Panels
        • Inverted block - Can only see without glasses on
        • Inverted panel - same as above
        • inverted etc.
    • Crayons
      • Can't see them like with the pencil, however you can only interact with them if you're wearing the corresponding glasses ie. black Crayon glasses
    • XP bottler
      • Can auto extract/eject/drink/ liquid XP from sides
      • Put in bottles to make Bottle o' enchanting, can be ejected into adjacent chest
    • Auto Anvil
      • Can drink XP
      • pulls in items and repairs
    • Auto Enchantment Table
      • Slider sets enchantment level
      • drinks XP, extract, inject etc
    • Block Placer
      • When it sees red-stone signal it will place a block in front of it
    • Block Breaker
      • When it sees red-stone signal it will break the block in front of it
    • Rope Ladder
      • When you place it on a block it will extend a ladder down (can hang freely from the block it was placed on i.e.. doesn't need to attach all the way)
    • Donation Station
      • Figure out where an item came from, will show who made it and what mod it came from
      • Button you can click that will show the author's website where you can take a look, if they allow donations etc
    • Height Map Projector
      • Get a cartographer
        • Give it an empty map
        • Screen green = map is complete
      • Place map in the projector, it will show a hologram/height map
      • Very cool, tiny 3d map of your map
    • Paint Mixer
      • Create custom paint with #numeric color code
      • Takes dyes
      • Uses milk bucket
      • animated mixer!
      • Paint on a Canvas
      • Right-click a Paint Can with your Brush and you can paint
      • can also paint some vanilla blocks, including stone and glass
    • Drawing Table
      • Place blank stencils in it, draw on it from selectable stencils
      • draw with stencils to draw fx. a creeper face. You can draw the outline and the fill in different colours.
    • Squeegee
      • Clean off the paint
    • Fan
      • Blow any entity including players away from it
    • Hang-glider
      • Place in hand, right click = hang-glide
      • Shift = go faster, descent faster
    • Luggage
      • Place on ground, follows you around
      • Picks up items around him
      • Struck by lightning? He grows, holding more items. Also glows
      • Pick him up with shift right-click
    • Sleeping bag
      • Sleep where you stand when placed on your chest armor slot
      • wont reset spawn point
      • Falls off your armor slot if daytime, going into your bar
    • Sonic Glasses
      • See sound
      • walking creates sound-particles
      • can see blocks placed
      • lots of fun
    • Crane Backpack
      • goes into chest armor slot
      • tiny crane in front of you which you can pick up and drop items with
    • Slimalyzer
      • turns green when standing in slime-chunk
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    Maybe coming soon to OpenBlocks..

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    Quote from Nolorwolf

    Ah ok, idk why but people always say never to do that. Isn't 0 air block?

    Yup, but we add some extra code to make sure they get disabled :)
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    Quote from Nolorwolf

    Mikee, you mentioned on YT that every item in OpenBlocks can be turned off, how exactly? At that time I had my config open, but unless you can do something with ID's, I don't see a way...

    For instance, how do I remove all paint related stuff?

    Set the ID's to 0
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    OpenBlocks 1.2.2 for Minecraft 1.6.x released.

    Also added a Direwolf20 mod spotlight!

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    If openblocks.info fails, try openmods.info or openperipheral.info :)
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    Quote from Muggles

    I swear I have seen a version of tho mod ages ago. I adore it! Seriously one of the best mods I have ever seen, PLEASE add more things to this over time! One of my top 10 mods!

    There's a 1.5.2, and snapshots of this 1.6.x version have always been available. Just now I feel confident its stable enough to release officially! :)
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    Hey everyone,

    Happy to announce that OpenBlocks 1.2.0 for minecraft 1.6.x is now released! :)


    Difficult for me to give a changelog, as I know lots of people use our snapshot builds, so here's a full feature list.

    • Bear Traps - trap mobs!
    • Big Buttons - Adjustable tick length big buttons. Good for trains!
    • Item Cannons - Shoot items to transport them
    • Elevators - Jump between floors
    • Fans - Blow things!
    • Flags - Mining flags to stop you getting lost
    • Building Guides - Guides for building large shapes
    • Crayon/Pencil Blocks - Imaginary blocks!
    • Jaded Ladders - Trapdoors and ladders mixed
    • Heal Block - Admin only slow heal
    • Lightboxes - Display seamless maps on any surface
    • Paths - Nice looking paths to walk on..
    • Sponges - Soak up liquids
    • Sprinklers - Increase crop fertilization
    • Tanks - Multiblock, any size/shape tanks
    • Targets - Bow & arrow targets that produce variable strength redstone signals
    • Trophies - Rare random mob drop to collect
    • Vacuum Hoppers - Suck up items or XP
    • Village Highlighters - Shows bounding areas of villagers, and golem spawning areas
    • XP Bottlers - Bottle up liquid XP!
    • Cranes - A wearable crane for picking up entities and blocks
    • Magnet turtles - Like cranes, but for turtles! (requires OpenPeripheral & ComputerCraft)
    • Slimalyzer - Find slime spawning chunks
    • Sonic Glasses - See sounds!
    • Luggage - A chest companion that follows you
    • Hang Glider - Fly around the world
    Some various spotlights, but hopefully a direwolf20 one coming up soon too :)

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    Sorry, OpenBlocks will only ever be forge compatible.


    OpenBlocks 1.0.2 released with various bug fixes.

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    Quote from tiin57

    This is incredible, Mikee. Well done.

    Thanks tiin57!
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    littlecrafterfin, thanks for the reply.

    The tanks seems to have a few rendering issues still when it comes to low amounts of liquid. We'll get that sorted asap :)

    .... but not today, it's my birthday! ;)

    NeverCast on espernet #OpenMods seems to be busy squishing and tweaking while I'm away for the day :)
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    Added a german language video from OldBull78
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