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    (Insert dumb banner here)

    Scrodopolis is a server that me and a couple of my friends started about eight months ago and it has turned into a bustling community of about 10 of my close friends. As I said, the server has been up fro eight months now, some of those friends left because of real life things as I switched the server over to Realms.

    Some facts about the server are:
      It's been up for eight months, so we completed all of the bosses, but only one person has god tier stuff (me)
      A bunch of buildings and structures are all over the city and some things are out of place, but that really shouldn't be a problem
      We have a very casual rp about chickens and have a 40+ page book in game about the chicken lore. We also have a chicken city. You'll learn more about it if you come to join us ingame

    We're looking for people who are chill, mature, and are going to contribute and do something for the server as a whole whether it be rp wise or something physically to the town

    Please fill in the following:
    Minecraft IGN:
    Why do you want to be apart of this community?
    What are you willing to contribute to the server as a whole?

    If you have any questions just ask me, I hope to see many new faces in the world of Scrodopolis :)
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