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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Bring Back Smooth Mouse v1.0
    Whats does it do
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    posted a message on Minecraft Server[Bukkit server]

    This server is ran from my computer to join answer these following questions

    1.Favorite Color
    3.Reason why you want to join

    If i see you join quiet a bit you may be promoted
    Leave answers below and i will send you ip message if
    i agree you can join :biggrin.gif:.
    Leave Any feedback
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    posted a message on The Descending
    The Descending

    The Descending is about a person you who wakes up in a sewer and realizes he has to get out of there but when he gets out he finds himself having to defeat a evil



    Do Not Stray to far from the path
    Play on Easy
    Use SmartMovement
    Dont break Blocks
    If you died then you Lose
    Leave feedback

    The map is a parkour type map
    its not to long mabye 20 mins maximum
    made by me Part 2 is not done which means UnderFell is built
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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: Endermen or Farlanders?
    I bet that once these come out im gonna **** my pants cause i hate things that teleport and attack me even when i know its coming
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    posted a message on [V1.7.3] Zipline Mod [SSP][WIP][VC][C]
    This plus smart movement+= the best parkour map in the world of minecraft
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    posted a message on Java Crash
    If this is what im thinking it is you have the same thing as me which is almost uffixable and i have vista to so i think it mainly happens with vista but im not sure but some people said updating your video card drivers might work but not always
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    posted a message on Noodlesoftware Server [plugins][Money][whitelist]
    :Diamond: NoodleSoftware :Diamond:

    To join the server and be accepted for whitelist post a thread on this topic with the following

    1. IGN name

    2. Age

    3. Favorite color (it matters) :Purple:

    Once you finish post this on this topic and we will try to be accept you soon as possible the server ip is :Diamond: noodlesoftware.com :Diamond: :laugh.gif: and go check out the website http://noodlesoftware.com/minecraft/index.html


    The server has multiple plugins such as mods :laugh.gif: friendly mods

    Essentials which is a money system were you can trade buy/sell items

    It is open about 24/7 unless it needs to restart of a second to get ride of idlers keeping a minimum amount of lag and there is admins/mods to stop the greifing
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    posted a message on more slimeball uses
    Slime is pretty rare so doing this will be very hard the legit way if it was easier to acquire(< big word of the day) it would be better for some of these but still some are still useless except for the slimy redstone you can place on walls i think that would be a great idea.
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    posted a message on I'm only 14
    Sound fine just very quiet that it hurts to listen try to SCREAM INTO THE MIC or move in closer like right next to it and if pronounce some letters really hard like stop and s is to like loud or to like blured something like that just get a sock and put it over the mic you might have to talk louder but other than that its fine. :Sheep:
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    posted a message on [1.7][16x] MockCraft v0.2.2(WIP)
    looks cool i will try(Edit) I tryed it saw everything that you did so far it looked really nice my only suggestion so far is to make smooth stone a little bit darker but so far amazing
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    posted a message on [32x][1.9] The Arcane Pack by Sumpumpolis
    I love this texture pack only thing that makes me not use it because its not done but the stuff that is is amazing the best texture pack thats still W.I.P
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    posted a message on Java Runtime Enviroment Error
    When ever i try to play minecraft (downloaded version) it just pops up with this thing saying The registry refers to a nonexistent Java Runtime Environment installation or the runtime is corrupted. I hear you can update your graphics card/video card and it will work but they are already updated. Also i heard another thing that if you download and extract this file to your program files it should fix it but it didn't. I can play it in browser but i cant use any mods which is why i play minecraft mainly if any one knows what to do please let me know. Thanks for reading
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    posted a message on Puddles' Tooncraft Pack [16x16]
    This is my FAVORITE texture pack of all time and the only one that i can stand to :Diamond:
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    posted a message on [Adv] Forgotten Temple (v1.7 Final)
    It was really fun and it wasn't super challenging which i liked. I also got 27 gold
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    posted a message on [1.8.1] Builders 0.64B [MOB]
    Quote from canuckassassian »
    Installed the mod. Lots of fun. But I can seem to make a mayor spawn. How rare are they? I'd like to see a city get built.

    you just have to wait awhile to see one and a super long while for a city but i never seen a city expanded
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