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    posted a message on Tough As Nails - Difficulty through realism. Seasons, thirst, body temperature, and more!

    D: This mod will be missed.

    Did they give an official statement about why it's being discontinued?

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    Can we please have the option to disable quicksand and poison ivy returned to the config file? It would make disabling it server-side much more simple, instead of having to google a string to slot into the properties file. It would also homogenize my SP and server instance which is useful in the case of needing to wipe a server or move hosts, or if someone besides myself is setting up the server, I won't need to rely on them to input the string.

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    TL;DR: I want the game to play like Normal difficulty, but without hostile mobs spawning because I personally don't like Minecraft's combat but want everything else to be as difficult as it would be on Normal.


    I am currently trying to build a modpack that focuses on wilderness survival and managing mundane needs. (Think hunger and thirst.) Something similar to TerraFirmaCraft but more fully-featured and less of a pain in the neck. In order to do this, I'm utilizing several different mods such as Tough As Nails and Animalia, mods that behave differently depending on game settings. I've tried setting the game to peaceful mode and using Vanilla Food Pantry to make up for the loot drops that only come from mobs (which mostly does work with a little CraftTweaker) but things like hunger and thirst, as well as how health regenerates and how passive mobs can become hostile when provoked, are also made easy or ineffectual.

    Using Hunger in Peace solves the hunger problem just fine, but it doesn't work with TAN so thirst still behaves like the game is in peaceful. (Because it is.) And I do want passive mobs to become hostile if attacked by the player. I don't want the world to necessarily be a 'safe' place, I still want survival to be a part of the game, I'd just like to turn off the dumb zombies and exploding bush-monsters.

    Anyway, the reason I want to do this (in case anyone is curious) is simply because I think Minecraft's combat is terrible. Actually, I think 1.9 made the combat a lot worse. I could probably write an essay on everything I would change about the combat in Minecraft, but it would just boil down to, "Hey, so, you know what Castlevania plays like, right? Do that, but in 3D. Actually, just make it like Dark Souls and give us a dodge button. And also make enemies telegraph their attacks like love letters. You've already given us a weapon cooldown to worry about, you might as well." Anyway, because combat is boring and reanimated dead people are dumb and annoying, I don't want to do it. I'd like to starve to death in relative peace, thank you.

    Although, I don't mind the spiders or silverfish. At least those are interesting. They actually behave like animals, and they make the environment seem more lived-in when they're using it to their advantage. In their case, it doesn't matter that Minecraft's combat is terrible because the point is less about flailing until they fall over and more about trying to avoid them or deal with them carefully. I feel like that slower approach is better suited to Minecraft's mechanics.

    But I'm not picky. Just having an easy way to make the game play as though it were on normal difficulty, except that mobs don't spawn, would be enough for me to create the kind of pack I want.

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    posted a message on Need Help: How do I bypass Leeches to Launch modpacks directly?

    I hope I haven't misunderstood your problem, but I also have trouble with the twitch launcher's seeming dependency on the internet sometimes. Have you tried using MultiMC? It does let you launch in offline mode, and I've never had problems getting Minecraft's launcher to work in offline mode if MultiMC is already loading the instance?


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    posted a message on 32x LITHOS - Default-Style, Detailed & Complete - 1.5x - 1.15x and beyond!
    Quote from eleazzaar»
    Lithos:Core 1.21 for 1.13x[/header] A fix for the bigs you've all reported in the 1.13 version is now available.


    Thanks for the report. What version of MC and Lithos do you see this in? A fix is possible, but 1.13 is the priority right now.

    Version 1.12, lithoscore 1.21

    I understand your priority though, thanks for the reply.

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    posted a message on 32x LITHOS - Default-Style, Detailed & Complete - 1.5x - 1.15x and beyond!

    I used to be a John Smith purist, then I found this pack and wow. I didn't even know some of this was possible in Minecraft, like the fully 3D mushrooms (which I am partial to for no particular reason) and the way flowers are restructured to look more organic. The dandelions especially are wholly wonderful. Props for the mod support as well, Biomes O' Plenty and Rustic are two of my favorite mods, and combined with shaders, this has improved my enjoyment of the game significantly.

    I am having an odd problem though, and I'm assuming it's just me because I couldn't find anyone else having the problem in this thread. Vanilla mushrooms look great when placed in flower pots, but modded mushrooms revert to their default paper-cutout counterparts. The problem is, um...

    This pack is already incredible, this is the only thing I've noticed that works strangely. Is it possible to fix? I would do it myself, but I've no idea how you even achieved these glorious 3D fungoids to begin with. (Minecraft's resource packs are incredible now.) Also, I see that 1.13 support is underway, and I apologize in advance for bringing up an issue on an older version, especially if it's something that's already been corrected and I'm just late to the party.

    I cannot imagine playing Minecraft without this pack now. I know I came here with something of a bug report but I really want to express that it's just a minor thing and everything else is fantastic. Honestly I am so grateful for the amount of Biomes O' Plenty support alone considering how difficult that mod can be to support for resource packs.

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